Zero SR Electric Motorcycle Test Ride Review

The Zero SR Electric motorcycle. This ones fast, its their version of an electric sport bike. Pulls pretty hard but theres defiantly something holding it back in the tuning. Fix that and its probably a beast.

The Zero FSX

Poke-de-mons on a GROM

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Phantom says:

Nice review I like it very much that you do this =)

AnExtremePotato says:

Is there anything on the left side handgrip? Like a clutch or a brake?

Josh the gamer says:

Jake where did you go ride in a little. Town called palmer

Minh Đức Đỗ Vũ says:

The slow acceleration is probably due to the half charge

Princess Frankie says:

i live about 20 mins south of there

CockatooDude says:

Aviator reference!

fatmike4713 says:

i love being able to recognize every street in his vlogs xD

Sandro mehr says:

fucking squid

Gavin s says:

I wish you would stop speeding up your vids so we can see what the bike is really like!

JrkDeGrden Snrk says:

fukin gay m8

James Firth says:

Hey Jake, might wanna take it out of ECO mode next time. SPORT mode is where you’ll find the 3.3 second 0-60mph.

Hush Child says:

How to you guys communicate with your friends when your driving

Mason Farrell says:

dude did you speed this video up times 1.25? you look and sound like you’re in fast forward. talk about adrenaline

Random Dude says:

Same roads where Yammi did the S1000rr review.

bandit_Brian says:

least the cops wont hear you coming 😀

Lisa Creeach says:

+Jake TheGardenSnake i love your videos. my dad was watching your videos at the table and so i watched them with him and they were awesome. me and my dad both subscribed to you. my dads youtube is dirtyrider1.

Gavin Bendtsen says:

I bought the Zero SR 2015 for my first bike this year and it has been great

Julius N says:

Were you in sport mode? There is a big difference between custom/eco and sport.

Bulbazoth says:

Well of course under half charge its not gonna be full power, not as many volts

AccidentalBroadcast says:

Want one!

PS: Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake!

quicksilver40 says:

LOL, wouldn’t we all!? 3:20

preston121068 says:

There is supposedly an app for the CPU on the bike where you can program tune the bike to go 0-60 in 3.3. From the factory they apparently de-tune it a bit.

OspreyBravo18 says:

Officer I wasn’t speeding the bike wasn’t even on I was just coasting down this hill.

Caleb N. says:

Seems like a sweet bike but I’d prefer for people to be able to hear me

Princess Frankie says:

cops always hiding on bethany

bryangoggin says:

intro is pretty dumb.

AesirProductions Odin says:

Ohh that beautiful instant torque.

Fivespeed 302 says:

The storage container is amazingly useful. I keep my Ipad in there for safety (much safer than in my backpack during a crash). I also keep my registration and insurance papers in there. It can be opened with one hand, so taking your sunglasses off and storing them at a red light is simple. I even take a travel mug in the mornings so I have hot coffee when I get to my destination.

Andrew K. says:

Hey your in Texas!

MarkMCftrz says:

Pause at 0:24 and look at the dash. 7/11 confirmed.

complete angler says:

u used the fucking pokimon go misic in ur outro cun lmfao

Zachary Kuhl says:

im starting on the grom, zero fucks given

Kram Nossib says:

Too bad you cant plug with it. Then again it might actually be dangerous,. Forklifts go a little bit slower

Jessa Phillips says:

I was thinking it probably would wheelie off the line and get that 0-60 time if you held the brakes and cranked on the throttle then let it go sort of load up the power on the rear wheels before you take off

Scoot Magoo says:

I love the intro

Josh bellinger says:

What kinda helmet does he have I’m looking for a new one

Asian Nation says:

Hey can u make a trip to my middle school, it’s ereckson middle school btw

NewZeroland says:

Awesome vid! It’s so refreshing to hear somebody enjoying electric bikes. I have an SR and will never go back to gas. The tech is only getting better from here! See if you can test ride a Lightning next 😀

Daniel Harris says:

7:46 Nice Howard Hughes impersonation there. LOL

Tim Kreitz Adventures says:

These things are cool, but they have a long way to go. 🙂

TeKaMOTO says:

The noiselessness takes like 50% of the fun away! Just makes it freaky the way it goes

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