Adventure Sidecar Tips from Helge Pedersen

Adventure motorcycling legend Helge Pedersen guest hosts and explains the pro’s and con’s of touring the globe with his amazing new sidecar rig.

Helge’s awesome book: “10 Years on 2 Wheels”
Jay’s DMC Sidecars:

Thanks to David Fox for the great drone shots and AD’ing.
Thanks to Christina Tkacs for the smoooooth riding shots of Bret.
Thanks to Dave Wendell for the sidecar training clip.
Thanks to Matt Jorgensen for making fresh music in under an hour.

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Jose J Armenteros says:

Like the rig and your video. My only concern is the lack of reverse. Did you encounter any problems?

aventador gallardo says:

Big no no sir it’s totally uncool

Brian Paige says:

Good honest review well done sir really enjoyed it.

Tim Albright says:

I have a 2001 heritage softail with a Motorvation engineering formula II sidecar that I actual use as a camper. I took the seat out and set it up for camping. Pull over off the road or even in a parking lot or truck stop. No setup it has a top on it climb in button top down and got to sleep. Rubber side down and let the miles roll on.

MigSu pue ram says:

Ural is the machine!

Richard M says:

Great video and a nice introduction to sidecars. I now have a Ural Patrol which replaced the BMW airhead sidecar rig. The BMW was much faster and probably a bit more reliable (especially at below 0°F) but the Ural is less effort and makes it up icy roads with ease. The BMW always needed speed to compensate for the lack of 2WD. DMC is a great shop as they helped me get my airhead rig on the road.

ingl wud says:

Very enjoyable video I would like to see how the camping was too.

Jamil Siddique says:

That was really interesting to watch . Thank you

Sean Frank says:

Very cool setup.  I wonder if DMC can fit a side car to my Honda Africa Twin….

TaoBao lLanza says:

dangerous crap from the first world war

james goodwin says:

How did over come the front wheel wobble you get with a sidecar outfit? By the way love your sidecar,or as we say in the uk a combination (old school)

Marc Schouten says:

I was just looking at Urals at my local BMW specialist shop. I love the idea of trying one especially with the third wheel being driven but I can’t see wanting to have that much width ongoing. Great video just across the border from me in Washington State which is nice to see.

Michael Hamilton says:

Really enjoied this video. Especially enjoied not having the music overwhelm the naration. Most videos with music are so irritating that I only watch a bit before clicking off. Traveling long distances on motorcycles is great adventure and I have done it a lot. Now at 85 (can not get a leg over my last bike, it is sitting in my bedroom) your vids are so wonderful and bring back many fond memories.

xmgame r says:

are you Swedish

Tiến Anh says:

Sống trên đời mà ko có đức và già bốc cức mà ăn .

Muh Bilal says:


niranjana sinha says:

Hey don’t talk shite about Ural it’s a pure bred commie piece of crap 😉 try living with a royal Enfield bullet and then we’ll see.

Karl-Romaine Graham says:

Maybe come to Jamaica and take some shots one day. The ride is heavenly here too. Straight chapo settings

Amul naik says:

*PUBG bike*
*Pubg lovers*

Hit like

DUSLIKE ' says:

Travel around erangel sir..

j m says:

Very nice channel, new subscriber from Spain.

Alexandr Bond says:

Болтун! Балаболит и балаболит… А коляска все равно ураловская)))))

Товарищ MOLOTOV says:

Охереть! А ведь урал мог быть таким, если бы все не просрали

Иван Степанов says:

отлично. если вы поставили одинаковые колеса, теперь у вас отличная ремонтопригодность, почему не обули в авто шины

bangonthedoortwice says:

So I love my GS adv too which I live, travel and work on the road by bike, but recently I rescued a German shep pup that was abandoned and is now my sidekick so that means he has to come travel with me, btw what a great video great inspiration. My question is Where does a working class man go about getting an affordable sidecar rig for his BMW like this?

Pieter Smit says:

Hello Helge, Nice rig, could you elaborate on the issue you had with front mount braking on your first adventure. PS the most dangerous maneuver is if you turn away from the sidecar to quick and sharp. All the weight goes on the front wheel and front of sidecar which gives no warning and you could end up back wheel on bike lifting and end up head over heel. PS no warning unlike flying the sidecar wheel. Have a 2006 R1200 GSA now with 223,000 km. Always had a sidecar since age of 18 now 65. Best Pieter.

Tech talk RRS says:

It’s awesome

Alan Rayner says:

Remember in the UK every thing is the other way round.

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