How To Ride With Passengers

Riding in a sidecar is fun! Here are some tips to help make it a safer, more enjoyable experience for passengers. Enjoy the ride!

The sidecar motorcycle featured in this video is our cT. Learn more about it here:

Video by Good Spark Garage


Christian says:

Awesome video! Safety & fun should go hand in hand!
One day I will be getting one for our “off season” here in Ontario, Canada. And for when we eventually move off grid to the bush!

KS says:

Loving these videos! I almost bought an ural after watching the last video.


That was fun, funny and too the point. Great info for the newbies. Been rinding 43 years myself now.

maidpretty says:

My WWII veteran grandfather had a Ural bike with a sidecar, an old sturdy Soviet military model from the war era. So when I was a kid, he hit the road with me in the sidecar. Damn, it was fun to ride, and it was fun to look around at the beautiful places we traveled to.

Barry Winslow says:

Good vid….thanks

smashervt says:

Awesome videos! Quick question Ural Motorcycles, do you guys still make parts that work with old Ural bikes? I am bringing my grandfathers Ural from Russia that has about 1000kms on and its from the late 70s. Would be great to know that parts are still available.

Christopher S says:

Hello IMZ-Ural and Good Spark Garage,
On the cT in the video, there’s a hand lever along the right side of the fuel tank. What does it do?

Willy's Performance Cycle Center, Since 1969 says:

Thank you!!! Great, funny, and educational.

Meridian Explorer says:

you guys are so in the wrong job. you should go into film production!!

Pynaegan says:

Where’s the bear?

John Warner says:

I realise it’s a good idea for Kids to wear a Helmet in the Chair, but is it a legal requirement in the U.S.?
Does it vary State-to-State?
In the UK, and I think in the rest of Europe, a Sidecar passenger isn’t required to wear a Helmet, but those on the Bike itself do.
Oddly (Quirky Law alert!), Trike riders and passengers don’t have to wear Helmets!

Woolsey Allen says:

I live in Florida and wearing a helmet during the summer is enough to make one pass out.

Andy Hayes says:


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