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MotoGeo reached out via Facebook to find passengers to share the experience with on the 3-wheeled Russian sidecar.

Here Jamie Robinson finds two willing accomplices and embarks on some shared adventures riding the 2WD Ural.

Moto + Adventure = MotoGeo

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Ural Motorcycles

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plaid13 says:

Wish i could afford one of these things. But they are fairly expensive and not exactly known for great reliability and have a very limited dealer network. If a few grand was knocked off the price and it was supported by a honda or yamaha dealer network it would be the perfect adventure touring type bike.

13sssr says:

Подвезти раз попросил меня дружок,
Дал я гари так, что покраснел движок.
Вроде, тихо он сидел и не дрожал,
А сзади всё сиденье, сука, обдристал.

Geo Rider says:

Russian = Rubbish

Ramon Schindler says:

Amazing and very funny video! I occasionally borrow my grandfathers ural sidecar and go with him for small adventures 😉 Keep up the good work!

jasonhall10 says:

Great video, thanks. Any maintenance or repair issues besides the tire?

garlicson says:

“slow down you idiot” #lol :-)))

laotzu4272 says:

I looked at Urals but for the money there are plenty of better bikes that will pull a chair! I put one on my 1975 Yamaha XS650. It has more HP goes faster and is much more reliable. I live in Australia and the 2wd is not available here as they only make them in the left hand drive models. If you want to do a lot of off road work then a good adventure touring bike will do a great job with a sidecar.

Skeletor says:

Were the comments made during the ride added in post? They all sound extremely clear and calm considering some of the situations your dad and Jakob were in.

Joe Sheehan says:

Brembo brakes on a Ural!? You mean it will actually slow down?! 😮

ຮີໂລ້ ວົງໂພສີ says:

It so sweet i like that

Jimmy Walker says:

Some splash off that front wheel

Tom Iaderosa says:

Great video….looks like fun, but I’m still saving for an old pan head with a sidecar. U do some great vids

坂本真誌 says:

Ural very nice bike!!

Сергей ГСА says:

Спасибо за фильм . Сам ураловод уж четверть века , поэтому без сомнения
хочу подтвердить , что УРАЛ – практичный трансформер , манёвренный ,
многофункциональный, высокопроходимый универсал ( идея BMW ), надёжен,
неприхотлив в обслуживании . Отличный транспорт для тех, кто умеет
держаться в седле, кому не нужен усилитель, чтобы повернуть руль, кто не
боится расстаться с подушкой безопасности, кто любит открытую дорогу,
помогает поддерживать
прекрасную физическую форму и чувство меры, избавляет от комплексов,
предрассудков и стереотипов .

57dogsbody says:

That looks like the most amount of fun, but last time I tried to ride an outfit it very nearly went in a hedge!

ndgo says:

whats the difference between camping and molestation?

I don’t know? You want to go camping?

Reptilian Overlord says:

“After I read his E-mail I couldn’t say no”. Haha, loved the video. I have been in a sidecar and when you get lifted up on 2 wheels it’s fucking terrifying.

Karl Doppelburger says:

go back to island of  man nut case .they know crazy drivers. hacks for ever!!!

Carfranco88 says:

Video review?

rauf khaybullin says:

Ипаать у них тоже есть плохие дороги))) 6:30

darren parker says:

best video I’ve watched all week, thank you.

George fz07 says:

motogeo are my favorite videos to watch, always inspiring and fun. thank you.

Nicholas Cabrera says:

How long did that tire change actually take?

Dmitrii Snytko says:

Thanks for the video ! with gratitude from Russia !

Col says:

is it possible to cruse on high way speeds with a side car?

Derrick Muck says:

Lol “Slow down, you idiot!”

NucleanSpoon says:

I forgot that feeling, i didn’t got behind the handlebar for 11 years… omg, how quickly time passes. Your video sparked a fire in me, i’ll search some old ural just now! Thank you 🙂

David Gerstenberger says:

wait was that bouquet reservoir you guys were fishing.. the body of water on spunky canyon and bouquet? I’ve always wanted to fish that I live in Santa Clarita

debbie foster says:

Looks like SO much fun!!

Kostya7733 says:

Русские или россияне , делать мотоциклы намного лучше чем танки ! По доброму завидую , наш “Днепр” наверное уже умер окончательно.

Wanderlust8760 says:

Absolutely awesome!

Jonathan Kaoh says:

Wow, what road is that – one way .. guessing mountains of LA somewhere.
2nd is Castic Lake?

Frank Dow says:

you seemed to be cruising right along . what was your cruising speed with it ? i’ll have to see if any body sells them close to michigan . do yo know price with side car ?

More Bad Ideas says:

I wish I could have gone, im not heavy enough I would have the cart flip lol

Alejandro Martinez says:

fantastico … una URAL en colombia por favor …


вот они НАСТОЯЩИЕ русские мотоциклы Урал, это вам не пластмассовая японская жужжалка ! Молодец парень, умеешь правльно гонять на урале 😉 Кто из русских не задирал коляску на урале? 🙂

John Rasimas says:

Hey Jamie,  How about posting google maps or route/hwy names for your adventures on a MotoGeo page or at the end of the vids?   I live in So Cal and keep wanting to find some of these roads that you ride in the videos.  

Great job showing how fun it is to just get out and go riding…with some nice gear.

Sonnie Bubu says:

Jamie, damn !

Hibiskusbonsai says:

Sehr schönes Video

Dixie Lough says:

Why you no ride freeway?

Sharon S. Lee says:

i was going to get a side car but I don’t know how to ride a motor bike yet. I know how to cycle. Is the learning curve easy?

Николай Осколков says:

Nice Adventure! Nice Bike!

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