Murph Returns! Exploring the Arctic Circle in a BMW R 1150 GS Adventure – The Downshift Episode 55

On this week’s episode of The Downshift, we catch up with Murph, who set off 3 years ago to ride his BMW R 1150 GS Adventure motorcycle around the world. Since Murph lives on his motorcycle and was planning to drive in snow and ice, the bike had to be modified to the extreme. Added was a Mobec Duo-Drive 2wd Sidecar for carrying all of his possessions as well as tons of other custom bits to deal with the freezing cold. With his new kit assembled, Murph decided to spend the winter exploring the Arctic Circle.

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iRagedoyoudearSir says:

You Sir, are simply amazing! I wish you all the best and I hope you will get to visit all the places you dream of. Ride safe and keep on riding!

Gary Seven says:

I love that bike – I thought only Ural had a 2WD Side car motorcycle! All the best Murph. I’d love to do the same.

Moulas Omar says:

Come on lads…+1 for Murph!!!

The Real Wayne's world says:

I wish I knew where he is and if he is ok ,,, I love this great fellow Hope he is well

justina johnson says:

Amazing man

stephen M says:

Hi , respect to you , i travel aswell and know what your feeling inside . I would love you to come to the HU meetings and give a talk ? I am just tired of all these bling riders they are so plastic but your the man a real biker and big respect to you . By the way where the gell are you now ????

Abner CREZCENZO says:

Murph.. you are great man ….
i like the music in the last part… What’s song is that?? ANY BODY’S KNOW???

magnus pym says:

What a rugged sumbitch! Murph ! you rock Sir!

Grey Goose 4x4 says:

Awesome video … has anyone heard any updates as to where he is or what he’s doing now?

Darren O Connor says:

ahh he’s a paddy he’s pissed somewhere in a fairy ring trying find his way out stranger tings have happened

Jose Rodrigues says:

inspiring simplicity!

Paolo Mazzei says:


Jerico Rombaoa says:

Amazing video I salute Murph and can anyone tell the soundtrack on this one thanks

voltron63 says:

god speed man!!!!!

CycleCruza says:

This guy is great! What a life! I’ve never seen anybody ride a motorcycle in heavy snow like that let alone live off of his motorcycle, amazing! I hope he’s still riding and traveling. Btw, my late grandfather was 100% finnish, would love to visit finland myself.

evert zwart says:

yes so am i,wondering where he is now,like the man and his way of dooing things,and hope he is alive and well.

Pedro Perez says:

The goal is to know, what it is that wants to know.
Well done my man!

Samual Iam says:

I truly envy this man.

Виктор Власенко says:

Где такой мот можно купить что бы именно с такой вилкой и коляской ?

R Gomany says:

what would u spend per. month approx.

ravinder singh says:

make a tv series of this guy.he is a living legend.

Barry Hearn says:

Good luck to you boy keep trucking I envy you.

Ian Vert says:

Yes very strange that he just disappeared. A really interesting guy. So where the hell IS Murph?

MotoGuide says:

DDX: Schizoid Personality disorder. No offence. 

Evgeniy Popov says:

this is Santa Claus :)))))

remy gravel says:

i need to know, i discuss with him on Facebook 4 years ago and on day no answer:(

zasqe says:

Where is Murph? He disappeared after 2014, with no more blog updates

robert john malabar says:

Murph, try to visit Philippines Its more fun in the Philippines.. 

Cabras Sobre Ruedas says:


Kevun Launderville says:

this guy is alsome he is living the dreams that most people never thought of

Meme Wizard says:

-12f/c ain’t cold, -40 is COLD
And you’ll do just fine in -40 if you have a proper tent, heater and sleepingbag.

Jamie Sharretto says:

murph, do you run a car tire on the front all the time or just when you have the side car…good luck brotha’  I want to be you 

stjjames says:

Best video on YouTube !

Ekkehard Kaplan says:

Starke Vorstellung.

quinn swaney says:

This was fantastic. I am 22 and this is exactly what I want to do, just not sure how…

mrsuperbuckets says:

Does anybody know where he is now? I can’t find him, and he hasn’t made a post since February 2014, maybe he quit, or maybe he died, I would like to know.

dabbawalla1 says:

i often look, but i can´t find him too

Mike Holloway says:

Murph where are you , give us an update!

Kostopraff88 says:

Murph is it boring in Finland?

Muikku 4 says:

Tiiätte varmaan missä tavataan

Richard Evans-Lacey says:

The conditions are, in one word, very cold.  Genius.

Henri Schel says:

Murph, respect !!

red red says:

dam that is cool i wish I was there too

Geo Rider says:

Where is he now?

Carl Janse van Rensburg says:

If it weren’t for my family (my children are still small and I’m 48) I
Would be on my cruiser doing the same. Live your dream! You are real motivation for me.  God bless and keep safe.

whataname01 says:

Live long and prosperous my friend…

TheIddyS says:

robin williams?

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