2013 Beginner Sportbike Shootout part 2: Kawasaki Ninja 300 vs. Honda CBR500R vs. Kawasaki Ninja 650

If we got a dime every time we were asked what to buy as a first bike, we could easily buy a Kawasaki Ninja 300, Honda CBR500R or Kawasaki Ninja 650, three bikes we feel are best suited to answer the query. The truth is, there isn’t a simple answer anymore. Height, weight, natural ability, and of course wallet size all play important roles in determining which motorcycle you should start on.

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HOYCBB says:

Lame review and opinions. Ninja 650 old day long.

D. Paul Riderman says:

I think you danced around the obvious.  The Ninja 300 can perform put around duties like the others, but when you want to change to track duties, the Ninja is better than either of the other two.  It also has a higher return for investment, because the 500 and 650 don’t resell as well for what you pay.  With that thought process, you have a clear winner … Ninja 300.  No I don’t own one, but I do own a Yamaha R3, which follows the same line of thinking.  It’s time the macho attitude toward the 300 series stops.  If they weren’t capable, then you slam them, but they are capable.

Cameron Fischer says:

Planning to buy a 500 to learn on, then buy something larger when I want to upgrade and keep the 500 as a commuter bike.

CaTLoVer Gaming says:

would a ninja 650 be a okay jump from a dr200 that I ride on the street everyday. Like. I feel like I ride a lot and would prefer a more sporty bike but I feel like anything that does 0 to 60 under 4 might be a little unsafe. I live in a smaller town so they’re not a place where I’ll really be at 60 but I’d like a bigger bike so I don’t have to work the engine to go 45. if not a ninja 650 what bike would y’all recommend.

Patrickisnt says:

sitting/leaning on the right side of the bike in the beginning….who’s the beginner?

I help anytime says:

Kawasaki ninja 300 ABSis the best bike you could ride for a beginner. Very light = sharp handling… and since my parents won’t buy me an expensive bike, my choice is the 300 ABS.

Alex Manolopoulos says:

please guys do a  ninja 300 vs yamaha r3 video!! I’m a new rider and am torn between these 2 bikes!

falcon blubber says:

I’m about 5’5 will my feet touch the ground on the kawasaki ninja 300

fickie mandirry says:


Chris Brooks says:

Hey guys if anybody could help me out I would appreciate it, I am new to riding and looking for my very first bike. The bikes that I am really interested in are the ninja 500, Suzuki gs500, and the bike in the video a ninja 650. All the years i’m looking at are around 05-08. Now I was going to get a ninja 250 but honestly after thinking about the bike that i’m gonna buy I do plan to keep for awhile. I also commute to college which is about 40 miles there and back. I just want to know would the 650 be too much for me? Not gonna lie i’m not a big guy, about 5’4 or 5’5 and 130 pounds. Am I gonna be able to flat foot it? I understand the power the 650 has so i’m not gonna be an idiot and try to go to 0-60 in 3 seconds. I’m gonna be safe about it and respect the bike and learn as I’m riding. So if you guys could inform me that be awesome. Thanks

tyler podest says:

dont forget to not be scared, just get a cbr 650 and call it a day

Austin E says:

The biggest thing for me is I’m 18, 5’11 180 lbs and have been dirt bikes and quads all my life and im looking to buy a sports bike and my biggest thing is finding one that will fit me best but also will allow me to become a better rider on a sports bike so if anyone has any pointers or bikes they think would be best for someone like me it would be very helpful

Evol lovE says:

Alright so I’m 5.9 140lbs. would the Crb500 be a good beginning bike?

_Drehl says:

If i ended up getting the 650, would I be able to get custom handles so i could lean forward a little more for that sport-ish look?

Christopher Moore says:

Learned on a 2007 ninja 250 and upgraded to a 2009 Versys. I actually miss my 250 because it did feel like a toy and the handling was better. My Versys feels more top heavy making u turns unpleasant. But because I’m 6 foot 285 pounds the Versys fits my body more.
If I was between 190 to 210 pounds I would go for the ninja 300. It would make a great city bike. Highway riding I would use a bigger bike.

For the love of the money says:

Sucks they dont mention the Ducati Monster 696, a way more newb friendly bike than the kawi 650.

dmjoon says:

You are an idiot if you buy an USED SPORTBIKE as beginner. Sportbikes mean more chances that it was used in extreme conditions and got involved in accidents, far more than other types of bikes. Needless to say all these customization which is common in sportbikes. Dont play Russian roulette with your money. If you cant afford a new sportbike, look for a lower CC or another type.

Noah Kocher says:

the cbr puts out 42 hp? that’s the same as the yamaha r3.. so they essentially you could buy a r3 which may just have a bit less torque for cheaper

Sam Schroeder says:

Can someone help explain exactly what ABS does? I know the basics of it, and sort of how it functions, but I’m not sure if I would need it. Thanks!

Theuns Voges says:

engine sound would have been better than the music

Grey Moon says:

can anyone tell me the name of that orange helmet, its looking very cool, its like a kind of space helmet.

Taylor Adams says:

I completely disagree on the ninja 650. Having the higher rear sets give you that better lean in angle but the higher bars save your back if you have problems or can’t retain the hunched over position. CBR needs some juice. HP is very lower considering the KTM 390 is pushing close to that with just 1 cylinder and less displacement. Ninja 300. Honestly I think it would be a blast to race around. Gets me vote for best bike for the money.

Elijah Powell says:

Hi, Clever. accessible collect What’s your opinion about this, guys !

Trung Nguyen says:

“what should I get for my 1st bike? ” “1000cc!”

Chloe Blasius says:

If I don’t find out the name of the into song I’m going to get the biggest headache and I used to listen to that song and now I can’t remember it!

Aaron Faison says:

I’m thinking about getting me my first sports bike as well what would be good for a 5’9 235 pound guy?

Jamil Wilcox says:

Some people are just stupid why they so negative about if you a beginner riding your first bike you gonna drop it so what if you have motorcycle insurance full coverage they pay to get it fix some people don’t have money to waste on getting A 250cc I say get what you want and have self control take your time

TheXdmgx7 says:

My GSXR 750 is lighter than that CBR…lol the ninja’s only 30lbs lighter and so many people think supersports are heavy.
Supersports are made to feel that way so that they feel stable unlike a ninja 250. Flickable my ass

Germ says:

Why are they riding with only one headlight on?

Chad Hero says:

I just bought a 650 in the Philippines. I was driving the speed limit and when I came over a hill there was trash from a garbage truck all over the road. I wiped out big time. I was wearing shorts and the shirt, my arm got all ate up. The bike only has 125 miles on it, so brand new. So it is at the shop getting fixed. I think the handlebars might be a touch bent, which means I will need to buy more. It sucks sliding on concrete lol

RoadsterWill507 says:

Came here hoping for “if you want this, choose that one. This bike handles this way, that bike feels more like _this_ and the other more like _that_” Instead the video simply says “the 300 is a great bike, has more stuff and its fun, those are the other two bikes here” . So I’m left to interpret that the CBR isn’t any more powerful and the 650 isn’t any better than the 300, it weighs more and has some more power.

Jack Fisher says:

I think A 650 is the best beginner bike but not the ninja 650

Dmitry says:

Which is better?

Hans Zarkov says:

I ride a Z1000 and I would not call the Ninja 650 a beginner’s bike. Guys who have been riding for a while tend to be really out of touch with what horrible riders newbies are, and the noobs believe they are much better than they are because they haven’t killed themselves yet.

Supernova12034 says:

Keeping it real, I have a cbr500r, good bike, fun, but i wish i had gotten a ninja 300 or R3….simply because they are so light and easy to flick around, and you can rev them to the moon, and they have all the power up top, which is FUN!!!!!!!

I like to rev up bikes high, and flick them around

TheTacoSupreme says:

i got jizz all over my computer screen now. thanks.

Fred Freddy says:

Purchase day is getting closer. Or, rather, riding test day Aug 5th. If I pass, I get a ninja 300 … or, maybe an r3 … but probably not a cbr 500r … probably.

Thank you for video and insights.

Mouhamed Toure says:

Can anyone please explain how the slipper clutch works or how it is an advantage to the rider??

SuperGlory32 says:

depends on where you live. The traffic where I live is a freaking hell. That’s why I went for ninja 300 and even then I never maxed it out. 3 months owning ninja 300 and I never ride in 5th and 6th gear.

You can start in R6 if you want in america because most roads in america are just a straight line highway with a lot of fun twisties where even a noob rider can do cornering at 70mph. fuck where I live lol

Ian Galang says:

whats the name of the song at 3.20?

Dab Unwin says:

650 with sport bars would be pretty decent

HurricaneNello says:

I bought a 2012 ninja 650 great bike. Surprisingly its fairly easy to flick around.

Efre mendez says:

I had an R3. test ride CBR 500 and Suzuki Gladius 650. the CBR felt like a top heavy slow to lean for turns compared to R3 and not much quicker. it felt slow sluggish and gut less compared to SFV 650. so I went with Suzuki. the low positioning of the Vtwin makes the extra 50 lbs over the R3 barely noticeable. the 650 feels more planted in tighter corners than the lighter R3. so skip the CBR and go 650 Vtwin or parallel try them all!

Conrad Lines says:

the ninja 650 is that restricted?

Derek Hebert says:

Is there an exhaust slip on for the ninja 650?

CheerX9087 says:

Great video! Trying to decide on my first bike, and this comparison was great.

ThatGuyWhoFanDubs says:

I got my Ninja650 with abs for 6k. Not a bad bike at all. Very comfortable and lots of power for a 600 size bike. The only thing I have a hard time with is taking sharp turns, getting it to stick is kinda hard.

Restraining Dylan says:

everyone complains about the ninja 650s footpegs and bend in the legs is it really that bad ?.

yolo must die says:

I recently picked up the CBR 500r. I’m not an expirenced rider what so ever but I enjoy it a lot. plus you couldn’t beat the deal I got on it

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