Riding a Ural Patrol WITHOUT the Sidecar!!!

There are many warnings online about riding a Ural without the sidecar, especially one with a leading-link front fork. You can imagine my surprise when the bike did not spontaneously combust and I walked away from the ordeal unscathed. =) I’m being a little bit facetious here…

This is my review and thoughts about riding the Ural Patrol without the hack.

BTW all the handling characteristics with the sidecar removed should be the same with the Ural Gear-Up.

Try it out! It’s not as scary as people make it out to be on forums.

If weather permits I’ll try her out on the freeway tomorrow. I’ll record it and upload it as well.


ZRXAdventures says:

So cool.

krayziesensei says:

It’s carbed. I’ve never had any problems with it starting in the cold as long as I pull out the choke and let it warm up. Next Spring I’ll be working out a way to get the bike to do double duty. I may go as far as buying new forks and wheels to swap out, kind of like I do with the DRZ.

pierusofpella says:

If riding the Ural with a leading link front end, without a side car, is that dangerous, then perhaps the same warning should be given to all riders of modern sport bikes.  With what seems nearly no rake or trail, and extremely short wheelbases, it seems that modern sport bikes would be far more dangerous to ride.  It seems from the video, if a bit more control is desired, perhaps wider handle bars would help.  And, if one is worried, perhaps dialing in the steering damper to make the front end feel heavier.  Just some thoughts from a guy that really, really misses riding.

LJ: The Friendly Hooligan says:

The KLX has that really twitchy handling, too, especially with that 110/70 front.

Haha… I was like, “Psst… green light, buddy!”

Now let’s see you get your knee down and show all those forum guys up! 😉

MD Hyena says:

It’s not too dangerous to ride Urals without the sidecar, it needs only to be careful. IIRC, the non-solo models have their center of mass moved aside slightly to compensate the weight of the sidecar. So, without the sidecar, if You’ll jam on the brakes – the bike will skid and slide to the side of the center of mass. By the way, there is a legend, that back in USSR, late 50s – early 60s to be correct, removing the sidecar was prohibited because then the Ural is becoming pretty fast (comparing to other soviet bikes of that time), and the militsiya didn’t have any chance to catch them using only police cars.

krayziesensei says:

Yes, that’s what I heard. I didn’t notice it on this ride (probably because I was taking it easy). It would probably be best to brake before a corner, instead of using any trail-braking. I assume since the front end lifts under braking on a leading-link that it would be easier to lose the front?

Adrian Silea says:

It’s funny how you talk about it like it’s the discovery of a lifetime :P. But you’re absolutely right: a solo Ural or Dnepr is a dream to ride!

KIZAB1 says:

Dude when you put the sidecar back on you should take laurie for a ride

tiverton says:

Back in 1960-70s Russian cops used to ride Urals solo on leading link fork, way before Ural started making streight fork for solo bikes.

Bob Mess says:

Thanks for sharing. This video really confirms my thoughts on this machine.

krayziesensei says:

Oh, it’s gonna happen! Mwahahaha!!! =)

Valeriy Reiter says:

Hey man, it sounds like [ u r A l ], not like [ j U r a l ] 🙂 Greetings from Russia, I have one too)))
Maaan, you just need to ride on something like mine 30 year old Ural IMZ 8.103-10 with drum brakes, without starter, turn signals and everything)) I have 2 soviet K-63 carbs (left is pretty much broken, but works right), Dnepr gearbox with a homemade air filter (from rusted out Dnepr filter), battery, no gear on generator (can’t find), ignition lock with key and speedometer from Dnepr (for it’s gearbox. First was from Jawa and without markings xD). Still without front brake attached because it’s time to clean the engine))

unnervingfalcon says:

I’m guessing that from front end really goes up when you hit the brakes in a leading link. So if you were in slow corner that wouldn’t be good. My Dad had a goldwing with a european leading link on it….with sidecar of course.

thecountwp says:

Great review of your ride and plenty of cautious warnings to expect that it may get squirrelly. I am glad you decided to put your ride on Youtube.

You made me consider getting a solo Ural too. Although I have the Retro and the side car can come off, I don’t want the hassle of spending the time to line things up each time.

Mark Wilson says:

@krayziesensei Hey, thanks for sharing. How hard was it to take the side car off?

Uday Singh says:

Thats a bulletproof engine, you just convinced me to get the solo

krayziesensei says:

This bike was so fun to ride solo, I’m already planning on how I can mount some turn signal, a sidestand and some saddle bags on her. =)

Choirboyjr11 says:

Do they make a solo version of this bike? It looks great! and I’ve heard they are as tough as nails. Not much of a side car guy…. seems hard to maneuver. 

krayziesensei says:

I might be able to get a valve cover down!!! lol

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