1973 Chang Jiang, Detailed Overview

The CJ750 motorcycle is based on the original 1956 Soviet IMZ M-72 which itself was derived from the earlier German 1938 BMW R71. Nearly all of them have sidecars. They are often erroneously referred to as BMW “replicas” when in fact, they are derivatives of the IMZ M-72 (Early Ural Motorcycle).

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jodeluna62 says:

Chinese Ural! Who Da Thought!

Bestoink Dooley says:

I like it. How much?

skoot2u says:

Lovely combination,would sell very quickly in the U.K. I have one of these and found this video very informative.

bsastarfire250 bsastarfire250 says:

This one has a BMW engine.

ihave35cents says:

Not all had machine guns mounted.

Hongmin Wu says:

BMW engine???

sunxxone says:

Great machine, want one

狼毒花 says:

1973 Chang Jiang, Detailed Overview

Jonathan Long says:

do you guys still have these in stock

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