Zero Motorcycles – Electric Motorcycle Review!

Welcome back for another episode of Now You Know! Today, we take a trip to Indian Motorcycle, in Tyngsborough, Massachusetts to test out the Zero Motorcycle with our good friend Steven. Special Thanks to Russ for letting us test out this awesome bike! Now You Know!

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Lucas Bowering says:

It needs a vibration mode for when you have a girl on the back, or if you are a girl.

Rata 4U says:

My cbr600rr’s pipes crackle along the twisties, i love the vibration of the fire breathing engine, i love the air intake system and when i hit the power band and the 2nd stage ignition ignites and pushes me back. I love the heat of the engine…smell of fuel and exhaust. My bike can take me 400 kms on a single tank of gas and i can refuel in 2 minutes and continue on my journey along the twisties that snakes between the ocean and mountains.

The electric bicycle here is good for commuting is all….no passion, no excitement. You’re just confined to the city and surrounding suburbs.

Andrew du Toit says:

Bring them to SOUTH AFRICA PLEASE!!!

Wikus Van De Merwe says:

It would be cool if you could add saddlebag batteries for longer trips. Just rent them for the weekend or whatever and use regular range around town. It would also allow more miles per minute of charging on said longer trips.

bryan carter says:

It’s really great that you guys did a video on zero motorcycles! It seems like it’s really come of age. I was really hoping that you would go a little bit more in depth on the different models that they have and show the charge point and features of the bikes. Maybe in the future you could do a better video on the different models and real range

Jebediah Kerman says:

Tesla won’t sell motorcycles, so I guess you’re left with zero motorcycles.

fento r says:

Yo guys you should visit workhorse factory in Indiana 🙂 please

AKzebraMiner says:

I saw a Tesla Model 3 Performance Model today but he was going to slow so I couldn’t take any pictures as we were in carpool :(. It had a Model 3 badge not in chrome and red calipers in the wheels.

PalimpsestProd says:

Active temperature control on the battery?

Star Citizen Speakeasy says:

I’d like to hear programmable sound as a option.

Kevin Sears says:

I look forward to a QUIET e-bike.

Mike Hauncho says:

Yo bro, gear up for EVERY ride! Tank-top is not a valid option for riding, especially when putting a video out to educate people. Please wear appropriate riding outfit next time.

Tony Grant says:

The noise an engine produces is wasted energy. That noise you hear is energy being lost, first to heat and then to sound at the expense of motive force.

Derek Seed says:

Whoo hooo! Best episode ever! Yay!

jack g says:

definitely needs much more range. I like to goto biker rallies out of town nearly 200 miles a few times a summer, plus others further.

Tim Watterson says:

loud pipes kill lives, situational awareness is key and if we are all electric horns are more effective even with the stereo turned up.

Spiritus says:


Tony P says:

No clutch or transmission, correct?

Is there regenerative braking?

Jan Tjarks says:

Where is the clothing for a biker? Gloves, protective jacket, trouser and boots? It might be warm and you might not want to use leather clothing anyway, but there are enough options even for warm weather. A crash on a bike is always without a protective cage.

Where is the comment that you do not have to switch the gear? How to charge it (etc.)? Is it a model that you can remove and carry the battery (which I needed and was only an option then, that cost extra).

Please, we all know that you can do better than that, especially protective clothing. =)

Kris K says:

if i could afford brand new bike right now it would be electric.

Kelvyn Bettridge says:

Definitely like. Now that you have a rider on staff maybe Stephen can check out the ALTA. They have a dual sport option as well as the MX range.

Warren Hooper says:


John Egan says:

Power…instantchaineous?…lol! Russ For The Win…nice of you Russ to let the guys test the bike! I always liked Zero Motorcycles from day one and they are getting better every year. Just wish the wife would let me get one… 🙁 Cheers, John 😉

Carlo de Guzman says:

Extreme dichotomy.. u either want it extremely loud, or u want it extremely quiet.

Peter andWill Anderson says:

Great video guys! 🙂

WASUP52 says:

Great clip! More electric bikes please!!

peter kroupa says:

No gloves, jacket … you brave or stupid.

Chris Estabon says:

Why didn’t you ask the orange motorcycle driver to try it

The Biker Bug says:

Rode a zero a few weeks ago, massive torque and quick acceleration, range on the model I rode was a maximum of 130 miles. For my type of riding it would not serve correctly. Charging time is tooooo long to be practical for a weekend rider who is wanting to get on and go exploring. My bike has a 250 mile range before filling up again, but that only takes 3 minutes. So once the electrics can give you 200+ miles and recharge in 3 minutes I think bikers who just explore on weekends will consider them. Especially at the $11,000 – $13,000 price range.

david schexnayder says:

glad to see you guys covering these, Ive been riding them since 2016.

Mirko Naumann says:

Very cool 😉

megamarcel1231 says:

I have seen the Zero in germany.
The Bike is ok.
But expensive
Charging time is toooo long.
1,3 kW standard ??????
6 kW with charge tank???
extra costs of 2400, boah
Sorry not enough

( Standard 3 kW , charge tank 》10kW ) that would be ok

Tauran says:

THe worse part of motorcycle riding is the HOT engine in traffic!
This is great

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