Road Test: Ural Sahara Sidecar Outfit with the lot

Paul Angus had never ridden a sidecar before. Three days into the road test and he was getting the hang of it. After a sensational lunch at Fitzies fish and chip shop in Brooklyn, it was decided that Paul would wear Skol’s new GoPro on a chest mount for the trip back to Sydney. Needless to say, if you watch the resulting video, you can see two middle-age blokes doing exactly what you would expect them to do on a couple of sidecars down a quiet twisting road. You’ll read the complete Ural Road Test in Ozbike #415.


Alexandre Martins says:

Very nice video!
Ural the best machine!

doedecaheedron says:

Wow an MC thats righthand drive

Balwant Saklani says:

So Nice

Peter Boyd says:

single lane slowed you up.just as well were all over the road.would have been better if we found out how the bike went.

gwynn romano says:

Dude, what are you looking at in those rear view mirrors?

Вася Пупкин says:

а что у них каояска с лева

Николай Тодоров says:

Урал мотоцикл плохой( личный опыт) Наследие СССР..с намазанными…губами!

Remco v Heumen says:

I like the “ballst” in the sidecar.

James Nicholls says:

He is bird watching

Сергей ГСА says:

… интересно – боковой прицеп слева – ангийско-австралийский вариант или зеркальное видео …

The Sadval says:

Я ждал когда он догонит и перегонит тот красный мотик с люлькой, что его в начале видео обогнал-)) красава мужик, не зря я ждал-)))

Frédéric Augier says:

Je veux le même !!!

vladimir_redsun says:

Left side sidecar????? How it can be?)))) Please tell. P.S. Hello from Russia. Subscribe our small channel)

rajib mitra says:

Great and confident ride…

JamesAllmond says:

Nice video. One suggestion. Get a lanyard, attach the keys to them, attach lanyard to handle bars or something else that is not going to come off. Trust me on that one…

Gerry Nightingale says:

Just what I like! (6:23) of WIND NOISE!!! What a thrill!

RUDI 1011 says:

Kurven schneiden dad mag ich auch. Du Spinner

crown1285 says:

С чем мешок возишь? )

John Dickerson says:

They look like so much fun , plus they go off road !

Apocalyptic Bone-Daddy says:

Where is this? I love the scenery


Nice. I especially like the sales video where EVERYTHING is an extra upcharge, from the paint to the bumper! No explanation of engine detail whatsoever, location of manufacture or wheel size or even 0-60 time…Then I come to this video and I see these guys driving like complete idiots crossing the center line like they are tooling around a church parking lot! Did anyone catch the on coming motorcycle riding on the shoulder! WTF! As I begin to wonder about the handling charistics, I notice a big ass bag of salt, most likely a couple in there to prevent tipping over because these people are clearly devoid of riding skills.

Tim Mit says:

I’m used to seeing Urals with the sidecar on the right side: To see one with sidecar on the left, I’d like to see how they changed the
drive train to left side operation on the models with 2WD. (It interests me to see & know how they do it!)

fredboat says:

Stay in one lane.,

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