Royal Enfield Motorcycle Sidecars – Jay Leno’s Garage

Royal Enfield Motorcycle Sidecars. Want to get a Rocket for your Bullet? Ron Greene of Royal Enfield USA stops by to talk about Cozy sidecars and how to mount them.
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Royal Enfield Motorcycle Sidecars – Jay Leno’s Garage

Jay Leno’s Garage


hubifornia says:

Thanks Jay, I put an old velorex 562 on one of the new style Triumph Bonnevilles that I was not riding alot and now it’s my favorite. I recommend takeing your time learning to ride it.

MrEye4get says:

No reverse gear on the Royal Enfield? Makes maneuvering (parking) more difficult!

YUVRAJ says:

can i put side car on both of the sides

Ankit Poddar says:

I want to buy a stylish royal enfield with sidecar under 3 lacs… can anybody give me advise on colour, CC etc etc….. Thankyou in advance

MrJosealago says:

back in Cuba i used to have one with sidecar a MZ 251 made in the German Democratic Republic and yes it was really fun to drive

Faisal Imam says:

how can i get one in INDIA

MidI CloriaN says:

had a lots of laughs with your humour! hahah i own a royal enfield, these bikes are just so special… people who owns them know it!
keep it up!
greetings from spain!

R C Nelson says:

Now if RE of India would reproduce the 750 Interceptor…

Dhruv Dogra says:

royal Enfield’s production is in India because no one was buying it in UK so in the 70s they sold it to an Indian.we should thank India to buy it otherwise it would have been closed

Jerry H says:

I am the proud owner of a Royal Enfield, sans sidecar. A 2013 Forest Green B5 Bullet 500. To me this bike would be wasted on a sidecar. It handles so great by itself, and doesn’t really make enough hp to handle a sidecar other than in town anyway. Also the frame (what frame ha ha) just isn’t strong enough for a sidecar. This does not mean I don’t like sidecars, I do. And someday I may own one. But it will not be an Enfield. It would almost certainly be a Ural. They are beautiful, old school just like the Enfield, but strong enough for a side car on long trips. They even have 2 wheel drive.

Graeme Williams says:

I’ve been in a box sidecar as a kid pulled by my Dad’s Chief. Loved it.

My Name says:

I have a 2012 RE 500 C5 with the matching sidecar. It is tons of fun, everyone loves it, people always stop what they are doing and come over to ask questions about it. It is a total blast to ride like Jay said. I get a solid 63mpg riding myself and my son from Farragut through the Tail of the Dragon/Cherohala Skyway Loop. That is great in my book for all the long uphill climbs and turns that are involved. It is a super practical bike that will get a ton of use, you won’t be winning any races though. That is A-OK with me.

Joel says:

Check out royalenfieldgtsydney on Instagram.

big mike obama says:

What about the psychological effect of knowing it was made by a 6 yo sweatshop worker lol

Lynx Star Automotive says:

“Hyabushas” loooooooool

Jabroney says:

I’ve got a few streetbikes and my next will definitely be a sidecar. Probably a Ural. They make a 2 wheel drive where power is delivered to the wheel on the sidecar. Super cool!

plunder1956 says:

I never rode with a chair and often wondered what it would be like. A friend rode an AA sidecar unit like that for years and it sounded like fun. The idea of “FORGETTING” it was with you sounds terrifying – that could be terminal. I’m so glad you include bikes like this in your collection, well done sir.

shexdensmore says:

why not just put a joint between the sidecar and the bike so it can lean with the bike? You might have to put in some springs to help it return to an upright position.

Scott Uehlinger says:

Thanks Jay for another great show! I myself have two Soviet rigs – a 1957 and a 1967 – copies of “cutting edge” German 30’s technology! Great for use in cold temperatures or even in snow. I run mine about every other day, milk runs and stuff for the family – but with a little style. Rural Pennsylvania is a perfect place for my rigs!

Marcus Follosco says:

Ural for me is about this Enfield new plus sidecar.hoping is alot cheaper than Ural.

Zero Cool says:

Why would anybody want to buy the classic looking English motorcycles ?


I love these videos you make, I know they are very time consuming, but it is nice that you make them and share your wealth with us.

Eighties isGold says:

Happy to see an Enfield bike in your garage.

However, you were over-throttling the bike while riding. It doesn’t sound right for most of the riding time. Pl. give an easy hand on the accelerator. It takes time to build up the speed with a century old single cylinder four stroke engine.

Kudos to you.

Alessandro Bau says:


BrutalCykx says:

Went to the Royal Enfield factory in Chennai India last week, saw the two brothers…still doing their thing 🙂 My dad would disagree on breaking in family members with the sidecar tho…he always said he scared the hell out of his sisters when he lifted them up in the air while cornering… :-O

Harmeet Sidhu says:

best bike ever

Bestoink Dooley says:

I’ve got a Ural Gear Up with sidecar. It’s not fast, maybe like an Enfield, but it’s tons of fun around town and on dirt roads. My dogs and I go riding every day; we love it. We also get lots of attention. It took a bit of getting used to. The first 2 or 3 days, I thought I’d messed up buying it; making right turns and going around right curves were just frightening. But after a while, you get the hang of it, you learn the limits. Left turns, you can fly, the sidecar acts as an outrigger. This is not something you can ride on the expressway at all. Above about 45mph it’s really scary, you feel like it’s not stable. I think they’ve improved the steering on the latest ones, however,   mine is 2011. I talked to a guy who has an M70 model and it’s geared higher and he said he can ride it on faster roads. A Higher top end, but less torque. If you get a sidecar rig, it takes some getting used to, but they’re fun. A sportbike guy probably wouldn’t like it.

Orion Slaver says:

How are Royal Enfields for reliability now that they’ve been producing unit construction engines for a few years?

Ben Dover says:

Wonder if they make a sidecar that mounts on the correct side.

RUSSIAN 7778 says:

He should try Ural!

Jon Applegate says:

That’s the model I had. The Deluxe in black. Didn’t have the pedestrian splitter or sidecar though.

J Boy says:

So when will Jay do the Royal Enfield Continental GT?!! And their new Classic Chrome?

Comrade X7 says:

For some reason I’m always really envious of Jay’s hair, even though I’m 24 and blonde

No Brakes says:

had an old 1200cc Goldwing with sidecar. My son with autism would ride with me. We had alot of fun and went alot of places, but he got older and too big and I gave up riding after 35 years for safety reasons……those were the good ol’ days.

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