1940 Indian Four with the Sidecar – Jay Leno’s Garage

Known for its reliability and power, the 1940 Indian Four was considered a luxury motorcycle and with the sidecar attached Jay shows us why.
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1940 Indian Four with the Sidecar – Jay Leno’s Garage

Jay Leno’s Garage


BigMolch says:


biocybernaut says:

Sounds like a car…

Lina Smets says:

Deer restore light pillow cut inflation practically recognition session weigh user.

badopinionsrighthere says:

You just sold me on a sidecar

goatflieg says:

One favorite memory from long ago was meeting you at the Griffith Park Sidecar Rally (RIP Doug Bingham). Good times… as always, thanks for sharing.

Christoffer Grinsted says:

So beautiful

terrywho22 says:

The color is a bit funky, but wow is that a BEAUTIFUL motorcycle. Very jealous. Thanks for the vid.

Steven Romero says:

San Fernando Rd?

BBWulf says:

Jay is the best guy, she’s not stuck up like some other popular people. I met him 1 day at the Rock Shop up in Topanga 1 Sunday when he was out for a cruse on an old motorcycle he had just acquired. I wish I would have got my pic with him but I was too shy 🙁 He was all by himself unlike others like Arnold who cruises around with body guards and you couldn’t approach him. Keep on Rocken Jay 🙂

Generic Asian says:

They never had name problems because sjws don’t ride. Probably don’t know any other makers besides Harley.

lpd1snipe says:

I rode a Ural for 3+ years, loved it. Sold it to get the cash to build my 1949 EL.

Deathbrewer says:

Reminds me of a movie I saw in 2005 called “The World’s Fastest Indian” about a guy rebuilding one of these and setting a record at the Bonneville Salt Flats. Based on a true story.

Karan Bhatia says:

man, that bike is sexy

American Yeoman says:

I don’t know Jay, never met him, but he seems genuine and down to earth. And a true car/bike enthusiast, not just someone who has money to have whatever, but truly loves and knows the hobby.

Eric Howell says:

Great video! I wasn’t into bikes until I saw this one. Love the side car too.

Tyler Linner says:

Jay, when will you review the Panhard 24?

operationremodel says:

**please keep the streak going and talk about using Wilwood brakes on everything

anonymuswere says:

you don’t happen to have a Ural hiding in your bike collection, anywhere, do ya? i found out about those when I went to get my mother from work one day. she happened to spot one (still in millitary olive drab!) sitting in the parking lot.


I Loved indian motorcycle are amazing.

TwoGun Gunnar says:

Indian WILL come under fire for being Evil Racists. The SJW’s just haven’t gotten around to it yet. But they will. As soon as they notice…they will.

mose717 says:

That is a beautiful machine.

PrimiusLovin says:

Nice piece of history but, lol… shifting gears with your hand off the handle bars, that’s suicide stuff to me! X)

Wild Bill says:

I know it is part of history but that bike sounds like a sick dog, sorry

IndyHelis says:

sounds like a vw…. great looking bike…

goog le says:

I like that orange. I barn found an old KZ 900 KAW and painted it that color.

Mag Gad says:

That is one sweet sounding engine.

Noggin Ozzy says:

That’s a helluva nice bike and car there!!! Love Indian 4’s!!!

bilodeaum283 says:

hi mr leno. very nice sidecar. they need to get used to. but once you get the hang of it, they are a blast to pilot. i know, i own a ural sidecar. by the way, can you fly the chair?

chris decker says:

This bike was made when men where men and woman were woman. You didn’t have this pc trash you have today.

Bingo Sun Noon says:

How many lobes on the F head cam?

Jim Cormier says:

The color is great has that pastel era tone. Love a bike that a show piece and can run too! Great video Jay

Cary Sorensen says:

Jay, thanks for sharing your toys with us.

Ron Lynch says:

Nice cool old Indian Thanks Jay

Donald Hollums says:

I think the engine of this motorcycle has the best sounding rumble at idle this side of a V-8!

kasandra rick says:

jay can i visit ur garage

Moby Dick says:

Beautiful bike.

Rob _ says:

My word, that sound @9:10 is glorious.

Kevin Collie says:

Sounds awesome. Way better than the new bikes

twistedyogert says:

I can’t imagine kick starting 4 cylinders. Did they have electric starters on bikes back then?

FasterthaMyou says:

Love it!!

tom7601 says:

Understated class!

John Possum says:

It dawned on me while watching this video that we don’t know Jays CI? (Cylinder Index of all the motors he owns.. Paul Brandt used to use this term a lot. )

Blue Highway Vintage Cycles says:

Jay you should buy my 1941 Indian Four cylinder, it would look great parked next to your Green Dusenburg!  Here’s a link to my Four which is for sale there are two YouTube videos and my email in the video if you are interested.  Thank you Jay!https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOHIgMfrzOGNhQa4ZXbSvww

Robert Radtke says:

Why don’t you enable auto-captions on your videos?

badopinionsrighthere says:

As an Indian, I love these bikes. Heck, I have a customized Vulcan 900 named Half Breed with a skirted fender because I can’t afford the real thing.

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