So You Want to Buy a Ural, eh?

Hello and thanks for watching! In this much-delayed video, I’ll be going over the pros and cons associated with buying and owning a Ural motorcycle. I hope you enjoy and don’t forget to leave a comment and a like!


Alan Soper says:

I have had my ural for five years didn’t run very well when I got it it’s a 94 had sit outside for  10 yr, rebuilt the engine put a new set of mic, carbs, on it some new seals and I ride it daily it had 409 klics. on it tires still had the rubber tits, on them I know have 3500 on it I found that getting the sidecar lined properly was a big benefit to the handling of the bike.

Mike Nuttall says:

Never mind I came home tonight and for whatever reason I had a lot more luck. I must not have been rolling on the throttle well enough with releasing the clutch. I had a nice end of day ride. Was a lot of fun. Still getting used to the side car.

Donald Jones says:

The last segment audio isn’t there, other wise nice video.

Vincent Santamaria says:

Like the video. Valve shims? Don’t need them on a airhead. I have a 2015 cT and had a 2012 Yamal.

Barry Wauldron says:

On the surface it seems over-priced. I could get a brand new BMW F800 GSA for that. What justifies the price?

Hondapiloot says:

I always thought about buying an older 70’s Dnepr k750
Not the same bike, but a lot of stuff in similair.

Valve Geek says:

What Ted L said. I have just acquired a terracotta color cT and love it to bits. Have no trouble with the gear shift at all. Honestly it’s better than my previous 850 Moto Guzzi. Have never got on with the heel shift, so do it all as toe shift. No problem at all pull clutch and the pedal up simultaneously, snicks in, honest. (NB: for best results clutch lever play must be correct, 5 – 8mm.) OK it’s a bit noisy about it BUT you can FEEL things moving around inside the box thru the lever, I never had that before as have only used shifters via a pedal linkage, which take that feedback out so that was a nice surrpise. No false neutrals yet. (Had lots on the Guzzi!) I don’t rev it out just change up early, it’s got the torque to do it. On the open road usually in top quickly, unless on a hill, then keep 3rd gear, let it rev more for that.

Right on about the ballast, I was told even when you get more experienced, always have some weight in the car if there’s no actual person in there. The whole thing works properly with something like the correct sort of weight in it, including the suspension. The disc brakes are good but they do have to work hard, as they are trying to stop several 100’s of lbs! So always allow plenty of space between you and the vehicle in front. HTH

Russ Roberts says:

Urals are not for the Freeways ! I never ride on the Freeways here in Michigan. Their great on the 2 lane highways and secondary roads and back roads. I driven my 2005 gear up all year round with no problem. I’ve been driving Urals for 16 years and have had more Fun and met more people than I ever on my other bikes I’ve own. He’s right on the pro’s and con’s , their not for everyone, you have to learn all over again on how to ride a Ural.


My husband and I own a DNEPR, old school, but she rocks!!!!

Joseph King says:

Changing fluids every 1000 miles is not a plus.

plaid13 says:

Might consider rotating the tires on a bike like this. Every other oil change or something just flip them all around. You dont need great tread on that side car tire.

HD28 says:

ural gear box / the gearbox is fine / they use straight cut gears which are VERY heavy duty for heavy duty use and can be noisey etc . / if you normally  run around at or near the red line , you bought the wrong bike /  these bikes were made for the Russian winters, farms, military  etc, not an American freeway. they are late 30’s technology with some improved components for reliability ,   they operate best in the 50 mph range. I would not buy a ural if I wanted to cruise a freeway , they’ll do it, but not very well  , but imo that’s NOT what they were built for.  unfortunately Ural is trying to squeeze every bit of performance out of 30’s technology to cater to the American consumer, their biggest market. . They are a rural back roads putt putt machine / utility vehicle. its like asking a CJ5 jeep to perform like an X5 beemer…. not happening  . yes you can take a cJ5 on the freeway but its not what it was built for….   I own 2 urals and they are perfect for what they’re built for …….  a 2012 gear up / shim the carbs and remove the cat converter and a 2013 M70 – no plastic , no fuel injection etc and they are AWSOME!!  keep it simple GO CARBERATOR!

sageotime says:

Suggest using a tripod for STEADY shots. Edit close-ups into video.

ihave35cents says:

Ive kept my dnepr alive for 25 years only thing i ever bought for 700 bucks thats gets a crowd around it.

ThornOfHearts says:

Aww sound at the end cuts out great vid anyway

Charles Boone says:

This was a pretty fair video. I have a 2005 with few issues over those years. the gearbox is reminiscent of a 1940:s tractor. It works, just not like something from this century and it does loosen up as time goes on.

Rodrigo Carrillo says:

thank´s very helpfull, love your Gear -up

Gear Head says:

I miss my 2009 Gear-Up. Great bike for adventure riding and day to day vehicle but lacks speed to make up good distance in a day. I would likely buy another once I have more leisure time. On a tour bike for now.

Mark Chapman says:

I like your video. I test drove one and found it to be fun. It’s not a motorcycle like a street bike it made to be the jeep of motorcycles. And your correct about it being the adventure. I live in the Lake Meade area of Nevada. And this will be fun to take to the lake for the day. Thanks for your video I found it very good. And to the negative people out there go buy a rice burner.

Rory Anderson says:

Thanks for the video. I was hit by a car on my Honda Shadow,with some pretty bad leg/foot injuries and this is probably going to be my next bike due to my injuries.

FullSpectrum Survivalist says:

You are wrong about the tires,the skinny tires are better in snow, what it’s designed for.

TroyaE117 says:

The Dnepr gearbox is vastly superior. They could learn a lot by copying that gearbox.

zephyrmaze says:

Thanks for sharing, lots of good info….a little too much on your camera movements, makes people dizzy watching your video..

Sean McAleavy says:

This should have been shot outdoors. I couldn’t even really see what the bike looks like.

gittys1982 says:

Great bike. If you like offroad adventure – ride it and you can drive everywhere.

Gerald Prost says:

Thanks for doing this. Thanks for you honesty. Gerry in Calgary

Honey Badger Studio says:

Can you rotate the tires?

Yi says:

Ural looks really nice!

John D says:

Just saw your video, really enjoyed it. I’m looking at a Gear Up as well and have heard about the shifting too. I appreciate the honesty and will take your comments as intended. Looking forward to the next video. Thanks.

505197 says:

What do you mean by “I bought a shim kit for the valves”? I’d be floored if you needed anything besides a wrench, a screwdriver, and a feeler gauge or two. I own 4 BMW bikes, one airhead 91 GS, which is my favorite. I’m going to have a Ural in here to get running after sitting a few years. I’ve never ridden a side car motorcycle, and I’m looking forward to seeing if it’s everything I believe it isn’t. To me the lean of a motorcycle is what makes it enjoyable. But who knows, maybe I’ll fall in love with the ugly under powered Ural….but I doubt it.

Nick Epp says:

I see in your garage you have the forerunner as well…solid white American taste. well done, sir!

Teo Nesterov says:

“Made in USSR” is the highest quality standard in the world.

Ty Ki says:

i’m sold. the tires are a compromise from every angle. they are purely utilitarian. i’m saving up for this trike.

hubifornia says:

good video, I have a 2013 gear up and total agree especially the gear box grip, also like to add that Ural seem to need a little tinkering to keep them up, also I like the fact that the sidecar seat lifts out for extra room (ice chest, dog) I would recommend a ural to a Diy kinda rider that is ready to slow down and enjoy the ride. they are loveable.

Michael Carrigan says:

Sweet 4-Runner!

Michal Bartko says:

If someone is interested in old Ural/Dneper I have one 😉

iRMacMan says:

Good overview. Thanks. I have a 2014 Ural Patrol. I mostly agree with your review, especially about the tranny. Mine was so bad that at the end of my first riding season my dealer put in a new one under warranty. Shifts MUCH better, though still kind of primitive and clunky. But after all, it is old technology so it works like old technology.

Oh; two things you didn’t mention: first, the reverse gear. Absolutely excellent option. Especially for a bike this heavy. Maybe the top “pro” in my opinion. Then there’s the handbrake: A useless device. It won’t hold except on near-level surfaces and it is very easy to drive off with the brake still on. You won’t even notice. But it will sure burn down your rear brake pads. These days I just put mine in first gear when I park.

The only “con” I’d question is regarding the sidecar. Sidecars definitely have “cons” as well as “pros”; but that’s because they are sidecars, not because they are Ural sidecars. The Ural sidecar is actually pretty civilized, as sidecars go. And rear tire wear is no worse than other sidecar rigs experience. I’ll get almost 10 000 km out my rear tire. If you are getting much less, might be a good idea to have the sidecar alignment checked out.

And yes, they are a shed-load of fun. They don’t go fast, but they do go everywhere. Even main highways. Just don’t expect much over 100 kmh. I’m in my upper seventies; my wife is three years younger. We love our Ural. It will be our last bike I expect, and I’m sure glad we didn’t miss having one.

Stephen Beat says:

Cheers, bud. Nice down-to-earth overview…And cute dogs! 😉

MrEye4get says:

What’s the top speed with a passenger? I read 70mph? The have them for sale in Thailand but outrageously expensive!

Dennis Morris says:

they are very cool.

ihave35cents says:

i have a m72 the udf is a hassle at times

pistooli1 says:

You can’t ride a bike with a side car, drive it.

Morgan Boost says:

can you ride it without sidecar?

zipde doda says:

Love the style.

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