How To Ride A Sidecar Motorcycle

Written and Produced: Good Spark Garage / Wilkinson Brothers

Rider: Corey Wilkinson
Camera: Casey Wilkinson
Narration: Jon Osbeck
Motorcycle: 2016 Ural cT –


Amit Chhutani says:

Hehehe funny video

Piotr Chudzik says:

Wow this video is so well done! I had great fun watching this! Thanks

Jamie Mullins says:

Sidecar is make of fiberglass resin company factor between cellulose resin brown honey bee into the four drops ethylene with glass cloth plastic cover up cellulose is very hot drying into the cup four drops ethylene when seen hot things it mean weakness is not cold resin like a epoxy green is cold hardener than cellulose some other polyester clear resin some other melt the glass cloth hardener some other jelly resin some other vinyl resin …………………

PowerOf One says:

0:31 Horn……….. Reminds me of my first girlfriend… 🙂

Alexander Dunkl says:

I’m just lovin’ it

הדר הלוי says:

so you actually steer instead of counter-steering? that must be sketchy!

MrEye4get says:

Very enjoyable and informative.

Jon Roe says:

I never knew how much I wanted a sidecar motorcycle until I saw this. What even brought me here? Whoa. And the dog paw! A classic touch!

Tré Reising says:


Col says:

lol love it.

wise1 says:

I always enjoy watching bears riding motorcyclrs!

Gerald Prost says:

Great fun! Well done! Thanks for doing this. Gerry in Calgary.

JLE JLE says:

The it looks terrifying lol

Ted Larson says:

I’ve watched this video at least a couple of times and each time it is just as much fun to watch as it was the previous times. Need more of these.

slipperypixels says:


brighton dude says:

That is such a well produced video!

tcatnat70 says:

Great video, I really need to get me one of these.

AnotherReincarnation says:

This is a masterpiece!!!

ash say says:

This video is a blast

Matthew Plaskon says:

What a fun and creative video. I wish more people would approach videos like this.



TommyTwobats says:

That dogs looks happy to get in!

Donald Jones says:

WOW! Can I Ride Now?

Edward Marlowe says:

this is awesome! also informative but damn delightful

Horace Puscasu says:

Very nice video 🙂

Wake Up America says:


Thomas Waldteufel Martinsen says:

Oh, I can’t wait to get me one of those! 🙂

blueslove61 says:

“Always wear a helmet, or a bear suit”

akyramoto says:

that was hilarious. great video you guys!

Jason Blosser says:


motorschuppen says:

very funny

Kris Wright says:

Fantastic! please make more videos like this!

JamesAllmond says:

Been riding sidecars +30 years, all I can add is, yeah, that pretty much covers it…

maidpretty says:

The sidecar is probably a good place to be for hog hunting on the ride in open fields. Might as well mount a machine-gun on the side car.

Mike M. says:

GREAT video

Richard Gao says:


Happyness says:

Ящитаю – ураловцы поступили очень грамотно – сохранив классический облик, они нафаршировали его современной качественной начинкой, которая стоит хороших денег, отчего и цена нынче на Уралы как у любого другого современного мотоцикла. Они сделали ставку на классический облик в современном мире прилизанных агрегатов и на коляску с собственным приводом, чего нет сейчас ни у кого. Это сработало, это работает и поныне, Уралы охотно раскупаются, производство у них не стоит на месте. Не нравится классика – помимо этой модели, у них сейчас есть и другие, более “харлейные”. Может, русским в России не нужен этот мотоцикл, ибо они с ним вдоволь наебались за полвека – и мало кто за него сейчас отдаст такие деньги в России. Но на западе так же наигрались распиздатыми Харлеями и такой суровый Russian Bike им интересен. Один их немногочисленных примеров успеха российской продукции, работающий, а не пилящий народные налоги.

goinghomesomeday1 says:

Great video, great advice. I had the Ural 750 outfit and I kept a 5 gallon of water in the side-car boot as ballast when riding on my own. My older outfit was a BSA A10 with a Watsonian DA side-car. Great fun and no arthritis back then.

Sidecar Bob says:

Always wear a proper gear but don’t worry if there are no rear view mirrors…..

Giacomo Chizzola says:

This video is GREAT!!!

RRCfortuna says:

Надо было музыкальный ряд ставить от мультика “Три поросёнка” или от “Чёрный плащ”. Как раз будет для амеров….

Yamcha Sama says:

this guy is fucking crazy i love it lmfaooo xD

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