2011 Ural Gear-Up Review – The original two-wheel-drive motorcycle

Riding a Ural with its attached sidecar among the aggressive, distracted drivers populating SoCal’s highways and byways had me feeling I was learning a new X-Box game using a vintage Atari joystick.

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100dynamic says:

Oh by the way the KMZ factory in Kiev is working once again and producing NEWOLD Dnepr bike and tricycles too (without the side car)! Unfortunately there’s no English version of the KMZ website. KMZ marketing and management is very bad so there’s no official export from Ukraine but who knows what the future holds. Good luck all!

boliver shagnasty says:

@RocknLester2011 Will it pull itself up a muddy hill fully loaded down with two peeps & gear? Granted its not a race bike……. what kinda mileage? Could a person boost power with diff exhaust or carbs? I met a guy in AK with one, he loved it????

Dixie Lough says:

I thought you said $33,000,,,, For that price, no way

Константин Камалтдинов says:

True, but (!) New Urals are much higher quality than the old ones, which are produced in the Soviet Union!
achtung!!!!!!!!!!!! Price on the same new Ural in Russia $ 10,290!

boliver shagnasty says:

@RocknLester2011 TRUE….but where would I put my old fat dog? She would disown me if I left her at home………….

Денис Успешный says:

I’m amazed at Americans, at their positivity…

Mike Radway says:

If you have never owned a motorcycle before you should get a small cheap one first.

yamahonkawazuki says:

@TonyFirelli thought it was russian now now soviet. or was the other person speaking in a past tense?

Edison Reis says:

Nice video ! How would you rate or say about the rig reliability ?

Ivan Koran says:

could the sidecar be removed for when you don’t need it?

Disappearingboy1039 says:

the solo version looks cool but i heard the bike is shit

Dmitrii Snytko says:

Спасибо Американцам за любовь к нашем мотоцыклам. 🙂

WeirdoWithABeirdo84 says:

I used to ride this thing with my uncle back in Russia when we wanted to go fishing. Lots of fun.

rubbers3 says:

There was this video here, on youtube where two guys drove one of those to pick up an old, red Honda MB80, if I recall correctly, but I can’t find it anywhere. Can someone please help me? ;-;

Gideon Carl Turner says:

My 2011 GU has been mostly reliable. Found a few loose screws but that is part of the regular maintenance. Unfortunately the engine died in June., into the dealer on June 26. Here it is August 8 and they still do not know what crapped out. And still not a clue as to when I’ll get to ride again. I really enjoy the Ural, but if it takes over 6 weeks for WARRANTY work, I have to question the viability of the product. Good Luck.

victor evan says:

great video

Gideon Carl Turner says:

I also have one. What a rush and a challenge. 70 mph on I-5 is not fun. 55 – 60 on secondary roads, it’s in its element or 2 WD on jeep roads it is incredible. Nice change from years on a Harley. No going back now.

FairyTail65 says:

Wanna have O.O

Wolfsaben nebasfloW says:

You’re looking for a Ural Solo T

Matthew Caughey says:

Im mechanicly inclined and would have some fun with this Urals are fairly simple as well and with today’s computer systems finding brute simplicity comes at a price don’t look to one if your not willing to fix things or have an issue with garage custom

MrRussian19 says:

@TonyFirelli Used to be, but now it’s “retro”

popcatzoo says:

does the the 2wd use a differential or is it solid?

Stan Bo says:

Ничего подобного, Урал доработан на базе БМВ! Тем более что он полностью производился в СССР! Сейчас он совершенствуется, с иностранными коплектующими что удручает, но радует что есть что-то что мы можем производить.

MrEye4get says:

Good god! I want one but why so expensive? I guess you are paying for uniqueness and gawking factor.

ZHaltzner says:

Во-во, радуйтесь, капиталисты, что мы для вас такие классные мотоциклы делаем!

Chris Johnson says:

They do man! Check out the models on their website and click on the solo!

Raphael stronso says:

if ural launch classic old school bike (no sidecar) i’m take no problem

jason campbell says:

This was actually quite good video, it covered the bases. The thing with the 2WD is that it’s really an off-road version, particularly in the UK (where I live) because we drive on the wrong/right side of the road. I had a military version years ago, good fun but only about 38HP.

It was originally a BMW but after WW2 the Russians claimed it. The benefit of the aging technology is that you can actually fix it with the supplied tool-kit, and you’ll need it.

kommst08 says:

не будем забывать что урал – это довоенный бмв

ZippOR35 says:

Хорошая идея… покупать старый мотоцикл и реставрировать его.
Вот BMW бы такой…

Stan Bo says:

Love Ural! Very nice bike for me!

James Roach says:

could i cruise at 65-70 mph on the highway if need be ?

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