2013-2015 600cc Supersport Mid Weight Shootout! CBR600RR GSX R600 675R ZX 6R 848 F3 R6

2005 Kawasaki ZX6R Akrapovic 80,000km

Evotech Performance Fender eliminator review:

Kawasaki Ninja ’05 ZX6R snow ride SWISS APLS


wahiawabound808 says:

zx6 had the fastest lap time IMO the zx should of took win then again it all boils down to what you’re looking for in a bike.

Ponniah Bharath says:

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Moxxi 675pilot says:

I got a 2014 triumph daytona 675. and I love it

Vivek Jayan says:

Do looks ever matter? I mean I know it’s subjective and lap times are the most legit way of knowing which of the bikes are the most capable. But doesn’t looking at the bike need to create some sort of emotion in you that’ll make you WANT it? Or is it just me? My personal pick would be the Daytona. But if out right style is what mattered, the F3.

bart goukens says:

Many many tests have proven that the daytona R is superiour on the track ,the R 6 comes in second best, they are developed especially for that. the GSXR and the 636 are developed for the road ,they are more confortable.That being sayed, all of these beautifull bikes are a lot of fun on the track.If you want a motorbike choose with your heart not by the size you think your balls are because they probably won’t be big enough to use the full potential of these beauties.

David M says:

I’m happy with my 14 ZX6R!

Ferrari 5202 says:

please give your opinion on the 2016 Yamaha Yzf-R6. thank you

Ted Weiss says:

Picked up a 636 yesterday!

YouAintSeenNothingYet says:

I still love my red Kawasaki Zx6r j1 what would be a better bigger bike ?? i like 2003 954 Cbr Fireblade in yellow tho

Kev Pugh says:

Sliding ? Spining ? I didnt get what he said about the Yamaha.

Seriss Cweald says:

only a very very small percentage of the population will get the best performance from these bikes. pick the one you like the look of and how well it feels when you sit on it and get that one. you’ll never get the top end performance out of it anyway.

Daven story says:

idc my gsxr 600 has 60k miles and runs just fine so it works for me

Takingout thetrash says:

the CBR 600 looks f-n amazing

frank Zmonster says:

Honda CBR 600 RRrrrrrr…..for me thanks lol

Luedog says:

i reject your reality and replace it with my own.. the honda cbr600rr won this match up. the end

Maninder Singh says:

isn’t it suppose to be a 600cc match then my the fuck did they include the 800+ ducati??

Dar Tice says:

Why did they mention the engine size on the Kawasaki and not on Triumph and the MV?

I help anytime says:

CBR600RR: Comfort
GSX-R600: Smooth
ZX6R: Fast
R6: Aggressive
Choose your style.

Frost Bite says:

Don’t GSXRs have a problem? The frame splits right down the middle

Daniel Hatcher says:

I would still take the CBR600RR out of all of them

Zyzz IsTheKing says:

Gixer is ugly as fuck

Darrell Grisham says:

I like these videos, keep it no BS or crazy music.

alexakos sak says:

hummm im guessing y didi the video before the new R6 came out (it is tha same engine but it looks better and its lightet)i personaly LOVE the old R6 but i like the new one too

I help anytime says:

The 2016+ CBR600RR has 113 hp and weigh 410 lbs… which it is better now.

Oso 11 says:

No r6 ?

เพชร ซอยอร่อย seed says:

I love suzuki

therooster 0846 says:

I thought the R6 had more hp, I had an fz6 with about 100hp and thought I was missing a lot more when compared to the r6, the transmission is probably the downfall.

nah no thnx says:

Triumph daytona fault: higher ego = higher percent to crash. Increased chance when you are on a second or third bike.

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