2015 Ural cT, What it is like without a Sidecar, Ural of New England

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Please do not attempt to ride a Ural without a Sidecar. This is for demonstration purposes only! The suspension system is not designed for solo riding use.


Lord Anaphaxeton says:

Is it a matter of geometry the design for riding with or without sidecar?

Walter Null says:

id love one like that with out the side care!


Turning circle of a bus , as heavy as a truck & as quick as a tractor , but still works as a motorbike. No wonder there used for sidecars

lancelot1953 says:

Great presentation especially since it comes from the dealership, Спасибо, Ciao L

Wermanify says:

привет из России, у меня урал тоже, но 1973 года

Sylvia van Heumen says:

I enjoy sidecar more. Fonz.

Abhilash Khajuria says:

Just love it …its a soviet era bike. I like everything from its design to its sound. It sounds powerful also. Only problem is as u mentioned handle is little tight i think. But everything can be modified these days. I don’t know whether these are available in India or not

i can help you DRAW says:

is it legal to go on public roads without sidecar

Arthur Sukalsky says:

Hello, how would a 1953 M72 handle without a side car? Thanks

Pixel Dust says:

rode my R69S + Hollandia steel sidecar once, without sidecar; one near fatal accident later, I had to total the R69S. Beware how strangely the rear tire wears from sidecar use; it will no longer have a smooth, rounded profile curve, but will have pronounced ridge on each side, as the center of the tire wears away first. NOT good for turning quickly, as I learned the hard way.

vdawg108 says:

i wish they made one just like the ct without the side car i know they make the solo but it doesnt look as good

David Kuhn says:

Nothing wrong with running the Ural without the sidecar… except it’s a LOT of work to remove the sidecar.

Valentin Bassieux says:

So what did it feel like riding with this front suspension ? Aside from the steering dampener interfering, did you notice some differences ? Less dive under braking perhaps ? I wonder if there would be advantages to riding a solo with this suspension, i mean it was very common on old motorcycles for a time

Roger S. says:

A very cool looking bike. I’m sure one would get used to the steering. It would have to have the right side turn signal installed too.

Croatoan says:

The looks of the ural bikes is just something unique. I’d love to have one of the limited edition solo M70 ones. If anyone knows better, I’d love to hear what is the risk and difference of riding one of these without the sidecar. Could I get one registered without one? The tractor kind, robust, machinery look of the bike is absolutely stunning.

сергей афанасенко says:

Был такой у тестя попроще.Разе-ли по пьяни.Где теперь валяется не знаю.

John Jensen says:

They have just about the same steering geometrics as a Norton Manx and many other British bikes well-known for good handling. It should match the older BMW’s, R60, R69 and such. They would be great tourers.

super human says:

haaaa that sweeet sound from exhaust❤❤

Вячеслав Летунов says:

it is possible to use one without a sidecar but you should be very carefull. sidecar models have higher clearance for off-road use so without sidecar it is harder to maintain balance. there is a chance you will crash on your side while turning left or right on high speed. but with caution you can use it without sidecar. Ural solo model was specially designed without sidecar, it has much lower clearance, better weight balance and maneuverability. some years ago there were Ural wolf and voyage models, but their production stopped. if you would like one of them you can try special order, I doubt Irbit managers would pass possibility of widening their guidelines.

Mark Walters says:

Andy that’s pretty cool without the Sidecar

snejok888 says:

looks even greater in front of that old military truck =)same color….

motoroy says:

Now put it in reverse without the sidecar.

Jean Michel Guiet says:

Great ! A thing I’ll definitely will never do with my 2W 2006 Ranger … 😉 , wish Irbit could sell some “solos” in Europe, now they are so sophisticated and reliable ! It could my second horse sleeping aside my beloved rig !

Thanks for the teasing solo test ! …I’m feeling hungry of a solo now !

Андрей Батькович says:

good technique I have of worth 1965 issue


That thing looks MAD MAX COOL w/o the sidecar. It’s there any sidecar less model left in their lineup ? Conventional front suspension looks wimpy next to this one. Thanks for the Vid.

noor affiz says:

I think Ural without side car are awesome. beautiful bike.love Soviet

Ct House Ninja says:

Well done my friend

BlackMetal Warrior says:

Engine sound is great, I like Russian bikes.

Bogdan Velica says:

that’s not an Ural… that’s a tank! 🙂 had one…sold it and got another one back! 🙂

Ronan Rogers says:

It’s such a pity that the 2WD versions aren’t available in the right hand drive market, because we need to have the sidecar on the left side of the bike, and the drive for the sidecar wheel is of course on the right side of the bike.

It would be possible for the factory to manufacture a rear drive with the sidecar drive on the left, but still driven by the existing shaft drive arrangement.

Unfortunately we can register 2WD models in RHD countries, and the 2WD models are perfect for Australia, South Africa and India for example

Foster Flinch says:

I would buy one without sidecar

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