Zero FXS Electric Motorcycle Review | Final Thoughts & DRAG RACE!!

Zero FXS has been with me for a week now and it’s time to give my final thoughts and do that drag race with the 701 Supermoto you’ve all been waiting for!

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Filming Equipment used:

Camera Primary – GoPro Hero 4 Silver –
Secondary’s – GoPro Hero 4 Black –
Intercom – Sena 10c / 20s –
Drone – DJi Mavic –
Data Logger – SpeedAngle
Helmet microphones – Sony ECM-PC60 –

Bike upgrades Super Duke:
Crash protection –
Carbon parts – &
Carbon Wheels –
Airbox tunning –
Steering Damper –
Tuning –
Suspension upgrades –
Clutch slave –
Tyres –
Riding Gear In this Video

AGV AX-8 Naked Carbon –
Black Leather Jacket – Richa Detroit
Vest –
Touring Boots – Dainese Torque D1 Gore-tex
Kevlar Jeans – J&S Red Route Stretch Jeans
Shorty Gloves –
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shaun says:

we are better off keeping the bikes we already own & run them on alcohol or something.
when they all go electric , the cost of extra turbines will send the electricity bill a lot lot higher so in the end , it will not be cheaper at all .
Those who dont have transport , will be paying a hole lot more than they are .
Its a nother bad move that is out of contral for sure .
The future has no soul so enjoy these good old times now .

Waheed Latif says:

Excellent review I’ve never had a motorbike never been interested in them but I’m very interested in this electric bike just for a Sunday ride along the dales etc. Can I ask would this be OK as a first ever bike for a complete novice apart from mountain bikes eg it’s it easy to ride to get used to etc.

Ephemeral says:

You remind me of Jeremy Clarkson

EnglishBikerDan says:

Once these electric bikes can do around 150 mile range they will be the next big thing for commuting. I know they will get there, just depends on the money too. The problem at the moment is the cost is all up front whereas we currently spend a fortune over the lifetime of a bike on fuel/oil etc. It is the future for sure. It has to be.

steven boron says:

The sound of the future once they have perfected it so that it can beat beastie then it will be a viable option lol

OldManTony says:

I’ll probably be dead by 2040, but if not I might just be too old for motorcycling!

NWRB says:

If i ever had a go on one i feel like i would have to ride it like im running out of petrol… and thats no fun

Asnl45 says:

They need to let you load a ‘motor’ sound perhaps like this

Mark Cummings says:

70 miles, bit more needed before I consider one!

Draft_ says:

It’s probably great as a commuter but it’d be pointless to own for any other reason imo. Battery anxiety is a serious issue for me and would ruin any fun that I could have with this bike especially when it only does 70 miles when ridden economically.

Simon L says:

brake uses regen first and kicks in disc if harder stop req

EnglishBikerDan says:

Hahah, me at 5:23 with the camera. I didn’t realise you were filming, I would have sucked in my gut a bit more!! 😀

Sullybiker says:

You know what, that 701 comparison was actually pretty breathtaking. Reviewers talk numbers in terns of 0-100kph and torque, but actually seeing that – I know how quick that 690 motor is – was very educational.

The range thing on the FX-S isn’t such a thing for me. This is really a commuter and town bike.

Hippo-Drones says:

I likey the idea of electric bikes, but some of my “day trips” are well over 300 miles and at speed. We are not quite ready to hang up the fuel pump just yet!

themorganator says:

great review but I have to pull you up on one point – the electric grid will not collapse. They’ve well aware of this and have been preparing for some time! I love my GSXR immensely but I think there’s plenty of capacity for commuters to transition now (if they want to of course)

Baron says:

9:43 Deep Thoughts by Lamp Chops 🙂 Brilliant vid mate

Dave Fitzpatrick says:

The national grid is actually becoming cleaner every year with renewables now the cheapest form of energy!
The main issue with renewables is that often its available often when it’s not required (you’ll often see wind turbines turned off), but this is now changing! What’s part of the solution? Electric cars & battery storage, 90% of the time cars aren’t being used, so if they are connected to the grid you have a massive storage system.
Nissan have already started this ( so it’s not sci-fi) you have a contract with your electrical supplier, 4-5kwh of energy will be available for them to use at peak times & they pay you for that energy (7p per kWh currently), that & more & more people like myself are installing solar panels ( I’m not rich they just make economical & environmental sense).
So to say the grid can’t cope we will burn more coal is frankly rubbish & more research is required on your part on that!
Saying that I did enjoy the video, battery storage combined with renewables is the future.

Coal supplied 7% of UK electricity in 2017, down from 9% in 2016, 23% in 2015 and 30% in 2014.[2] In May 2016, for the first time solar power produced more electricity than coal, producing 1.33TWh compared to 0.9TWh from coal.[3] On 21 April 2017 for the first time since the 19th century the UK had a 24-hour period without any generation from coal power.[4] In 2017 coal produced 19.4 TWh of electricity. 624 hours of electricity generated in 2017 was free of coal generation up from 210 hours in 2016

Ian Wheldale says:

I would have thought the energy recovery to recharge the battery would be similar to the KERS system that appeared in F1 racing a few years back.

Lifted_Above says:

Most electricity is generated using the same fuels that power petrol engines. Just shifting energy around.

EV are sold as “commuters.” But how many cotton pickin’ years does it take to pay that expensive thing off, just commuting?

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