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lalunette says:

It’s a Ural… a motorcycle from Russia… of course it has a mind of its own !!!

johnathan smith says:

The question is… Would someone invest 18000 Euros in it? Mmmmm…

mike smith says:

remember the sidecar is on the other side in the uk..

Эльзар Тимирбулатов says:

устаревший во всех смыслах мотоцикл, как раз для хипстеров

Tom Wom says:

what is the brand of that jacket you’re wearing?

Stephen Perry says:

I wish I could have one, as I have always liked them.

Justsod Offgo-ogle says:

stick to two wheels! what a palaver you made of that

Paulo Carreiro says:

The smile on his face and the excitement on his voice are just priceless!


ural govno !

Bikes & Drones says:

The main reason Urals have a sidecar is to carry a mechanic and spare parts for when they  break down :>)

John Mandingo says:

is it 1938 again?

jamakasis18 says:

cyka blyat

Oleg efov says:

the intro was hilariously accurate lmao, i cant believe what russia is trying to sell these for to the rest of the world, but its basically a zombie apocalypse bike. ive ridden a few of these, its a piece of shit that lasts forever basically. its the fastest bike in the motherland if you are daring enough lol, and allthough its air cooled, they just keep going with 10,000 mile (questionable) oil changes and carry lots of weight, no fucks given what kind of octane fuel or any of that shit

avhrvg says:

Super Video … you can see that you are not used to ride this machine. When you turn you still try to “hang” with you body … 10 years ago I did the same … 🙂 … Now I have got 10 years of intence experience and I would not change my machine for an other. My Russian is SUPER … on-road and off-road …

bigtruck182 says:

i have one and this guy should go back to his barbie car it isnt near as bad as he says lol WOW

Rico says:

lol classy

Albert Tran says:

Sounds too scary to learn

Anball2 says:

Ukraine also produces sidecar bike called Dnipro MT wich is pretty much same thing as Ural. And i tell you this – nobody here (in Ukraine or Russia) ever buy this bike. We all know very well how bad it is, and how cheaply it assembled.
It really makes me giggle someone actually want to buy this junk in countries like UK or USA where they have strong motorcycle market with tons of great options.

Paul Doyle says:

dab the rear brake on left handers,not the front that way the side car overtaks the bike and helps you turn ! try it it works !

hubpronamomarne says:

Shubham Mukherjee says:

ohh God..

Chuck Beau Buck says:

He didn’t even mention the power modes or the IMU, not to mention the traction control levels and enduro ABS.

TwistedTorque says:

i love this bike. i will buy another one soon.

FR says:

Name one sidecar bike that has symetrical rear wheels? That is called a trike, not a sidecar then. Acually this review sucks. Amateur. And lets us kill a myth about Ural and Dneprs, they are no rugged off-road bikes, they are mainly made for ordinary gravel roads, not for driving in deep water etc. No need to be Einstein to see that the airbox is mounted very low and not made for water driving more than any else normal road bike. It is the mainly the US importer of Ural that create such rumors to able to sell to stupid americans.

John O'Sullivan says:

those roads look great, where abouts was it


AK 47

Logan Jones says:

Nice jacket. What brand of jacket is that?

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