The Unnecessary Express

Two men, one Ural sidecar, and a nonstop, 32-hour, record-breaking ride from Seattle to Los Angeles. For no good reason whatsoever. Read more:






Maxi Mellon says:

Thanx for the great vid guys!

slowpokebr549 says:

My bike will only go about 160 miles on a fill up. That’s a little farther than I usually wanna ride between breaks luckily.

Dixie Lough says:

Thank you for the screwy video

Lilac Tortoise says:

Whinge, moan, bitch… all I got…..before I switched off.

Joseph Howard says:

Sometimes biking is not about having 3 more hp, not about speed, not about bluetooth and computers, not about looking stylish at the local Starbucks. Sometimes its just about pure fun and adventure.

osa prakoso says:

This video makes me realize.. that you only live once and adventure is the onky answer to life, enjoy. Live it. Great video and thanks!

Jeffrey Krout says:

Alot of complaining . I would do this in a heartbeat !!!! Thats why we ride to feel the weather !!!!

Hawk Snake says:

you stopped and worked on that thing a lot for a non stop ride…

Daniel Sandoval says:

How aren’t these videos popular around the motorcycle community? Keep up the good work. I really like the idea of a “Top Gear” equivalent for motorcycles.

Antonio La Trippa says:

Hi folks, which color is that of the sidecar you have used?Tnx

Loaded Gangsta says:


TheGearhead222 says:

These guys are TUFF!-John in Texas

Greg Matty says:

Couple of Pussy-Cats if you know what I mean. It rained. Wah! You had to ride all night with two people trading places? Wow I’m so impressed; not.

I soloed to Alaska and while I didn’t pull any all nighters it was a much bigger accomplishment than riding from Washington to California. Add to that all the low class foul language . . . what a couple of posers. Drop an F-bomb when you are attacked by a grizzly bear but not because you are cold and pissed your pants. You are an embarrassment to any sort of real adventure riding. Stay in California and work on your tan.

The only thing worthwhile about this video is that your Ural didn’t crap out on you. Although I am not sure I want one now that you two pretenders rode one. The only thing missing was a sponsorship by Starbucks.

servicarrider says:

Complete morons.

Bert says:

I have a 1969 Ural 650 and I love it I hope to travel someday soon with a home built teardrop and travel all throughout the States but no interest in Hawaii or Alaska and make a complete loop all around the States.

Sylvia van Heumen says:

Great !!!

A T says:

Challenge yourself…Do it in a Ural.
Or something worse….Is there something worse???

upside downdog says:

So I should get off my couch to step into a urinal? Good video. Might have been more fun on something else.

kamargelapsekali says:

more vids like this please

matty d says:

Im a huge advocate for any adventure on two wheels or 3 in this case but this was pointless. Just risk your life and the lives of others for no apparent reason other than to say we can ride this shitty bike a long way in shitty weather without sleeping. What a gem of idea! If you wanna go full retard , just “get off the couch”

sicunder kahn says:

What is better- a side car or a real car? Advantages and disadvantages.

Raymond Ashby says:

Why do Mercans say rout, when they mean ROUTE.   FFS  Do you drive down Route 66 or Rout 66 ??

Sarah Dell says:

Amazed it made it! This needs way more views

InvictvsNox says:

Beautiful. And now my Ural itch is just that much worse.

ray wite says:

Great ride!! one point that you may have never heard. KEYS! you can ruin the tumblers and the switch by putting any more that the single key in the ignition, also you will wear the paint off around the switch but simply fantastic adventure.

Cheli Lombi says:

Awesome is all that comes to my mind…. 😀

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