Ural Sidecar Review: PERFECT FOR NINJAS!

Motovlog ridealong, walkaround, and stealthy Ninja skills. Dodgerider26 and I take Krayziesensei’s Ural Patrol out for a test ride. This is the best way to ride pillion. Ever.

Dodgerider26’s YouTube channel (the driver): http://www.youtube.com/dodgerider26
KrayzieSensei’s YouTube channel (the Ural owner): http://www.youtube.com/krayziesensei

Laurie Jennifer’s book of faces: http://www.facebook.com/thefriendlyhooligan


LJ: The Friendly Hooligan says:

Nope. Actually, a short clip from a song I mixed in GarageBand.

Rogent X says:

Lol awesome idea and view, FTW!!

LJ: The Friendly Hooligan says:


LJ: The Friendly Hooligan says:

Hey, we all have our moments… 😛

BetamaxBooty says:

your nerdiness is endearing

Lufer Marrok says:

Lol you should have waay more views!

DarkLordRoto says:

Love my Ural.. kinda wish it had a little more power in the top end tho.

chris jorgy says:

I love the bike, but………………

LJ: The Friendly Hooligan says:

They are rad! Did you ever get to test ride one?

wipsmoke says:

lols ur a nut 🙂

jimmy Bee says:

so was it colder riding in the sidecar than when you have the engine under you?

TheKidkawasaki says:

one qustion since you are in the side car what about the helmet law!

Snaken says:

Seen a fair few of your vids now and today you have me at gun noises <3 Your too cool 🙂

gibbscp says:

dud,dud,dud,dud, Ggggggrrrrrr, zat is a melted snowman…… WWWWEEEEEEEEEE
Epic, first minute of this video has had me in stiches!

ohbogey says:

Rofl!!! Motorcycle comedy show!

tx2sturgis says:

yeah the sidecar controls are kinda wonky…and whats with the missing brake pedal? 😉


cool but i would never go over 50 in the sidecar

cash storeone says:

A friend of mine in Tucson has a neighbor that bought a Ural/sidecar new. He took it for a ride and it made him too nervous as he said that the sidecar would go up in the air at left turns. He parked it, and it has sat for at least 4 years. Mark told me the tires are flat now. What a waste, as he will not sell.

JamesAllmond says:

Laurie, just start violently shaking back and forth, then you’ll see your steering input!

LJ: The Friendly Hooligan says:

I thought of that after the fact. *facepalm* Ah, well! These are great for snow. KrayzieSensei has a Polar Bear motovlog of him riding this in snow and ice: /watch?v=qr2O4tXrszM

LJ: The Friendly Hooligan says:

KrayzeiSensei clearly has awesome taste in motorcycles. It was nice of him to let us take this for a spin.

AlexJ121895 says:

The walkaround made me dizzy. 🙁

LJ: The Friendly Hooligan says:

It’s awesome! It’s every bit as fun as I imagined it would be.

akasa231 says:

i grew up in one of those! I remember kneeling on the seat to face backwards, no crash helmets, until 1972 (when i was 12!) my Old man had enough of the cold winters and got a Reliant three wheeler that he could drive on the same license here in the u.k. He gave up bikes at the age of 52 & I passed last year at the same age, I think of it as taking over where he left off! We’re planning to come over a ride route 66 in the near future.

JamesAllmond says:

and why are you not piloting the rig? From the left seat that is…

Carolan Ivey says:

Be vewwy vewwy quiet!

LJ: The Friendly Hooligan says:

Excellent!! Send my apologies.

Leap Of Faith says:


It’s bad enough her doing it, I don’t want to read that stuff in the comments too.


Sir James W. V. Savile, OBE says:

The problem with those side cars is that they cost about as much as the bike.

TheKidkawasaki says:

is the side car heated:)

bityard says:

Somebody give her some caffeine!

LJ: The Friendly Hooligan says:

Warmer, actually. No wind!

ToastToGo says:

Lol. I thoroughly enjoyed this video.

Joe Mania says:

reality kings music at the end, nice.

LJ: The Friendly Hooligan says:

As I understand it, a helmet is still required in states that have a helmet law, just as a helmet is required on other three-wheelers (trikes, Spyders, etc.). This was actually recorded in Kansas, where there is no helmet law– but we both wore our helmets anyway. It’s a good habit to get into.

John Clark says:

my neighbor has a black ural with side car stupid commie motorcycles

Cheese Gratin says:

Love the videos Laurie!!!!!

mrdeath212 says:

what a unique moto vlog!

FFGamer077 says:

Was just looking at Bikes because in the future I plan on getting one and I happen to run into one of your videos. The first one I see was “WTF! (what would you have done) and I had this mind set of you being a mean person, but then seeing these and more of them I can see you’re really nice and sweet along with hilarious personality, I love that in people. I wish I was more like that. Though in bike terms it’s a nice side car. Subed*.

dan gleeballs says:

that made me laugh. i lie down and go like BOO! haha ur mate was like :O i knew i should of left her on her supermoto lol

Jack Bell says:

Your videos crack me up.

LJ: The Friendly Hooligan says:

I guess you could say they pulled out all the stops when they made this one! 😉

Lifeofsins says:

Thumbs up for the Walk/run/jog around….. 🙂

Silvio Silva says:

LOL! That’s one of those things that are so lame, they come full circle and become cool!
Plus I’ve been told they’re tough as nails. Guess they have to be to take on the russian winter roads.

y2kxj says:

aren’t those urals 2wd with use of a side car?

M750 says:

Man, I’ve been doing bike walk-arounds all wrong.

TheKidkawasaki says:

the side car is bigger than the bike!

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