2014 Ural Gear-Up Review

For 2014 the Ural Gear-Up benefits from modern technology without sacrificing its vexing charm.

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ravenryuu says:

I had no idea bikes like this were still being made….pretty interesting!

lanceoa says:

thanks for the quick run down… very interesting!

Robertas says:

Why would anyone, other than a Ural enthusiast, buy this over an ATV?

Mike Brink says:

I seen a guy in Iowa that rides one of these all year around he seems eccentric or different than most people but not really in a bad way..

LionofSmaland says:

Nice Shit! 🙂

Runeguy33 says:

These things look awesome. I’m getting one.

mike blackner says:

Why does not Harley Davidson make mortar cycle like Russian motorcycle why does that Harley Davidson make motorcycles all the same no different than other motor cycle of Harley Davidson. Only good for pavement not good for off road.

νικος γιώργος says:

You know…Yes dude,we know!!!

ellomirza says:

How extreme can it be if a Honda CR-V made it up there 1:35

And who buys these things besides guys that collect WWII “memorabilia?”

Pat Severin says:

Could use one around here, 20th of March & still almost 4ft of snow…

Kaptein Flein says:

I had one…it was the worst motorcyckle i ever owned.

Savenkov Alexey says:

In this motorcycle i was learn how to driving motorcycles, in Russia. With my father, at age 10. This model is best for father and son couse it safety for passenger and driver (when you 10 years old).

Alex's Bikes and Motors says:

It’s worth mentioning that riding a sidecar bike with no rider in the sidecar totally sucks.

Ichiban Moto says:

that would be quite handy this time of year !

VegasStuto says:

Its cool but Waaaay over priced!

Steven S. says:

It’s pronounced “Snow-Kwal-Me” (Snoqualmie) LOL!!!

Кирилл Стадник says:

то чувство когда в России старый Урал стоит буквально 10-20 тысяч в терпимом состоянии.

hankgs says:

Great… I don’t live in the freakin’ snow. Will it be safe on our 65mph highways…..? How could you “test”  a Ural and not mention whether or not it can attain highway speeds…?Sorry, Once again Motorcycle.com has failed another “test ride”… Perhaps they need a new test rider- let me know, I’m available…

Ellie James says:



Changhee Eim says:

The sidecars removable no?

2gud4umenglez says:

Not even a review, thanks for the trip journal though….

Жаргал Санжиев says:

The new Urals are not so charismatic as the old ones that were released in the 80s but were in conservation, for example, I have a police version of the Ural that accelerates to 180 km / h and has more horsepower as well as a reinforced rear wheel and a mechanical siren driven by a flywheel

IndieRus says:

It is freaking 15 thousands dollars… God damn!

NearOTR околоДальнобоя says:

First of all i wanna say i am Russian
We say If Ural doesn’t have oil leaking  , its meants oil is allready gone

hairyroadrash says:
Brandon Edge says:

I like them but i cant spend that kind of money on one. definitely not the best bank for the buck IMO! cool none the less.

hairyroadrash says:

A couple of buds who have gear ups almost talked me into buying one a couple of years ago, but between them they’ve had 3 or 4 mid ride breakdowns and couple of major warranty repairs so I had to decline. They love the hell out of them though.

Dixie Lough says:

Hey all, I dont wanna bad mouth anyone. But if you shop around there is a place that sells these for much less.If you like to ride fast on or off road, do not buy one. If you would rather drive a Corvette than a Mack, do not buy one.Folks who want to ride along loving the sound, sights on the way to someplace with your dog, friend, wife, with camping, hunting or fishing gear on or off road,,,,,,might look into one.

Pat Severin says:

Could use one around here, 20th of March & still almost 4ft of snow…

Edison Alvarez says:

The difference in audio from this vid from the other one shows how much you guys grow!!
Congrats love the content!

weirdshibainu says:

Ww2 BMW knockoff…stolen from wermacht bikes during the beautiful Nazi invasion of the eastern European mongrels. Russians can’t invent anytime worthwhile.

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