T-Rex Racing Motorcycle Stands and How To Use Them

After years of owning a T-Rex Racing rear stand and using it with success on three bikes, I decided it was time to buy the matching front stand and give it a review. I also want to show people how easy they are to use and how useful they are to have.

T-Rex Racing

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Helmet: Shoei RF1100

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Beast Rider says:

Gotta see if they have them for my Indian. Cool stuff, dude.

ToastToGo says:

Those are great looking stands. They remind me of Pitbull stands.

CLUTCH1st says:

Very well detailed. Good job man!

Iron Reaper says:

Great review as always man! I just picked up a woodcraft rear spool stand and I love it so far l.

mini mac says:

love the video man. i would like to see more of stuff like this in the future. i just subbed to you and im already love your channel. keep up the great work

Az Ninjaguy says:

Great review sir! Always love your videos!

vegasstreetriders says:

I miss my pitbull stands I had to sell at a crazy discount :'(

Afrorider Motovlogs says:

Damn! U a great reviewer man, is that what you do for a living? By the way i have a woodcraft triple tree stand and the regular rear stand that i bought used as a set for $100! My question is can you remove the front wheel using the fork lift?

GreyMareSS says:

Nice diggs +dafobra them look like some quality stands… If you own a motorcycle you should own some stands… At least the rear…

BecauseHeritage says:

I had the same stands back in the day, loved them. I have pitbull stands now and I do not like them as much as the t-Rex ones

lightitup550 says:

another great review buddy

Austin Tillison says:

great video. looks like i’ll be ordering a set

Slipprymongoose says:

Must have these in my life

Ballbag says:

This review was really uplifting.

Samurai H says:

Wow just on time as I was thinking on getting the front stand for mine , but noticed that your bike have the spools rear and front and that is great, I have to use my rear one on the swing arm as there are not many spools for her but I was kinda scared in how to use the front one.
Thank you very much

Thumbs up

Dawn2Dusk says:

Making sure the kickstand is down before letting it down is a biggie. I had an R6 before my current Harley and speak from experience. Nothing makes you feel dumber than dropping your bike in the garage because you forgot to lower your kickstand…been there…..done that.

Chase Jasper Down says:

Omg it took me forever to put my stands together. I don’t have spools so the rear scratches my a win arm. I don’t even use the anymore. Lol!

chico suave says:

great review

704Riders says:

Nice overview! I’ve got a set of generic stands that work but not the most stable. Might need to upgrade in the future

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