Ural Adventure – LA to Barstow to Vegas 2016 at RevZilla.com

LA to Barstow to Vegas is one of the most storied dual sport motorcycle rides in America. Join Abhi from Bike-urious (http://www.bike-urious.com) and RevZilla’s very own Spurgeon as they ride over 500 miles off road on a Ural Gear Up Sahara.
Produced by Bike-urious
Brought to you by RevZilla.com
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Иван Вяткин says:

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas(C) Hunter S. Thompson

Rohner Machinery Sales, Inc. says:

Excellent video guys. Really enjoyed watching the mayhem and kudos for tackling it on that bike. Last year was my 3rd LAB2V. Already got my rooms booked for 2017!

Secant Ogive says:

My back already hurts from just watching it.

Alex Bleyker says:

no 2wd?

MurphyTheBandChild says:

Do it on an old Harley next year.

1AmericanInAsia says:

There is a reason side cars went out of production in the mainstream.

D. Johnson says:

This was glorious. The article on this trip was hilarious, but there is nothing like seeing it go down. Great vid guys!

Mike Simpson says:

You need to build a desert busting Ural and do it again.

Mr-Waby says:

Great collaboration! More videos like this please, and especially if Abhi is involved in production.

Anti-Social Nerd says:

This is the kind of stuff I love man. Good times (I’m sure in retrospect)

Jacques Calvez says:

hats off you guys!

Zubin Tavaria says:

That was so much fun to watch! 🙂 Great going Abhi and Spurg!

Shane Wilson says:

Good on ya for giving it a go, from here in australia

Andy Andreson says:

Crazy trip, but one you all can brag about now. Great stuff you guys put out!

ElectricalNovice19 says:

Man, you guys suck at this.

Jonathan Sporrong says:

Every good story is full of discomfort and challenges 🙂 we do these crazy trips so that we can look back and say “Yeah, I did that, and I made it!”

Sergio Sanchez says:

Haha that looks like a blast, what time of the year this takes place?

fudgeismedicine says:

what a great video. love watching spurg (and friends) go on adventures.

Виктор Чурсин says:

Привет я с России , на урале все детство гоняли .)

ddot ssor says:

no offense guys but if you knew how to ride a Ural you would have been fine lol

JamesAllmond says:

More liberal use of 2 WD was truly needed in several shots…I say get some more practice with one and do it again!

Robert Enders Jr says:


Kalaber Creations says:

Next time contact us and we will set you up with kid plates and winch mounts bar for the Ural! Great video guys, looks like it was fun as a overall experience!

wkf57 says:

Good job guys! It’s stuff like this that that keep me watching. I think both of you guys would benefit if you weren’t so tall. Twelve plus feet of riders on a Ural sidecar outfit had to be difficult at best.

Andrew Grace says:

Spurgeon, what kind of helmet are you rocking in this video?

FlipperBikes says:

Do it on TW200’s next year!

bomb00000 says:

To be honest I always wanted a Ural for how unique (I guess thats the right word) it is

Ernest Moore says:

should have asked for a 2WD Model…. Patrol or Gear up
Great Video Guys

theblacklines says:

Please do more films like this!

Martin elisha says:

I can only imagine how exhausting that was for you to actually have to push your motorcycle instead of your motorcycle carrying you throughout the desert

Gary C says:

Spurg, you do more on a bike in a year than most people do in an entire lifetime. This is one that has to rank right up there, though, with some of the best you’ve ever done, at least that the public knows about! Awesomely cool stuff.

Ichiban Moto says:

+Bike-urious is a badass awesome website

uibsen says:

EPIC !!!!

Влад Борисыч says:

You pronounce its name as “Youral”. The correct Russian pronunciation sounds more like “Ooral” with emphasis on A: Урал. Just FYI

Ben Smukler says:

What a great video! It makes the rest of us feel like great riders 🙂 Spurgeon’s new middle name could be “A Cautionary Tale.” And it is the best Ural video since the great Siberian test (Red Ural fails moose test; no red Ural for sale this year).

Chris says:

What is the reverse trike at 0:26 ? Anybody got an idea?

David Bock says:

Well if you’re going to be miserable, might as well be on two wheels! Wait, what?
Would have loved to see the face on the Ural Rep when you returned it.
I kept waiting to see all the bushings blow apart in the undercarrage.
Hella fun time watching.

pureforce56 says:

Why the hell would you pick that ride to do the run???

Frag4U Rides says:


Tempting Fate says:

Okay that was just pure entertainment to watch. Great job guys.

edmandoo1 says:

Awesome work guys! Always wanted to do a ride like this and the Ural is a tough choice though impressed it lasted. Great video!

Chelsea Otte says:

Awesome video!

endonutz says:

what, didn’t come with the optional tow strap?

Weezing818 says:

Bad ass video RevZilla! Thanks for sharing this with us. I hope to see more videos like this in the future!

evan002 says:

Dude, this was amazing! You guys are killin it with content.

laktoweiz says:

great videofootage!

godwhomismike says:

That was actually pretty epic. I am assuming Ural did not give you guys the 2WD model?

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