First Motorcycle Sidecar Test Drive:

Test driving a MZ silver star with a side car for my friend caleb who is buying this bike. he ends up sitting in the side car, it was alot of fun.


sstroh08 says:

Weird lol sounds like a sowing machine. I have a friend with an electraglide with a cart on it and he let me try it. On it steering was scary in either direction left was difficult and right it would lift the sidecar up in the air and scare the crap out of you lol if you throttled hard you’d have to steer left hard to keep it straight and if you braked you’d have to steer right to keep it straight lol He loves it but the 2 or 3 miles I run it was enough for me lol

Dbest1a Vlogs says:

So did you/he buy it?

Dbest1a Vlogs says:

So you rather take the bro for the side ride than the hot chic …. lol .. I’m just giving you a hard time lmao…. but seriously… yeah Ida chose her… lol

Dion Moore says:

would have been nice to see what the MZ looked like

CountryHouseGent says:

M Zed cos it’s German. 🙂

Wayne Lyerly says:

Sean that was fun to watch. You had me laughing out loud at how much you were enjoying that ride.

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