2015 Beginner-ish Sportbike Shootout

Wherein the Honda CBR300R, Kawasaki Ninja 300 ABS, KTM RC390 and Yamaha YZF-R3 faceoff to determine which reigns supreme in the entry-level sportbike war!

Read the full test here: http://www.motorcycle.com/shoot-outs/beginner-ish-sportbike-shootout


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Lone Wanderer says:

TROY Siahaan ? are you bataknese from indonesia ?

gmoney says:

Looks like hwy 74 Palm Springs


i love only honda..bcoz their engines are refined engines

Fox Wright says:

what a shit review.

Hvc Bandit says:

pause at 1:04 the guy with the white and black helmet,what helmet is that?



Mr Anonymous says:

ignorant Qtiyapa

Jayee says:

1:51 – Is it normal for dead people to lie on the side of the road like that?

Jeremy Hansen says:

lack of power is like, not important its faster than any car on the road and waaaaay faster than your allowed to go at least in the usa

Pradeep Reddy says:

Is it fine to ride wearing Jeans? I see you guys wearing jeans even when riding liter motercycles.

Shiva Dareddy says:

Honda is winner

ram subhaw says:

R3 wins

LT.Heroic says:


Tyler Jarvi says:

What is up with the main guy that’s talking side burns lol.

ithacam6 says:

The Yamaha R3 is gutless, but handles well.The Honda is gutless and has too soft of suspension.The KTM is a pretty good little bike.I would buy the Kawasaki.

Ibnu hasm says:

apa kabar??

Zakaria KTM says:

The cbr needs hondas Vtec.

FluffyKitten says:

what a fucking BS review ! Vague and bland …

Robert Furman says:

Anyone else pick up a reallly good weezer song a round 6mins

The Smirker says:

Having to go to another web site to see the results of a shoot out review is irritating. I don’t like to be “corralled” like I’m some huckster.

Lars Freeburg says:

I think the R3 has it in the bag for looks, the ninja stock exhaust is a little bulky for me, if i got a new exhaust for it, I would definitely go for the Ninja

steve98201 says:

tom is so handsome…

trishnarai1234567 12345678 says:

i like drive superbike supply normal prize in nepal market

Mike Hunt says:

I’m 5’10 190lbs will ninja 300 be okay for my height and weight?

Terence De Haas says:

Stupid ass idiots…. A single cylinder has grunt on low revvs and a twin would have more power on high revvs …. another point is… the Honda is the smallest CC of them all…. You cant compare …

Ghost rider says:

yo guys just wondering what is the music called at the start of the video please let me know 😀 im getting my first bike in 2 weeks by the way 2017 yamaha yzf re 😀

Robert Foster says:

I believe the Kawasaki 300 is the best one overall for street riding. Its very forgiving in many ways. If you pop the clutch, you wont wind up road rashing and many forgiving things .
What these guys fail to teach to new riders is to not be a squid. Always wear your gear and DON’T skimp on pricing on gear. save up get the best so one day it can save your life.
Also never ever ride without a GPR Stabilizer or you will pay dearly WHEN a tank slapper happens.
Also what these guys fail to include is that these bikes are very good for beginner riders. You can learn the ins and outs of riding, control, safety along with learn about the bike itself.
Always make sure that the bike you buy has ABS breaking from dealership. If it doesn’t, save up some more and buy one that does have it.
Some dealerships don’t install it so buy it after-market and have a professional reputable mechanic install it. It can save your life along with your bike and its usage wear and tear.
I test drove all these bikes in this video and IMHO, I believe the Kawasaki 300 is the best fitting for overall street bike and Urban bike.
If you want to install great tires for street and urban riding get the S20 EVO. The S20 EVO are affordable high quality good gripping tires.

pjv0001 says:

What a stupid video. ‘Ohh yeah the Honda is the weakest one, it lags behind the others…’ Of course it would, you said it yourself at the beginning of the video that it has by far the smallest engine of the lot. And when is power the only deciding factor in getting a bike??

GAMING dog says:

it cost around 3.7k usd in india on road price

Darrell Grisham says:

The only problem with any of the bikes is the insurance costs. Even the CB300F Honda is classified as a sport bike. I own a Honda 300F and am very satisfied with the power. the ridding position is much better for long rides. But, that being said, ride them all and make your choice and have fun.

The Eagle Has landed says:

Im still getting the 390… looks more badass and has more hp.

J Boy says:

I think the best looking bike ever was the NSR. Too bad Honda never brought that beauty over.

Lorenzo Volt says:

Guys the KTM rc 390 is not for competition, there’s the ktm rc cup bike but is totally different than the standard version

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