URAL – New Owner Review of 2012 “Gear Up”

A simple review and introduction to a Ural Sidecar Motorcycle. These are my thoughts after owning a 2012 Ural Gear Up for a month. The Ural is a Russian motorcycle with roots from BMW that started production in 1939. The details may have changed over the years but the Ural has retained the look and feel of the early years of production. It is slow and antiquated but offers utility and a different kind of fun.


Vadim Glazov says:

Great review. Even from Russia Siberia 🙂

Nicolas Nahornyj says:

thanks a lot!

wick5449 says:

Thanks for the review, seemingly the most matter of fact, and honest one I’ve seen. How comfortable is the seat on the bike? I go close to 300lbs and it looks smallish for my ample rear end, but that can be worked around. Not looking to go even 60 on this, just puttering around locally. Thanks again, Dan

Terry Burt says:

Thanks very much, that was a great, and detailed review. I plan getting one next year. Love the Urals

HD28 says:

Just get one …… I have two / an M70 & gear up / love both of them but the m70 is just better to ride ….. If you’re not doing serious off road or winter riding the M70 with the road gears is the way to go IMO….. I’ve had them all & there’s nothing like my Urals …….. But they are slower & not meant to be fast / the m70 with road gears is much more road friendly…….

Barry Winslow says:

Great review Michael…….I’m really looking at one…….thanks.

Rodrigo Carrillo says:

I love the GEAR -UP model

barrie udall says:

nice bike and great fun……but…..cant see myself on one in a snow flurry at minus 18 below at 30 mph the wind chill will kill ya …..the mpg would be fairly high also ………so honest question why not a little diesle 4×4 car with a good heater???

Gerald Prost says:

Thanks for taking time to do this. I’m very interested in the Ural; however, I have two Harleys. My wife won’t let me add the Ural without getting rid of one or both of the Harleys. I don’t know if I’m ready to do that. Gerry in Calgary.

nmr50 says:

Btw, the trademark (yet taking a rule on the IMZ – makers of URAL) owned since dark times’ 1992 by some ex-soviet citizen Ilya, living in US. Now URAL motorcycles has many foreign parts, so if you’re speaking about “Russian parts are not very reliable” please remember this, because when URAL was 100% .ru/.su before destroying USSR, it was reliable on 99.5%. JFYI.

nmr50 says:

Another thingie you might want to know – about “not very precision” – I just want to tell you that AK47 automatic rifle _also_ made with “not very precision”, but enough to be simple and RELIABLE, because it is made for all weather – snow, sand, fire.. and this is why American soldiers have been (sometimes/often) throw out their M-16 rifles – made with VERY precision, yet being hammered with sand, and thus going out of order – and taking other’s side AK’s rifles , during Iraq war ’91. Or, might be, other times too.

reddevilparatrooper says:


Watson's Crazy Rants says:

Thank you, excellent video. I plan on getting one

TinMan says:

I agree with the folks below.  A VERY NICE REVIEW!  Did you consider having the locks changed out by a smith so you could lock things up?  Should be an easy and relatively inexpensive fix.  Thanks again for the review………Mike

barrie udall says:

got it ……you have an old landy….and use that when things get bad…..the ural is for the other times…and enjoyment

Edison Reis says:

Nice video ! Thanks for sharing yours thoughts ! Very informative

Keetman Keetmanaa says:

I’m sure you’ve discovered by now that none of the Urals have a differential thus two wheel drive should only be used on dirt, gravel snow etc where the tires can be dragged when turning.

nmr50 says:

Hello Michael, let me explain how word URAL is being spoken here in .RU.
It’s like ‘hooray’ but ‘ray’ replaced with ‘al’ (not EL, but A-L, as you saying it.). “Hoo-ral”
Google translate will pronounce the right one: https://translate.google.com/#ru/ru/%D1%83%D1%80%D0%B0%D0%BB

Jaebird82 says:

most informative Ural video I’ve watched thus far. Thanks!

Karl Doppelburger says:

git rid of the wind sheilds .you may like it more ..except  for winter. been there. bike year around. lover they will miss you r. santa act.  on the road again  . just        . bogart in …were is my gift. ??? not to worry’ hells angeles. will be by to make sure your happy.  bikers are true bros. next to war vets.

Mark Deshazer says:

Can the side car handle a 300lb passenger at 60mph

peter forden says:

re tyres on a sidecar bike should be square section on all three wheels and your tyre dealer should be able to get them if you stress this!

Lars Fajersson says:

Good review, Michael – thanks. It would also be interesting if you did an equally thorough ride review.

MigSu pue ram says:

Hello Mr Michael, thanks for review, very good, good details, i was at the ending waiting for the starting engine sound lol
-no so precision, it is russian that can sound offensive

mypugsdad says:

thanks still have and use the bike? I am really thinking of buying one but worried how reliable they are?  

Michael Ward says:

good video have a 2013 Gear Up have 20300kms on it  runs great

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