2013 MV Agusta F3 675 Review – New middleweight sportbike makes exotica almost affordable

With MV Agusta’s latest model, the F3 and its 675cc three-cylinder engine, the hallowed Italian marque is dramatically expanding its market. The F3 carries on MV’s tradition of building sex on wheels but now includes high-tech sophistication at a price ($13,999) that almost seems inexpensive.



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tavi921 says:

Sexy ass bike. I would ride it every day even if she would burn my ass, vibrate like crazy or have granite seat.

Brahian Gutierrez says:

Fun fact: This is the bike Bruce Wayne uses in the Dark Knight.

PeterDad60 says:

My point was that you can learn to race without using ABS.
Also, from what I understand ABS does not stop a bike in as short of a distance as regular brakes are capable of.

Steve C says:

I have crashed several times because the front tire has locked suddenly and unpredictably over 30 years of riding. So I bought a bike with ABS this time. It adds 5lbs to the bike and can be disabled easily. What’s the problem?

Tony JDH says:

Hey ! anyone Tell me the background instrumental music name please? ?? Anyone? ?

in 2017 first rising sun says:


thepilotguy159 says:

In my opinion, has to be one of the sexiest designs a motorcycle today is strutting around. Beautiful! But I’ll still ride my R1 ;).

PeterDad60 says:

I raced on the streets for 10 years, actually even more and I never crashed. I raced 10/10th’s holding nothing back. Never crashed and always won my café road race! But go ahead and pay an extra $1,000 for ABS if you need it. I don’t need it.

kevin robb says:

Best looking bike out there.

BMWM52B28Forever says:

Against S1000RR and game over,,,,,

J0n p3r3s says:

lol thats why brits are better reviewers than americans ..pussies

govenmentassassin says:

You don’t really need ABS, it’s more of a fail safe for new riders. Just like traction control and power modes.

Esteban Aldaz says:

50000 in Ecuador!!!

BKstrained says:

Can you understand the difference between exotic and normal? Details, feedback and feeling? Probably not….

Tony JDH says:

Hey ! anyone Tell me the background instrumental music name please? ?? Anyone? ?

One3rdNinja says:

Best looking bike ever made. Want.

TheEvanCole says:

Idiot! losangeles(dot)craigslist(dot)org/lgb/mcy/37937243639(dot)html

It's Vlad, not Vladimir says:

Ducati= Ferrari of motorcycles
MV Agusta= Lamborghini of motorcycles

TheOneNo20 says:

“Can’t give street impressions due to rain”. WTF?

Mr. Midshipman says:

I’m gone down to True Value tomorrow to pick one up and some wood to build a coffee table. Should look nice.

Rick Sanchez says:

Do they have abs?

E46MRider says:

Sick bike waiting for the 800!!

J0n p3r3s says:

i can see clearly .. and to me it just looks weird
i like sharper lines
Yamaha and ducati for me ..

craigozland says:

Gyroscopic force is not reduced from a counter rotating crankshaft. The force is the same all else being equal to a conventional rotating crank. The reason for counter rotating is to reverse the rotational torque around the crankshaft axis. Supposedly assists in fore aft dynamics under acceleration.

Lord Fyrbane says:

Yeah that might be true but don’t forget this is only a 675cc bike [wait till they bring out the F3 800] and the S1000RR looks dull compared to an MV.

PowerOf One says:

Better than sex.

TheFamousDonsta says:

And even at that, what about the beginners who don’t want a whole 1000cc liter to start with but want a sport bike? lol

Raised On Two Wheels says:

Because someone may want an italian beauty track focused bike instead of a common old outdated Kawasaki.

BMWM52B28Forever says:

Augusta is DEATH!!1

J0n p3r3s says:

i dont get all the hype against MV agusta
i mean a triumph is better against an F3
the S1000rr/hp4 is better than the f4
and even if MV agusta makes an 800 it would be pricey enough to compete with an s1000rr ..
and Mv agustas look like shit
they look like the retarded italian brothers of suzuki and KTM
but hey thats just me …

ombra306 says:

I don`t have a garage!

NomoreMrKnifeguy says:

Amazing machine!

Addicted2SuperSports says:

Does Aprillia offer a similar middleweight sports bike ?

flozell87 says:

Didn’t you just judge the bike? Do you know what or how I have ridden? If you think that thing is overpriced, you have no clue. Not even a clue as to how to spell Spaghetti.

posye 18 says:

I am a spectator from indonesia if you want my id line this is my id line. Hamzahbr216
or my pin bbm

Jayz Xiang says:

recommend Daytona or F3?

PeterDad60 says:

Gee FulvyHF, I raced on the streets for 10 years and won every race and no… I did not have ABS.

goforkranthi79 says:

Its an exotic bike, more pricey and rare it should be! If its not an investment I’m making then I’m not buying it just for the looks

TheEvanCole says:

This bike is on craigslist for 11.5…

Musa says:

Just wasted my time with this video. I need real review looking to purchase my next bike and I’m undecided between the F3RC, F4RC and the F4RR.

FulvyHF says:

wow – I guess Im just a mere mortal – whereas you are a genuine superstar!!!

flozell87 says:

Uh… you have no clue. None.

Chris Doms says:

“Review” – huh, it’s not really a review when most of it’s presented by the people who make and sell it.

BennJamesK says:


Sia says:

we cant all be black and white shot, oiled hair across half of face, douchebags can we?

MemoryLaneCinema says:

15 000 dollars. Freaking cheap in the us :(!

pena69t says:

14,000????  FOr that I would rather get a GSXR 1000

MACH 10 says:

bcz craiglist means fraud so plz stop

MrPungNylle says:

Search it on youtube .Another motorcycling channel has done one. Motortrend

Tony JDH says:

What’s the name of that music. ..that’s awesome. …

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