MOTORCYCLE SIDECAR?! | Ural First Ride & Review

MOTORCYCLE SIDECAR?! | Ural First Ride & Review

LA Moto |

Thank you LA Moto, what a fun bike, and a great way to kick off the weekend. I will be getting my hands on one of these in the near future and hitting the open road for a camping trip this Spring/Summer.

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bigtruck182 says:

so i got one i love it no regrets had it out in all weather an seasons trails its amazing to ride an own LETS RIDE !

endonutz says:

should be called the Urinal….absolute pile of junk

Sellho Horizont says:

I live at Ekaterinburg. We have a Ural manufacturing here, and price of top model is only 5000$.

Darth Barabakus says:
lol didnt you try this?

Goldenfire47 says:

janus motorcycles

bencmaster says:

That’s one over confident first ride. Luckily you don’t seem to have corners. She’ll bite just when you relax..try a fast descending corner…I love mine after a couple of years but still maintain due respect.

Jay suede says:

that wasnt a jeep.

Dan Aquino says:

Was curious if you got any sort of “wiggling” on the steering? I’m thinking of having a sidecar fabricated for one of my bikes.

bogoljub djordjevic says:

hard to remember have girl or sidecar hahha

Richard Maguire says:

The Ural is a derivative if the WWII German BMW. It started out as part of the Russian/German non aggression pact, specifically the economic & technology exchange which was one sided. During the war, the German military had a machine gun installed on the sidecar. The Russian military still uses the Ural.

Evert Nyburg says:

this bike only takes 2 people as a normal bike . but it’s twice the width .And half the performance . And you can’t lane split . this bike is grate if you have only one leg .
but seriously if you want a motorbike whith a sidecar. move to the philippines . there sidcars are KING there and as a bonus you can get a 19 year old girlfriend ( whith 6 kids )

Alessandro Bau says:


Bill Sprague says:


Kevy Moranski says:

Are you going to marry her? I won’t tell anyone.

VileVermin says:

BTW – some classic Urals still sold in Russia:
for example – this one 1980yr. for $3000

God of Justice says:

Why don’t they make one without a sidecar

AnotherReincarnation says:

I am jealous :)))

Teo Nesterov says:

15000 bucks? Are you serious? Do the Russians even know about how much this is selling for???

Valve Geek says:

Thanks very much for this, in a couple of weeks time I’m going to be doing exactly what you did here, driving one for the first time, except I’ll own it .. you’ve proved it is possible to just start driving it up the road and work it out as you go along. Kudos!

Weltenspinner LPs says:

When driving with a side car, use the back brake often and hard. 😉

morrellman93 says:

I didn’t know Mercedes made Jeeps

God of Justice says:

Indian makes one

A. Ward Crisp says:

Great Video but just to let you know there is a 2 wheel drive version more suited for off road. It also comes with camo paint jobs, 5 gal gas can, shovel and other cool stuff..

Somiron Falia says:

Im pretty sure that the Misus loved it.

강병곤 says:

thanks for great review! i will buy a new ural gear-up.this is very helpful for me

Денис Попов says:

У меня в детстве был K-750, а на коляске было крепление для пулемёта. Потом продал. Сейчас жалею. Романтика……
My childhood was the K-750 and was on a wheelchair mount for a machine gun. Then sold. Now regret. Romance…..

Maksvile says:

хороший мотоцикл, девушка, и дорога вперёд..) что может быть ещё лучше?))

reymund lenkeit says:

what city is it?

d.b. Sorensen says:

Dont ride it too much Side cars lead to harder drugs!! They ARE addictive!!!

N P 87 says:

Ural cost 12 000$ ? in Yekaterinburg you can buy this
used from 500 bucks or less, without guarantee service of course, “as is”.
I had k-750, but sold it, and now i miss about him cool bass exhaust sound. This toy can deliver many hours of drive.

Zafeiris Z. says:

Why are you hurting me buddy? I used to have one IZH 350 sidecar & lost it because those days, no parking. And I am a seaman. Had to beg others to save it on their garage. Now that I can have one again, IZH is gone & Ural is so expensive. Still I love them. If some used one…

FeelTheHuman says:

For sale Motorcycles ‘Ural’ made in Russia. Restoration, painting, etc at seller’s discretion upon your request. Examples of available models are shown below
Please contact us on or
For those wishing to recover. The sale also includes a motorbike in a terrible condition. At a low price.

джон джон says:

I remember, in
my childhood they were bought (60 -70 if transferred to dollars) they
were killed in the summer))) and handed over to scrap metal. Still there were “Днепр” and ИЖ 49, ИЖ56. We went fishing, drove from the police))))) no one of course had any rights) was cool

VisualAssault2011 says:

6:24 you’ve got a backpack on when you have a trunk in the sidecar?

ronaldo domacena says:

In the Philippines we have sidecars too but the motorcycle is built to be very economical
typically tricycles here have a 150cc OHC Carburetor engine , 5-speed
has about 12hp and 12nm of torque

but typical tricycles here can pull massive weight like 500kg of cargo like rice bags, bamboos. and stuff but most tricycles are like taxis or tuk tuks
it can carry about 5 people or even 7

speed is about 80kph, and the acceleration is rubbish..well speed here doesn’t matter because of the mountainous roads and traffics
you can go up to 100km in just 2L of gas

bogoljub djordjevic says:

I like it 🙂 think my uncle have same or BMW whit sidecar am not sure bcs just see sidecar before he put him together

Артем Яковлев says:

Отличный мотоцикл!

Darren Foran says:

very cool bike but man your roads look in bad condition , did ur passenger find it comfy ?

MrEye4get says:

Best video so far! You really get a feeling of riding a Ural. You are a brave man or a fool for setting off with your girlfriend before a few practice rides! Driving the Ural is entirely different in many ways. Cool fun but extremely overpriced!

Keith Harvey says:

john smith I recommend going to the website

普通人 says:

what is the series of this motorcycle))?

harold pace says:

for the last few years ural has taken care of the stopping with all 3 wheels have disk brakes. and they also have efi now.

Михаил Комар says:

дак он по болотам ездит ещё.Сначала по трассе до туда а потом по лесу.

Michael says:

Check out the extent of usage of these machines in mother Russia. Handier than ones ladyfriend in the event of a road rage incident !

Kevin trinka says:

you forget they make a 2 wheel drive model.

anguspure says:

Makes me me miss my old URAL. Was a pre ’98 model and so very unreliable but what a joy to ride!

Олег Дашиев says:

Могли бы делать видео с русскими субтитрами? В России тоже вас смотрят…

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