Cold-War Bike by Ural Sparks Sidecar Revival

Ural Motorcycles are Soviet-style sidecar motorbikes that have been made in Siberia since World War II. But in 2000 a group of Russian entrepreneurs led by Ilya Khait bought the brand, left manufacturing in Russia, moved headquarters to Seattle, and began marketing the bikes to young riders with discretionary funds and wanderlust. Bloomberg Pursuit’s Hannah Elliott went to Seattle to try out one of these cold-war relics. (Video by Zach Goldstein)


МотоОбзоры says:

хорошие мотоциклы!

Michael J. Coslo says:

Freaky ass cool motorcycle. I have a VTC1100C, which I love, but will own a Ural some day.

I have this weird idea of driving around with a great dane in the sidecar.

Eric Glueckert says:

Lol, caribou. Some one needs to know the difference between elk and caribou.

Руслан Юлдашев says:

Russian motorcycle: 97% sales USA, 3% Russia. So sad

greg harvey says:

Masterfully done video, which is fitting for the URAL.

Bill Miller says:

Caribou? (00.48) Those are elk.

Other than that a very nice and interesting video.

Апипроф ПчелоЖизнь says:

Почему наши так не снимают?

Paul J says:


Alexander Voit says:

beautiful bike. I love it !

ihave35cents says:

Not as good looking as a dnepr k750. But nice that it will do highway speeds.

Emptypockets51 says:

Aw hell no, those are moose. I’ve been around motorcycles, sidecars and moose my whole life.

brett kelly says:

I was riding threw the open Country in florida and yes these places do exist in the middle central part of the state houses five miles apart etc all farm land and passed a ural dealer and repair shop i was shocked and stooped in and talked to the guy. This guy has the worst location for a motorcycle ahop working on only one rare type of motorcycle.

yin ng says:

coolest bike

Jacob Dean says:

I’d like to have one with no sidecar


Super russian bike.

bigtruck182 says:

those are elk but great video i love my ural !

Александар Димитријевић says:


Barry Winslow says:

Great vid. Love the Urals.

kush hatkar says:

Great video…becoming a Ural sidecar fan as I watch them….really tough motorcycles..

Wilhelm Dohmen says:

13000$ !?

vitalii Pashkov says:

Русские есть?

Tom Iaderosa says:

I wonder how they hold up over the long haul….engine , parts availability, sheet metal of the sidecar etc…..very cool bikes

Alex Egorov says:

Аххха ха, Урал нашел своего покупателя. Пусть теперь Американцы с ним е…ся)

Khadijah Brown says:

So, this is two wheel drive? 250 CC” $13,000? I love this. I am old woman but still fighting. Hell no, I am not old yet. How is MPG?

Christopher Perry says:

looks like a vicious outdoor camping machine.

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