The 2018 URAL Sidecar Motorcycles (made in Russia)

tall rider 190cm is seating on the 2018 URAL russian motorcycles in Tokyo Motorcycle show 2018 JAPAN

Extremely beautiful URAL 2018 sidecar Russian Motorcycles
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I am a motorcycle enthusiastic… I love making videos with motorcycles… and some how I travel a lot… and this is how travel moto exists.

I want to let you guys know that I am not the best rider ever who speaks good English and knows much about details of the bikes… I just love what I am doing.

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I travel the world for motorcycle shows, enduro, off-road, trial, superSport etc…

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Peugeot Vogue 103 moped
Peugeot 103 sp mobylette

2 Cameras

. Sony AX33 PJ620 (mainly for motorcycle reviews)
. Sony Action (mainly for enduro)


juan rodriguez says:

there.s a bunch of old ones running around la habana cuba

Scenic Driveways says:

Had a 2005 Ural Patrol , worst bike I ever owned . Kept it about 6 months and traded it in .

Chinna Kannan says:

In India Royal Enfield is doing a great job. Indian youngsters are loving vintage look with latest technology. Its time for U R A L to step in India.

Vaughan Brean says:

I have a 2012 UK outfit with Left hand sidecar last of the carb bikes before EFI, very smooth, very quiet @ 27,000 km no problems so far

Ante Stankovic says:

Very old German technology this URAL byke. Copy of BMW R50 byke; years 1950-1965.

Andy Gillz says:

I don’t know why they didn’t show d left hand version they sell it in Australia too.
Must be just gauging the market

John Dickerson says:

I need

Sylvia van Heumen says:


Mick Hurst says:

Was part of the Russian German non agression pact 1939, Germany gave Russia the BMW designs. If you want to own and enjoy old tech and want to rember and feel what it was like before over tech.

Сарж Серж says:

я чет не понял ,там маслорадиатор стоит???

receo11 says:


Bike Number 143 says:

Very Nice .

Happy Trails says:

You look like a boss on the Ural. Looks like you found your next bike!

ima piledriver says:

i bet trump got one in all that collusion

ali akyüz says:

motor demode

Chando Bhardwaj says:


Imre Dér says:

Made in Ukraine, BTW

Rider Geek says:

Better than Royal Enfield….Salute from India…bring it to Indian market in left side car version, 3 wheelers have lower manufacturing tax in India.

Debora Del Balio says:


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