Crossing the Alps in a Ural (EP 5 – Monday Never Sidecar)

Winter is coming, so they say. And we are definitely NOT into that. So it is now time to cross the Alps and get into the warm weather of the Mediterranean ASAP. We cover a lot of ground in this episode, almost 1,000 miles and find some very, very nice weather.

Thank you for everyone who has followed along and especially to our patrons! We hope you enjoy this new adventure as much as we have!!

Cat & Will

Camera equipment used:
– PRIMARY: Sony a6000:


sejl med båd says:

when do we get more videos :(? 🙂

beach bummin says:

for those like me wondering where they are, they are currently sailing across the atlantic on a 67 foot monohaul, should be an update withing the next few weeks.

Michael Rios says:

love this video.. I plan on a similar trip in two years.. leaving from rotterdam into undreamt switzerland then into the dolomites then austria

granskare says:

Thun is a locale of an Alec Guinness film

John Pribble says:

are you safe? followers are getting concerned?

Pantelis Christidis says:

Are you coming to Athens?

moosiah says:

hey — when you get back — you could take the ural across the US on the Trans America Trail — all back country roads 90% dirt — just did a lot of it in a big ford 1ton van following 2 friends on homemade bikes like from the 40’s

maxim kurkov says:

you are very cool guys, my respect to you and more remove this video

Michael Rios says:

did you guys ship your bike from the states? I would love to know more about your trip and any advice you can give.. thanks

Donald Jones says:

Great Video, I’m jealous…BTW I’m from Bucks County north of Philadelphia

Steve Raymond says:

impatiently waiting

Terrence Bradley says:

Personalities come across strong. Both are photogenic. No matter what the venue you guys are great to watch!

golfnut says:

$ 42 for a site like that, not to bad

Доктор Борменталь says:

Классный мотоцикл. Классное видео. Приезжайте на Урале к нам в гости на Урал в Россию.

Денис Протопопов says:

Русские мотоциклы самые лучшие!

salpairadice says:

I know there is a whole macho motorcycle thing out there, but – really there is no shame in a trailer if it gets the bike to even more awesome places. .You ride the bike in the awesome areas and trailer it again. I’ve done it.

Jools Mauro says:

As a Ural owner myself – change the oil regularly and she will keep on going!

V3rZoxX says:

I live in Strasbourg xD

MJ Sailing says:

Cat, I loved that the beer you were drinking in Germany was almost as big as you were! Looks like a beautiful drive through the Alps, I’m glad you were able to find some sun on the other side.

UndocumentedHuman says:

can. Mm.

Richard Hill says:

Was great to come across your channel.My wife and I were Hackers years ago.Now with lots of grandkids,it might time to get one.I meet my wife in Germany in the early 70s.Have been there many times.thanks

nafreehc says:

I had a feeling it wouldn’t take long for you to really miss being on the water – but this is one really cool side trip…

Lifetime Web Hosting - No Monthly Fees says:

lawdawg1942 His comment: Drive down to Greece, buy a boat and sail back! __I SECOND THE MOTION__

Nikita Starovoitov says:

Cool trip, cool bike!

Johnny Panama says:

Just curious, how often are on these adventures and how are they financed?

Scott Ryan says:

Hope every thing is ok. We have not seen you guys in a while.

B.J. Martin says:

Oh my god, a baguette vending machine! Where’s the butter or meat? 😉

jonnywaselectric says:

I always wanted to visit France, until I heard there was lots of French people there

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