2013 Beginner Sportbike Shootout

With the 250cc sportbike market in America reaching a high point, we figured it was time to see which model stands out — the Honda CBR250R, Hyosung GT250R or Kawasaki Ninja 300.

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Ultimatetrait says:

is a brand new CBR150R a good bike to learn and start on?…..i mean considering people saying that getting a brand new bike is dumb

Are One says:

these smaller machines will lack the power to get out of the turns. On roads like the Dragon (US129) and The Snake (US421) it is the 600cc class that is the bike of choice because of handling and the ability to accelerate good. You just won’t get that with 300’s.

matt fontelera says:

A kawasaki ninja 500 hopefully:-D

bokuwaVegetadesu says:

As a starter, I will definitely get a CBR250R

naji hamdi says:


kiddeath921 says:

Ninja 300 all the way for me the design is better faster and the clutch is much smother

Old Channel says:

either way if you have no experience with either of these motorcycles you will appreciate each one.. 

Akshay Kothale says:

cbr 4 eva

spacep0d says:

Hi Motorcycle.com!

I’ve done quite a bit to my 300—so much so, that I call it a ZX-3R now (a phrase I coined myself based on the bigger bikes, and because it’s funny). It’s got 40.2 HP (dyno-tested)! Since we’re both in SoCal, lemme know if you’d like to ride and review it and compare it to a stock 300. 🙂
The story could be about mods, building off the rock-solid platform of the 300 and making a little sportbike out of what ships a solid budget bike that has a little room for improvement. Sport Rider or Motorcyclist mag has done this with the Ninja 250 in the past.

Some features of my bike are a full Yosh exhaust, Flash-Tune ECU tune (the very first by Flash-Tune for this bike), Flash-Tune quickshifter, Woodcraft clipons and weighted bar-ends, EBC HH pads, upgraded sprockets, etc.

$hak Attack atv #8 says:

That wasnt fair compairing 250s to 300s

mosellid says:

best beginner biker from 250cc and up,has to be the cbr 600rr. It`s soeasy in corners and don`t feel heavy at all. The ninja 650, do actually have more dryweight and are not even close to give you that confidence, preformance etc. Less gearshift, better brakes, more power,less weight,more fun. Also, there is so many who use much for tune up a 250/300cc. Go for a 2nd 600rr if you are able to drive bike 250cc+. Test it and you might get amazed as i am.

Themayseffect says:

Going off what was said about the Hyosung, it seems like it would be the best fit for someone who already has it in there mind they will upgrade to a bigger bike. It mimics the larger super/sports, inevitably setting you up to understand how the more power bikes would be like.

Pratap Bp says:

Yeah, it plays a vital role since be it a Ninja 300 or a Ducati 1199 Panigale, its a large money for every single person and more a part of realizing their dream..So such evaluation by experts like this community is going to help a lot of viewers and buyers and hopefully drive the brand to take such feed-backs to improvise their bikes..

memphis407 says:

blows them all away, say who? Almost all motorcycle reviews who have compared the cbr500r to the ninja 300 choose the ninja 300 as the winner. i think the cbr500r is a good bike but lets not make baseless statements.

DontFuckWitDreDay says:

I wish they made a 300cc Honda CBR bike with great MPG. But I agree, sacrifices were made for more power.

Drake Navarra says:

Should be Ninja 250R insetad of the 300. Do the 300 vs CBR300 ’14 and any other 300’s that are out for this year.


Hyoshit loses.

Matt Carlos says:

That’s the thing though. Compared to the other two bikes it really was THAT bad. Why else would these guys who do nothing but ride motorcycles say that. Maybe you should go test ride a 300r?

Wax On says:

Can someone tell me the name of the song at 2:20? I hear it in so many videos!

Jay Berry says:

Ninja 300. Cbr 250 is a single cylinder.

ylism says:

It stated that the bikes namly the Ninja 300 & Honda 250 are Japanese  bikes, only the Ninja holds that honor, the Honda 250 is made in Thailand, and or India. Yes the parent company is in Japan for them both, and the  Hyosung GT250R is made in S-Korea. For you that want to know the facts, or did not know ?

Ben88 says:

But your parameters needs to be only objectives… so your no. 1 and 3. can’t be on that list, as they are more subjectives. But yes, good point.. i would appreciate such evaluation.

Severed Receptors says:

I hear that better tires and brake pads on the Hyosung make a world of difference. Personally though, I have a 2010 GT250R, and my friend has a CBR250R. To me they handle very similarly. The CBR250 turns in faster, but is more unstable on the highway (in the wind) due to it’s lighter weight. The GT250R also has a more usable first and second gear due to being configured to a 5 speed instead of a 6 speed. The top speed for both bikes is about the same. The GT250R holds about 1.5 gallons more gas than the CB250R.

I think that for very discerning riders, a $25 brake pad upgrade and maybe some new tires after 5-6K miles would make a big difference on the Hyosung. Brakes seem pretty good to me so far, though.

Anthony Severi says:

no idea why you would throw a ninja 300 in with 2 other 250’s .. when there is a 250 ninja .. pointless comparison

Govnor says:

No question the Ninja is the best bike…the Honda will last forever, but the Hyosung is like a stripper…  It’s way better looking than the other two but your wallet will take a hit.

Ben88 says:

If you been watching americain reviews…yea, you’Re right.. Hyosung reviews are not as good… BUT, if you watched Indian reviews (english speaking), they love the Hyosung. Watch “Power to the Rider” reviewers.

Skill Sessions says:

That blonde guy looks like Phil Laak.  Great review, guys.

azura13liss says:

I had the retro Ninja 500EX before upgrading to the Ninja 300 (yes even with less CC). and the Ninja 300 is just as fast as the 500 with the power commander V! Going from 80’s tech to modern was like night and day, no carbs to clean, no choke to mess around with. Clutch feel is much better! and best of all, no rattles or vibrations on Highway speeds or doing 6-7k rpm. Very happy that I went with the Ninja 300SE. will likely upgrade to a Honda CBR 1000 RR in a few years, but I don’t see the reason to go any higher in CC at this point, getting 50-60 MPG!

Ya-BOY ChickenLittle says:

I just dont get why honda puts such a boring color scheme on the cbr

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