Ural 2WD Sidecar Motorcycle – MotoGeo Review

After MotoGeo took the Russian 2WD sidecar on a couple of adventures, Jamie Robinson gives you the lowdown on this unique and stylish ride.

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Gear used in this video:

► Riding gear by Alpinestars http://www.motogeo.com/31z7

► Helmet by Arai http://www.motogeo.com/qk8k

► Rider Communication: Scala Rider Packtalk http://www.motogeo.com/d7nf

► Cooking Stove: http://www.motogeo.com/jhp9

► Tent: http://www.motogeo.com/ypf5

► Sleeping Bag: http://www.motogeo.com/6jb0

► Sleeping Pad: http://www.motogeo.com/nz6n

► MotoGeo Caps and T-shirts http://www.motogeo.com/pnfs


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Ural govno !

cott10r says:

I ride in one of these a few years ago & it was an absolute blast!

FR says:

The bike have not changed for 50 years? Please do some research next time.

4pidgey says:

WARNING!!! Do not waste your hard earned money on this over priced piece of shit. There is zero factory quality control. You will be working on the damn thing more than riding it. I speak from experience.

Kristian Javier Aguirre Torres says:

Me gusta.

Eugeniusz Wonazur says:

in russia ural is a redneck’s motorcycle. u can buy this one for 200$ in any village

Squeeze says:

good zombie apocalypse vehicle

2manysecrets says:

HAHA!! NICE..thaks for posting this…so funny to see you going around on 2 wheels…hilarious.

Alfred the Great says:

Jamie should definitely try and blag a go on a racing sidecar.

Smiling Dead says:

Awesome. I loved checking this bike out when you brought it to Deus. Looked like a lot of fun…

Richard Blaauwgeers says:

Jamie are you going to the TT this year?

MrSlowestD16 says:

I need to ride one of these urals at some point in my life – they look so interesting offroad, lol.  Looks very fun.

receo11 says:

Put the sidecar on a r engine Beemer that was made for a sidecar. Never ridden a ural but I hear they’re piles. Cool, but piles.

Gavin Fance says:

Yaaaaaaa!!! I’m gonna get one!!! :))))

gavinhusni says:

more videos please jamie!

ndgo says:

why does this remind me of a caterham?

Terry Ross says:

Noticed that Jamie gives sidecars a thumbs up…not Ural’s.   Why isn’t SOMEONE eating into Ural’s sidecar business?

bigrobnz says:

awsum colour!!!

Tyler Tricker says:

That looks like a blast!

Rob Fraley says:

My Ural Patrol is my 22nd Bike since 1971 and you are Right, they certainly are a TRIP to drive.
This is my First Ural and first 3 wheeler. Before this were 11 Harley’s, mostly Electraglides……!!

Constantin Groß says:

I have an Ural too, but the 650. Do you have the same feel that it has more power? Mine has to have 33 hp but for the weight it feels like 45 to 50

musixmadness says:

I heard these have poor reliability. How many miles/kilometers did you put on it?

ItsMeHammie says:

Could you take this bike on a cross country trip? How would it do on the freeway?

νικος γιώργος says:

Crazy expensive though for a russian factory line that’s been unchanged for 50 years or so.

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