Custom Off-Road BMW R1150GS Adventure Sidecar Built By Boxer Metal GoPro Hero 3+

Raphael Bertolus of Studio City, California shows us his custom sidecar rig built around a BMW R1150GS Adventure. The rig, designed by Raphael and built by Boxer Metal of Chico, California, is a chase vehicle for expeditions of RawHyde Adventures, the official BMW Off-Road Training Center. Riding video shot with the GoPro Hero 3+.

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Voxel Lab says:

why have a motorcycle if you have a side car. All the hassle with out a car.

Ash says:

pls dont do that to your dog where you scare the living hell out of him with ur wheelie stunts.

Koolboy7591 says:

Cool trick, why not do it without endangering the dog

arnold says:

EML made in holland?

Sean Grayson Michael says:

Love this channel! Awesome bikes, lots of fun.

Cameron Sainsbury says:

I like the Espresso machine on the back, look good in the back of my Heep (Jeep) on the trails

Jason S says:

I wonder what the affect on the chassis is when riding the cart sideways like that. It must have some sort of detrimental effect on the chassis as a whole. But yeah, sterling job in making it sturdy.

Elio Viviani says:

Cui prodest?

Satyamsingh rajput says:

+sarang kenjale 

Garry Thomas says:

Stunning, thank you for sharing

Sportster06 says:

Not bad.

voltron63 says:

so cool!!!!!

Gary Seven says:

I really love the idea of a sidecar motorcycle and would like to see a BMW version of the Ural. One thing I notice is you don’t have two wheel drive – but you do have car tires to grip the road better. Do you find that comparable to a two-wheel drive system? I would love to see a transverse axle driven sidecar wheel in a production BMW motorcycle. For off-road cycling you just can’t beat a two-wheel drive system. I hesitate to get a Ural because I’ve heard of so many quality control issues and mechanical breakdowns. I’m hoping someone will compete to build a better off road sidecar motorcycle. You’ve got a badass machine – I’d just like to get one in two wheel drive if you can get ANY motorcycle company to build one. The market is definitely there.

Darrell S says:

perfect for a disabled man like me…great job

狼毒花 says:

Custom Off-Road BMW R1150GS Adventure Sidecar Built By Boxer Metal GoPro Hero 3+

Michael Barone says:

Not a scratch on it. Must not be much desert extricating to be done.

Sa Dagat says:

I like to used that in delivery cargo

Nomans land says:

Not a trike Joe. A hack, or sidecar. Very different geometry from a trike. Much more stable off road than a trike. 

Mr4439 says:

хорошо получилось . жаль нет заднего хода

Joe G.P. says:

cool trike, i found it ironic that he drove a 2 wheeled machine transformed into a 3 wheeled machine on 2 wheels

hobie996 says:

very cool…and your dog hates you.

Kenneth Varghese says:

Very Cool!

johnathan smith says:

Beautifully designed. Certainly a piece of engineering. What I can not still come to understand are these facts: for a (roughly) $28000 motorcycle, $7.000 sidecar, you still have a bike with a side car that does not tilt, and it is driven only by one wheel. As comparison, Is it a wonderful ashtray installed on a motorcycle?

hankgs says:

LOL, I love BMW’s and I like Urals and I also like JEEP’s…They all serve a purpose. That being said, this gentleman had too much $ to burn on toys…!

clive ramsbotty says:

lose all the benefits of a bike whilst gaining none of the benefits of a car

Stelios Antonopoulos says:

WOW… i am impress.. i have seen Memphis modification, but this one is beyond imagination, i am a proud owner of a BMW R1150GS 2005 , with some modifications, but nothing close to this one this is Awesome.. i wish i can have the founds to do so, enjoy my friend  you did an amazing job

Logan Collins says:

Glorious bro fuck an rv i pretty much live out of my gs650f for a few months out of the year dragged it a couple times trying to tow it like your mini bmw. Fucking beautiful bro make a 650 sidecar thats where im at in life

Mike James says:

Can’t stand mini bikes.

Randi Cook says:

No gun rack… 🙁

Dillon Mech says:


Ichiban Moto says:

that’s awesome ! I so want to build a sidecar rig…  maybe after my famous youtube café racer series is finished  

Jimmy R. says:

I just subscribed to you but i think you are one of the best motor channels on here

G5macintosh says:

you have done it and it looks good!

Brad Taylor says:

Is the frame and modifications a one off build? I’m hoping that are some design drawings of this rig. I like many of the features and this is the best design I’ve seen anywhere.

arkansaswookie says:

That is one beefy set of tires on that BMW. I’d take a BMW with a sidecar over the Ural any day.

Koolboy7591 says:

That little bike you’re pulling is going to fall off please get it on film

Richard Evans-Lacey says:

Wow.  Only thing I’d change would be to have a stove / grill rather than the expresso maker.

Dale Martin says:

Only millionaires need apply.

Zombie Woof says:

Great bike!

Wave Dancer says:

To heavy, to expensive but for sure it is a technical masterpiece.


Who made your leading link fork?

Hawaiisidecar says:

The pitbike was a great addition.

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