The Worst Trends in Modern Motorcycles

Without a doubt, these items are plaguing modern motorcycles. What do you think – what are some of the worst offenders?

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Aidan Morgan says:

I like the digital displays

aaronbpinto says:

What’s will the dull slow commentary 🙁 ..

Richard NZ says:

how does winglets work the bike being symmetrical would any force be equal and point less – youd just want the rear wheel on the ground and some wings like the euro fighter the front wheel could almost be forgotten – a dyson vacuum cleaner with wings

Robert Ortiz says:

Plaid shirts and skinny jeans on riders!

Bavani Sankar says:

You’re right, Yammie! I actually agree with all of the points you made.

Dale Jahnke says:

Throttle by cable feel like hot shit man lol progressive throttles are amazing for off roading (ktm 690 e-r) soft in the low rpm range, nasty in the top end.

SJWtard says:

All that stuff is just fine if that’s what you want. I’ll just stick with my 44 year old Norton.
It never fails to bring a smile to my face, even after all these years.

Travis Pinto says:

I really appreciate this video and like Yammie, enjoy the skill required to make the bike perform a specific way. It’s part of the experience, at least for some of us.

Kyle Teeter says:

Yes!!!! Fuck fly by wire throttles!! Thank you!!

Alex Karagiannis says:

I cannot disagree more

JinKazama92 says:

Yammie is a noob!!

Zippopotamus says:

I agree on the obsession with power. I tend to have more fun ringing the piss out of a smaller bike than scaring myself with a 2.5 second 0-60 time.

stephenmwyatt2 says:

FZ-1 to FZ10 was an awful change

Dan Casey says:

You’re more a hammy shamy.

Ptrck Caresosa says:


Battlegamingcrew says:

dude you rode a motorcycle for like a year and half gave horrible advice and not only that you gave advice of how to be a good rider and not a “squid” yet you wrecked and if im not mistaken more than once. you are the only squid of modern day motorcycle riding ive seen to date. you act like you are god of motorcycle and that you are blessing us with your biased knowledge but you yourself know nothing clearly

joebobbyrobot says:

I think the tech has to be in big HP bikes now. You dont need traction control or wheelie control on a middle weight bike. I have a ’10 z1000 and ot has zero rider aids. I’d be okay with abs and that’s about it.

MyMMC says:

lmao gatekeeping

GabrielKirov says:

I plenty agree

drmatt357 says:

Wow! First one of your vids I’ve watched. Well produced and great dialogue. Nicely done.

Lion Cross says:

Throttle by wire sucks so much. I feel so disconnected from the bike when I ride with those throttles

Bhush Zoro says:

Yes I agree totally what this guy said is true its A saying too many cooks spoil food that is too much electronics tech in bike no need there will be day when bike will ride by itself you will feel like pilion

Yammie Noob says:

A truly SPICEE MEATBALL of a video. What do you think? Am I just a shabby cube?

Prem Shivam says:

The hp people just never understood the joy of handling, Harley folk opted for neither, they’re just 2 wheel cars, winglets are for poseurs, give me a naked mid size anyday, a MV 675 or Triumph Daytona, now that’s fun plus…

nungiceman says:

Rawness! That’s the essence of bike riding! Take all the electronic out. No traction control, no abs.
The TFT screen is a good addition in my opinion. It gives better visibility but then again doesn’t bother me one bit which ever way. I rarely look at it anyway. My eyes are always on the road.
Throttle by wire sucks. It’s the dumbest thing ever. Why would I ever buy a powerful bike then have the power limited. If I have 200bhp, I want it all, otherwise I get a less powerful bike instead. Surely, you should be able to control the power without it being limited. Otherwise you have no business riding a powerful bike.

leereklorolle says:

at 2:50 :> Road racing in Horice (czech republic) done by Murtanio 🙂 Have a look at his channel guys, he`s a German road racing youngster who deserves some attention 😉

Makanapa Makannasi says:

When you explain about the sins of throttle by wire, somehow i remember a scene from black hawk down. When the ranger guy tells the delta guy about his rifle safety pin, and then the delta guy respond about his finger is the only safety pin he need. And somehow it just connected and i totally agree with you.

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