2013 BMW S1000RR HP4 Review – The most capable sportbike ever built?

If the Japanese and Italian sportbike manufacturers weren’t yet quaking in their boots by the fabulously engineered BMW S1000RR, the HP4 will surely make them fret.



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Miguel Feliciano says:


Christopher Young says:

Come back to WSB!!  Come Back!!!

David LaBarr says:

Am I supposed to really like the headlight design or something? 

RichardFeynmanRules says:

The Bugatti Veyron/LaFerrari of sports bikes! (Times/speeds from Motorcycle World, Cycle World, Zero to 60 Times, Road & Track, & Wikipedia)

0-60 MPH 2.7 sec
0–100 km/h: 3.1 sec
0-100 MPH 5.13 sec
0–200 km/h: 6.9 sec
0–300 km/h: 19.1 sec
Top speed: 305 km/h (190 mph)

Buggatti Veyron Super Sport
0-60 mph 2.4 sec
0-100 km 2.46 sec
0-100 MPH 4.9 sec
0-200 km/h 6.7 sec
0-300 Km 14.6 sec
Top Speed: 431.072 km/h (267.856 mph)

Louis Brooks says:

That price is laughable. They can fuck off with that price. Suzuki is more tried and true anyways…..

413sOWN says:

Beautiful bike

TheOffRoadLife says:

Buddy owns the HP4 here – brought it from Chicago…absolutely chews up the tarmac and sticks to corners like white on white rice. But I’m still a dual sport lad…I’ve recorded a “Tribute to BMW R1200GS” video since I’m upgrading to the newer GS now, and you can watch on my YouTube page to see more. Hope you all enjoy it! Just click my username to see more and let me know what you think! (Lots of dollars producing this one, so enjoy and share!:-)

Nelis Muller says:

what a bike , hope one day the wil make a middle weight super sport :0

city0166 says:

20K for that? So BMW thinks theyre in the ducati range, it might be capable but its still ugly

92Cope says:

And where is BMW in moto gp? no where….. Noting more to comment or post.. Thanks

My beautiful and amazing mistress says:

This motorcycle isn’t overrated, it exceeds expectations.

White Kita says:


Yanuar Sapturi says:

Mang hayang ih!!

Guus Vermeulen says:

HP4 awesome bike! BMW is going to focus on 50cc mopeds. Say what???

Rizwan Khan says:

Awesome make believe

Sammy Bouzid says:

I’m 12 I’m getting 4000$ a year from my parents to buy one when I’m 18 🙂

kaloi25 says:

You surely dont know how to appreciate motorcycle art dude.

Melon Head says:

everybody bitches about the asymmetrical headlights, but they need to stop being vaginas. those headlights are banging, I love em. so different from the norm, and it makes sense; one is low beam, the other is high beam. why SHOULD they look the same???

MoonBernie says:

I’m no BMW fan, not at all. Amf for many years I was ashamed being photographed next one at a motorshow. But I drove this one recently. owned by a friend. And I must admit its the easiest motorcycle to drive at high speed ever build.. For my taste too easy. And in black it looks great. But in a matter of fun, nothing beats my old Ducati 888 sps I had in the 90ties. I dunno why….

gsx8ualive801 says:

Theyre awesome just cost to much $crilla.

Bryan Pereira says:

What is the soundtrack?

Guerrilla Phunk says:

2,400.. and one ugly looking exhaust, but then again its suits the ugly asymmetrical front lights…

DolleHengst says:

Can’t wait for a track comparison against the all new Moto GP inspired 2015 Yamaha R1

BenHensley says:

Want so bad 🙁 Some day i’ll save up for one! 

Guerrilla Phunk says:

Im sure it was Picasso inspired 🙂 But i prefer balance and symmetry…

Joell Roncallo says:

After a test of all the superbikes together theres a video on youtube overall this one is the best

MtEdeNLov3R says:

Lol they should make another exclusive one! One where the whole body is made of aluminum and dipped in titanium with Carbon fibre suspension and brakes it would be so light most of the weight would come from the engine

Sammy Bouzid says:

I’m 12 getting 4000& a year from my parents to buy one when I’m 18 🙂

Sammy Bouzid says:


futmut1000 says:

looks more like a spot rather then a review, truth is that this bike is nothing special, and its no way near the perfection of the japanese bikes which are years ahead in my opinion, and the bmw design just makes me vomit, its disgusting.

Embroik says:

sorry im retarded i meant looks over function



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