URAL Quality-Testing

Das Irbiter Motorradwerk arbeitet konsequent an der Verbesserung der Zuverlässigkeit und Qualität der Ural Gespanne. Wir haben eine kleine Dokumentation gemacht, die zeigt, dass natürlich auch die Werksdirektoren täglich ihren Weg in die Arbeit auf Ural Gespannen zurücklegen. Und damit auch perfekte Tests für die Qualitätssicherung abliefern.

Viel Spaß mit diesem Video!

Die zwei großartigen Photos am Ende der Videos sind von Mike Senkl – http://www.senkl.at (c)
The great photos at the end of the Video are from Mike Senkl – http://www.senkl.at (c)


Петр Петров says:

карида на урале)

bogoljub djordjevic says:

that’s how need test a bike great job pozdrav iz Srbije!!

Артём Каганович says:

What is the elk test?

Siva Kumar says:

Super I like

Rd Villaluz says:

I heard the term “crazy russians” before, never thought it was literal. Ok, I’m sold. I’m getting myself an Ural this season.

John Mead says:

Was the “elk” test really a failure though? If that was any other bike I doubt it would of started up after putting it down like that.

Reptilian Overlord says:

The chief designer must be very lazy since they are the same for over 70 years.

Jk, great motorcycles.

jimmy Lincoln says:

Wow amazing

Glen Mack says:

Mate I want to have a go! Good question on how did they not suck water in during that deep crossing! Funny vid I loved it.

Emendator Eius Vita says:

War machine…

Andy Hayes says:

Brilliantly done!

Cnupoc says:

2:38 hehe!

radek florián says:

Skvělá motorka,skvělé video!!

Green NN says:

А для своих граждан когда мотоциклы будете делать? Пиндосы пусть покупают Уралы по 30000$, мы за эти деньги лучше БМВ купим, но речь о деревне. В деревне нужно дешевые мотоциклы, без всей этой мишуры псевдовоенной.

jeka jeka says:

а как мотор воды не хлебанул? куда выведен воздухозаборник?

Gene Coppola says:

Throw someone in the sidecar and do those tests..

eric12137 says:

ya know if the trans had a low range you could turtle over the rough terrain and not bounce so bad..

Matt Watkinson says:

Wow, I thought it would hydro-lock the engine during the crossing

brandywell44 says:

The leakage test; How did the bike continue to run even when it was totally submerged as I didn’t see a high snorkel breather?

EChan says:

LOL – Great!

heinrich himmel says:

very funny 😀 thank you !

Jack Fisher says:

How the f did the engine keep running with exhaust and air filter under the water??

Jabroney says:

that’s crazy. where’s the bike pulling air from when the handlebar are under water?

James Fulton says:

How do those engines still run? Where’s that snorkel ??

travelbikercolombia says:

muy vacano

Alex S says:

this is the most Russian video I’ve ever seen. haha loved every second of it!

Ralf Plack says:

For sure one of the most outstanding vids about motorcycle testing I ever saw

Арт_Ель Библиотека Строительства says:

суровые челябинские парни….))))

Nikolay Eremin says:


Joey 43rus says:

мы на мотоциклах проходим там, где на взгляд трудно поверить…, запад же на учениях умудряется при высадке застрять на вездеходах всей толпой через десяток метров…

Krakatoa says:

holy fuck man. a 4×4 will be fucked up with that kind of road.

BHZ Motovlog says:

How can be possible to the engine keep working after the water cover the air entrance?

Денис says:

в рамках ответных санкций надо прекратить поставки Урала в США

Jim Dandy says:

Why no passengers? That to me would be the real test. Cool video though, looks like those can really take some abuse and keep going. I’d like to purchase one but, it seems the prices are not what they used to be.

quadcatfly says:

And those were like major highways in russia.

mcrsit says:

This is awesome, I’m buying a Ural as my next sidecar. 😀

搏一搏單車變摩托 says:


Kiril Cavdarov says:

Any openings in your test department? Maybe test compatibility with British Columbia Sasquatch?

John May says:

gniotsa nie łamiotsa

Rafael Domingos says:

Nice,Nice….. I down’t know this brand. Congratulations !

Władca Niczego says:

tfw you dont know if you want a tank or a motorcycle so you buy an ural.

BaronBoar says:

How is it possible that it can run underwater?

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