We bought a sidecar! (EP 1 – Monday Never Sidecar)

On little more than a whim, we decide to buy a sidecar motorcycle and go traveling on a second season. Our plan is to head to Europe and travel for a few months until it gets too cold. In this episode, Will flies to North Dakota to pick up our new rig while Cat gets to fish in the White Marlin Open.

Cat & Will

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Camera equipment used:
– Sony a6000: http://amzn.to/2bPrpT2
– Canon DSLR: http://amzn.to/29uTtt7
– Panasonic Camcorder: http://amzn.to/29FTHNV
– GoPro: http://amzn.to/29XJRpz





Allen Hare says:

Pretty cool new adventure!
Thanks for taking us along.
Happy Camping

Jeff Bengtson says:

You guys are just awesome. Don’t change a thing!

Rodger Snyder says:

Seriously, check out my daughter’s Hostel in N. Ireland. (McCall Snyder-Gilfillian)


Kaupo Viljat says:

You buyed basicaly bike wery wery old bike. Many parts on that bike are same when Stalin was a live 😀 Stolen BMW from Germany by WW2, that they “downgraded” to russian level.

Keith B says:

You do know that they have tons and tons of motorcycles iin Europe and you don’t have to pay shipping.

Bestoink Dooley says:

I have a 2011 Ural Gear Up that I bought used in 2013, and I ride it almost everyday. It’s tons of fun around town and on dirt roads with my two small dogs and they love to ride, but you should never take this thing out on the highway. Above about 45mph this bike really seems dangerous.You feel like you are about to lose control at any moment. The maximum speed for the Gear up is only about 60mph anyway, so the engine would be straining above 50. The Retros/ M70s are geared higher, so they have a higher top speed, but at the expense of torque. Don’t get a Ural thinking you are going to take road trips unless you are suicidal. If you want to do that, get a larger displacement cruiser- at least 1300cc- and somehow have a sidecar installed. Just saying.

Stephan Venter says:

Just keep going…you will figure what work and what doesn’t on the fly. One thing about a bike is that you are out in the weather…not getting away from that fact…so just like the yacht journey…prepare prepare prepare…njoy…and get your mindset ready…easier to handle setbacks with attitude rather with an altitude…lol

Jimmy Jimmy says:

hehe guys this new adventure will be very interesting, that sidecar thing looks cool

madogblue says:

As an owner of a Ural Retro sidecar outfit myself I have to say Congrats! I enjoyed your sailing videos very much. I was Suprized you had to go so far to buy a retro as they are pretty common here in the Boston area anyway. I am sure by now you have learned the ins and outs of sidecar driving. So much more challenging than a motorcycle. I look forward to following your new adventures. Be safe and watch those left hand turns, cheers!

Ken Gendron says:

Mom and Dad rule!!!

THEbohmie says:

First rides and no helmets ? Crazy stupid.

Mike Gray says:

Hey guys! Just stumbled on this video. I bought my M70 new in 2014. No regrets! I’ve been camping in it, and have gone on a few road trips in Washington and Oregon. I plan to do a cross-country trip at some point. Anyway, great vid, and I’m going to be watching your others too.

_ DEVSTER _ says:

I don’t know!?!

gravguyyahoo says:

Shared your first video to our 3 wheeled vehicle page on Facebook ( the missing wheel ) hopefully you do well on your adventure. ive crossed many countries on motorcycle with and without hack. You trying it without testing the waters is very ballsy . Stay safe out there people on cell phones dont look. I actually have time to watch your video because someone on their cell pulled out in front of me and im home for a few weeks recovering from a broken hand and hip. remember to TEAM RIDE that she should always be the second set of safe eyes helping look out for hazards. Hope i can see you out on the road

the voice of doom says:

you people are s disgrace !!! you should be settling down and raising a family your just adult children

golfnut says:

you guys are all over the map, i’m trying my best to keep up. luv ya, just don’t leave me in the dust, please

Fraser Guthrie says:

Hi Really enjoyed your sailing adventure but riding around Europe is a step too far. I live in New Zealand and we drive on the left and every few days a tourist is killed or hurt by drifting onto the wrong side of the road. Think carefully about this one!

Sean says:

Awww miss seeing you guys on the boat….but love following you nutters anyways. 🙂

Buddy Cooper says:

Another episode of Trust fund baby problems.

Edison Reis says:

Nice video ! How would you rate or say about the rig reliability ?

jaymie tranzino says:

You guys are so spot on. Ofc its scary and full of trepidation… but name 1 thing of historical greatness that wasn’t. I enjoy how the two of you negotiate through your quagmires. You are perfect and you are lost. That’s exactly how you you should be feeling, and i like things that are exactly right. Press on with caution (as you are) and let us live our lives vicariously through your endeavor. I just love watching you guys.

Romeo Whiskey says:

So…what happened to the boat? SOLD?

Tinder inc says:

Sounds like a bunch of future drama for no reason

JamesAllmond says:

Own a 2011 Retro (my avatar) and 2015 M70, 2012 M70 very good choice! Plus it has the baddest badges IMZ ever offered and only on that year of that bike! Enjoy!

Buddy Cooper says:

Nice Ural I have a 1962 Ural sidecar cycle.

eatsleepplayrepeat says:

So all this time when he was driving it, he didn’t have his M2. That’s not good.

Rich Gizzie says:

Should have followed Cheeky Monkey to the Pacific.

Alex Davis says:

Motorcycle with sidecar hmmm…I wonder if Will got hit in the head with the sailboat boom.

christian cortese says:

Awesome video. Just bought a 2016 Gear Up. You have to check out the guys at Ural of New England. They are in Mass and are amazing. Biggest Ural dealer in the US. if you ever need anything with their bike. They are the guys to go to.

Stephan R says:

Hey, if you come to the lovely city of Nürnberg in Bavaria Germany I am happy to show you the city and give you a place to sleep.


Rick D says:

I have a 2010 gear up the dealership is less than an hour from my home Ural of New England

Tom Budington says:

You guys “got the fire” keep it going!!!!!

Sunshine Viking says:

I bought my Ural in 2000 and kept it for 5 years. It was a constant battle to keep it running. Valve adjustments, tire issues, ignition problems, blown pistons, generator cracking. Even so, I loved that bike, but in the end I had to let it go. Hopefully the newer versions, with electronic ignition and the larger engine are better.

the dude says:

What happened to the boat

Daryl Maier says:

I gotta bookmark this web site it seems very beneficial very

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