Ural 2WD Sidecar / MotoGeo Review

MotoGeo brings you the review of the 2WD Ural sidecar, after another fun adventure on this unique three-wheeled motorcycle.

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Sidecar: Ural Gear Up 2WD https://www.imz-ural.com/gear-up/

Gear used in this video:
► Jacket: Alpinestars Oscar Enduro Jacket http://www.motogeo.com/j79w

► Pants: Alpinestars Oscar Charlie Riding Jeans http://www.motogeo.com/iz40

► Boots: Alpinestars Oscar Firm Drystar Boots http://www.motogeo.com/wmrk

► Gloves: Alpinestars Oscar Robinson Gloves http://www.motogeo.com/auik

► Helmet: Arai Classic-V http://www.motogeo.com/cidy

► Communication: Cardo Packtalk Bold http://www.motogeo.com/djkm


► Jacket Alpinestars Oscar Shelley:

►Gloves Alpinestars Isabel Drystar:

► Boots Stella Kaira:

► Helmet: Arai Classic-V http://www.motogeo.com/cidy

► Communication: Cardo Packtalk Bold http://www.motogeo.com/djkm


► Helmet Fox Racing Youth V1: https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/fox-racing-youth-v1-matte-black-helmet

► Gloves Youth Radar: https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/alpinestars-youth-radar-gloves

► Communication: Cardo Packtalk Bold http://www.motogeo.com/djkm

► Neck Tube: MotoGeo Neck Tube http://www.motogeo.com/lhdj

► Hoodie: MotoGeo Hoodie http://www.motogeo.com/dt69

► Cap: MotoGeo Camping Cap http://www.motogeo.com/kh2j

► Stickers: MotoGeo Sticker Pack http://www.motogeo.com/e21j

► MotoGeo Apparel in the MotoGeo Store http://www.motogeo.com/2ao3

With thanks to:

Ural https://www.imz-ural.com


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James Weber says:

For the Adventurer model in Canada it would be close to $23,000 out the door, ridiculous !

piggymito says:

Love the ural! I imagine hitting the green lanes in the peak district or the dales would be great fun on one.

Dave Reinhart says:

I can tell you love this thing. I believe you are the only one who has done multiple reviews.

Mort13 says:

Looks like a blast! I wish it could be ordered with an MG42 for the sidecar 🙂

nicolas FILSDEJEAN says:

“I use the back brake…..when I have to”!!! LOL

abbaby555 says:

Awesome video thanks for sharing

Sarah Dell says:

For anyone considering one of these, pick one up! Absolute riot. I love mine, as does anyone who comes in contact with it.

Kyle Cuviello says:

great as always, JR! – where do you get alpinestars goggles?

Mr MegaTruong says:

I have been thinking of getting one, but at $19k USD for a 750 cc engine, with a long history of terrible reliability. Even reading on ural forums, the new ones still have terrible reliability

Simon anthony says:

Looks awesome although the old Urals were infamous for there hit and miss build quality, hopefully they’ve sorted that out with these newer ones?

Sleepy Jeep says:

Can’t wait for my son to be old enough to ride on the back or in a side car. It looks a ton of fun!

Hui 9697 says:

Montae fck Jamie lol.
Did you not notice the huge tailback of cars ? I’ve not taken the offer up to ride one but they do say if you don’t do it properly you won’t make the 1st corner, is this right ??

Mark LeeMaoShengHiNoon says:

DO more videos of this on an adventure!!!!!

thepassionofthegoose says:

I’m sitting home in bed with a broken kneecap, unable to ride, watching this and smiling. Thank you.

4D4M4NT1UM says:

#1 YAY love your reviews!!

Toni Beitlich says:

I like it too

Martin Fisker says:

One thing is lifing the sidecar up, but turning to the left and applying brake, and having the rear wheel lift up is a whole other thing

A7TSH says:

Such a wholesome video!

Jamie Cox says:

This is brilliant. Shame in Oz it’s about $35,000!!

Hoagie Sherlin says:

The smile per gallon looks pretty high on this one

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