Motorcycle Sidecar

Motorcycle Sidecar

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Jarrall H says:

wheres the one on the thumbnail with the dogs?

Greg C says:

Great video, thanks!

Doenjang Stew says:

I think the advantage of motorcycle is inline 2 wheels. If I’m supposed to ride this, I’d rather drive a car.

Daeten McDormand says:


Gerald Wallace says:

6:13 She does not look happy!

mike dee says:

I took my Kawa with sidecar out in a moderate snowstorm…about 6 inches max….it was a blast…on the way to work, I was getting high fives from everyone….3 days later my stop light switch stopped working…3 weeks later the bottom of my mufflers rusted out……….never did it again…

kalács okori says:

best youtube channel

shadowninja81500 says:

Those guys ridding side cars on the dirt track have balls of steel

Trailing Arm says:

God bless eccentrics everywhere!

Alessandro Pavanetto says:


I love Motorcycle says:

Урал топ!

John L says:

Where’s Dudley in his sidecar? Lol.

iosif conta says:


SchwinnStraight8 says:

What kind of bike is it at the 6:00 mark? I own a ural gear up 2WD but never seen a FWD version or a russian hack.

Robert Wojdat says:

Anyone noticed a trash audio system in 6:40? Weird idea. lol

Александр Веселов says:

Интересные экземпляры.Кажется и СССР присутствует.А где с камерой вокруг мотоциклов,не понравилось.Понт показушный.

goldpilgrim says:

These Russian bikes are not real bikes, they are toys. You can’t ride them on highways; I saw a couple-very slow. Unreliable too.

Anthony P says:

I LOVE that Russian 3-wheel drive motorcycle and sidecar at about 7:40. AWESOME.

ARKANSAS Trey says:

That side car racing looks fun

fortnite clan says:

those are mean a specially the one on 2:05

BADBOY 17 says:

I want one for my mini bike

William Volkmann says:

just because there is a all wheel cycle with car dosen’t mean it needs to be tested to the extreme

iosif conta says:


さくらたろう says:

最初に出るのは日本の何処かだろうが 成金趣味だけだな 最悪

74KU says:

I came for the click bait. I stayed for the report.

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