Ural Sidecar Motorcycles & Adventures

Ural Sidecar Motorcycles & Adventures
Ural Motorcycles, modern sidecar motorcycles for your everday adventure, True Adventure .
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R D says:

Coolest off road tough bike

Cuong Nguyen says:

how much for this motobike

FeelTheHuman says:

For sale Motorcycles ‘Ural’ made in Russia. Restoration, painting, etc at seller’s discretion upon your request. Examples of available models are shown below https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1341712459214274&set=pcb.1341712515880935&type=3&theater.
Please contact us on filja555fa@yandex.ru or https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001265986082
For those wishing to recover. The sale also includes a motorbike in a terrible condition. At a low price.

Peter Nuksa says:

Any chance you can explain how Ural survived those deep water crossings – what modifications were made to them?

Lativik says:

Это пипец товарищи!!!

Robert Esposito says:

Toughest bikes out there, I’ve had mine in water up to bottom of tank and never had a problem mechanical or electrical

Jimmy Walker says:

I see the electrics are far better than what they used to be

MsSlavian says:

Защита поддона я так понимаю у них стоит?!!

YeniseyWave says:

По своему уникальные аппараты. Главное собирать качественно, а поклонники всегда найдутся.

狼毒花 says:

Ural Sidecar Motorcycles & Adventures

Dushniy stroi says:

Верный друг навсегда.

Nomad says:

I have seen a marine engine bend a rod when water has got past a badly set-up water trap (raw water type ) and through the exhaust valves,not to mention the intakes ! I would love to see the engine set-up on these bikes . Amazing video !

Dũng nguyễn says:

I love everything from Russia. i am Vietnamese

Максим Максимов says:

I was born and grew up. And now I live far , Russia is big . Very nice to look at their homes ! Thank you!
Я там родился и вырос. А сейчас живу далеко, Россия большая. Очень приятно смотреть на родные места! Спасибо!

БЕНДЕР says:

ural govno !

Bob Bielski says:

I have a ural tourist 2000 and 58,000 km,, for 16 years ,and can’t believe the things you put it through ! That is amazing !

Nomad says:

OK , How in Hells name are those bikes still running ? Have they got aqu-lungs or something . Water in the cylinder should spell engine death ! Not to mention the electrics !

Станислав Антохин says:


Tim Bolatuly says:

млин это просто жесть! В ауле в детстве дядька рассекал на М-72, много км было пройдено!!! и на ободах тоже)))

MigSu pue ram says:

omg the best!

Cameron Cameron says:

is it a boat a submarine NO it a Ural,i want one

Максим С says:

Это как? Я на “Урале” (Днепре) до первой хорошей лужи- чуть свечи забрызгал и встал, про воздухан вообще молчу. Не ну если силиконом все залить а воздухан поднять может и получится, надо побывать8)

николай ххх says:

Парни это что уму не постижимое!

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