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Harley Street Rod Flat Track Racing

Not too long ago Harley-Davidson handed us a pristine new Street Rod; as of today, it is slightly less so. Such is to be expected when you take a stock, for-the-street motorcycle, make minimal adjustments, and then hand it over to a flat track noob with a propensity for pinning the throttle. As any good scientist will tell you, an experiment is only as good as the tests through which you run the hypothesis. For us, the lab was the Appalachian Moto Jam, our mad scientist was the Petrol Professor himself (Lemmy), and our hypothesis was that it’d be a heck of a lot of fun to run a street motorcycle ‘round a ⅕ mile dirt track and see what happens.

SPOILER ALERT: our hypothesis was correct.

Oh yeah… and Lemmy gnarled up the Harley pretty good along the way.

Special thanks to both Harley-Davidson and the Appalachian Moto Jam for helping to make this happen!

Gear Worn In This Review:

Fox Racing Instinct with Hot Shoe:

Bell Moto-9 Flex Pro Circuit Helmet:

REV’IT! Canyon Gloves:


Dalton Bowman says:

Why don’t you run a soft dirt tread tire?

judolee64 says:

You got lucky my friend in your wreck. My brother has the same bike and just dropped his next to the curb and did $3000.00 in damages. And he literally just dropped it. And you flipped that bike over 2 times in your wreck. So it just depends on what you do to them. But they are not indestructible as you say.

john pender says:

Wrench, wrench ri… Wrench

Nye Martin says:

Awesome video, thanks for sharing.

cruzncrow says:

Hey just part of D program! You just ain’t a biker till you do yr first tumble, N Lemme, I’m sure this ain’t yr first one, n it sure as hell won’t be d last one hehe! I’ve been ridin’ for 50 years N still hit d ground once more a month ago, I’m ok, but sent my Harley baby to d Hosp.! Comes w/d territory!  RIDEON !!!

Randy Hutchinson says:

Dude, you gotta think like your 13 again, Dig it?

Xavier Villarreal says:

Lemmy is my hero.

Gumbo Thundereagle says:


blind fredy says:

Roley poley, love it. No political corectness on this track. Good on ya Lem.

Ken Gendron says:

That looks addictive!!!

Tony Tng says:

wow, harley not an expensive bike? i will definitely not consider taking any post 2015 bikes to such a race, i mean crashing is just inevitable

FerreneMachine says:

revzilla guy couldn’t hold a single line, not that I could do better though.

Christian Bacon says:

Please do a review for Harley Davidson FXSB Breakout softail

Kenneth Wise says:

Indian finished 1, 2 & 3rd this year on American Flat Track racing, the best HD could muster was 7th. LOL

CorkKNIFE says:

You know you are in flat-track when… the guy that comes out for a crash is smoking a cigarette.

Ivan Guillen says:

yea lemmy we need more of these.

mystic1754 says:

now that you read all my bashing .. now git out there and show the world how dead wrong they are to bash these new 750’s no one has a clue and i’m so fucking freaked out .. it’s going to die like every harley sport bike and street tracker before ..unless some one like revzilla get with it .. and beats the drum untill everyone sees ,,cause roland sands has turn on harley and running the shit out of the 750 indian scout ..and he aint doing thing to help these guys out with your 750 street rod or the street 750 ..so itlooks like it’s revzilla and this is it .. so if you like harleys and want this 750 to make it ..we gotta beat roland sands and his stupid indians ..and god damn those fucking indians are fast !!!!!!

Brian Backus says:

No fuckin way would I bring a new Harley out there.

Randy Hutchinson says:

how come all the big guys are so cool? all of us skinny little shits, well, are skinny little shits

Denis says:

Too bad Street Rod is the most uncomfortable bike I ever rode

Vasya Pupkin says:

I think the crash was a perfect example of target fixation. WE can see Lemmy notice the bike in front, then turn his head directly at it, then straighten out his own bike on the approach to the corner, and crash into the bike in front.
You guys have perfect footage for “how to ride” series. 😉

Galaxy Games says:

I laughed so hard when he fell

Nick Sellers says:

Hahaha not that expensive of a bike !!!! Most of those race bikes were worth half your Harley

viperq says:


saddlebag says:

You’re a great ambassador for our pastime. Rock on!

Sgt. F.T.O. says:

3:18 – I’m assuming that the collision came from the rider, who was contacted, took offense to you coming in close to #88. Total D-Move man. I’d be T-O’d for someone hotdogging on a smaller/lighter bike. Bro. Break beer bottle & call him out!! hahaha. Hope you’re good !!

ihopeutubedies says:

Pounding on a Harley sound like fun. I usually just do it in my room.

Ryan Fuller says:

This is my home track. I was a track champion in go karts when I was a kid!

Joseph Williams says:

Well that bike is totaled…

Darrek LeRoy says:

Good job tho lemmy, atleast you had the balls to get up and do it again xD

Vasya Pupkin says:

This is awesome!!

MDHenry4 says:

Way to shake off the post crash shakes!

matrox says:

The Sportster at 5:25 looks cool.

Carl Recktenwald Jr. says:

Awesome, looks like a blast. Wish there was more places that did stuff like this.

Vasya Pupkin says:

2:49 JPS ?????

M. S. L. says:

I got a crf450 with 2hrs on it that will actually be competitive… Wanna trade?

Okie Rider says:

The slow ass ‘hog’ will lose over and over.

blind fredy says:

get that silly thing out of your nose, I almost didn’t recognise you.

skippygirl959 says:

Badass lemmy! Get back up and keep on riding!

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