Ride 2 Review PC – Is this the Best Bike Racing Game Ever?

Welcome to Sim UK. Here you will find Ride 2 Gameplay on PC.

Motorbike Controller for PC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_Vh_vsRYWs&t

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About the Game
Welcome to the temple of motorcycles, the only digital garage that will allow you to discover, transform and test the world’s fastest, most iconic and original vehicles.
The top of the range of the most famous brands will await you to compete against each other in a unique videogame and show the world their full potential!
Over 170 bikes are the undisputed protagonists of the new chapter of this long-waited two-wheel racing game! Feel the adrenaline rush through your veins and face the most dreadful bends with the passion and the boldness of a professional rider!
RIDE 2 will include the tracks of the wildest and most exciting races of all time! Country, City, GP, Road, Motard and Drag race: challenge the toughest types of roads and leave a slipstream at every squeal of tyres!

Over 170 bikes! Collect them all to create your own personal garage, choosing from the most powerful and iconic categories and models (like the Nakeds and the Supersports).

Travel around the world in an unforgettable and extraordinary sequence of events: GP circuits, Country tracks and city tracks. Over 30 tracks, including the legends of motorcycle racing like Nürburgring Nordschleife.

Boost your bike by modifying 5 main areas:
Brakes and suspension
You have more than 20 different modifications available to you, including the brand-new race transmission, which enables the installation of a fibreglass fairing made specifically for the most extreme races.
Customize your rider profile, their clothing (Street/Race/Supermoto) and riding style thanks to an advanced pose editor system!

12 modes for a long-lasting, and above all fun, game experience!
Dart on the queen of tracks, Nürburgring, ride in the typical motorcross style, race along winding layouts, jumps, parabolic curves and compete in special slaloms between traffic cones. But be careful! You must be really quick and precise if you want to beat your opponents because when you ride, time won’t stop!

Over 170 bike models
New categories like the legendary Sport Bike 2 Strokes, the Supermotos and the Naked Café Racers
30 different tracks with different topographic features each
22 of the world’s most important motorcycle manufacturers
Over 1200 customisable parts and over 600 different liveries that you can use to transform a motorcycle for everyone into YOUR own custom bike
New Social features and new Friends for a complete and fun game experience.


Thomas Draut says:

great review. Thank you very much 🙂

theyellowfury says:

is anything as good as gpbikes for feel?

Brendog678 says:

is it a free roam game?

Fedora Connoisseur says:

This review was unnecessarily long.

KingKaBuji DingKi says:

tt racing gaming channle ช่องนี้เขาทำเวลาดีกว่าครับ และการควบคุมดีกว่า ครับ ช่องนี้คนน้อยแต่ฝีมือครับ

Ty___ Charles says:

Review starts at 6:12

Aardvark892 says:

Quick answer to question posed by title. No. Ride 2 is nothing like riding a motorcycle at all. They’re at about 1% realism. It’s so arcade it’s hard to even watch gameplay videos. However, that doesn’t mean that this video isn’t any good… excellent presentation as always. Thank you for posting this!

Harry Taylor says:

I’m a huge bike racing fan and will buy any sim bike game that comes out but I’m tired of these “street/made up”
There are plenty of real tracks in the world that are more than exiting enough such as Cadwell Park, Oulton Park, well any of the BSB and WSB calendar just looks at Project Cars for an example of how to pick the best tracks in the world.
Very good review but I don’t think I will be getting RIDE 2. I’ll stick to GP Bikes for now.

Larry Medina says:

So this game is pure Pom Pom ping pong bam kablooey.

Rafeku1 says:

“unfortunately it’s not a simulator, which is a shame.”

Let’s talk about Gran Turismo….

But really though, how are you going to simulate a bike properly? Cars, ok I get it, you can set a steering wheel and pedals, and that’s preety much what you need(unless you want ot apply G-Force on yourself). But bikes? I’ve seen the GPBikes review, but that thing looks unapeeling, and again I have no idea how you’d be simulating a bike on a PC. It just doesn’t work, you’d need to have something physical to do it. Dunno, that’s just me. Ride 2 feels good enough to me, reminds me of the old Tourist Trophy for PS2 made by Polyphony back then(without the track in it’s title. I feel fooled).

PotHat says:

Please shorten that intro… Lol. 50 seconds for an intro is just distasteful.

Fernando Metal Old School says:

Almost 1 min opening intro ? What a wast of time

Freezzer Freezz says:

Fantastic review, I may be looking into this game, my 2005 Motogp 3 URT is fun but I’m ready for something new!

WeightliftingWigger says:

I was gonna say something about the intro but it looks like the comments already got it covered… Almost a full minute, lol… People got shit to do bruh

kshckdshkcjh sdlkvjflkvj says:

milestone cant make a descent game. they never learn. if you want great road racing games opt for gp bikes or one of thq s motogp games. you can pump that shit up to max settings

Michael Holmes says:

Jeez you are so boring. Nah seriously it was an ok watch as im sat thinking of what game to buy. Cheers anyway

Good one! says:

i liked the first one but yes no soul or character and after it stoped working i didnt bother fixing it. keen to get this one when its on special haha and yeah that intro is very long. great review though

Granny Motor says:

There’s autobraking in ride as well

sirico says:

If my Helmet covered that much vision I’d chuck it

PurplePlains SimTimeUK says:

very ‘wooden’ review imho….

Sergey Mukimov says:

Thank you for review!

girlracerTracey says:

I came to this late. Pretty fair review all in all. Some of us have been on at Milestone for years to make a simulation racing game (not a “simulator”) in the spirit of the old gp500 pc game but despite direct access to the head of their development team it didn’t happen.. The physics modeling is improved from the original RIDE but in my personal opinion it is still more “simcade” than simulation. One of the most annoying things in Milestone’s post motogp13 racing games is “grippy” grass and easily traversed off-track terrain. Again we have asked Milestone on numerous occasions to fix this but they seem intent on making their games accessible to a mainstream audience.. All in all a bit of a shame as with a little bit more intelligent fettling of their physics model(s) RIDE 2 and VR the Game could both have been very good games.. As they stand for me they are both too forgiving.

gpbikes? Well I tried it and went back to online league racing on motogp by Milestone. For me the rear end and front end on gpbikes just do not cut the mustard.. Both in my honest opinion still need a lot of work. Just my opinion but I’m sticking to it.. 😉

Noor Azhar says:

That riding style opition remind me of PS2 TOURIST TROPHY.Why they dont want to bring it back..?? The best Riding simulation ever…

i'm THAT guy says:

getting this game today in america, finally. i pre ordered this and gran turismo sport.

Thunder Thunder says:

Intro is too long.

When it comes to the very review I don’t find it informative. And a bit monotonous voice…

BossaNossa1 says:

Thanks for your detailed description of the this sim. I’ve been playing moto games since before consoles and computers that offered any good moto or car games. I would play them at the arcades… This sim and all the others prior are really good! My suggestion to enhance these moto sims is to implement; “wind”, rain, weather, night to day, and mechanical failures, body damage, and fuel usage and tire deflation/flats… For example how about 24 hour moto races: Bol d’or, or Suzuka 8 hours, etc…
How about rider issues; helmet shield becomes fogged, or rain running across visor, the rider becomes fatigued…? There are games that offer real effects such as Skyrim where the weather changes; snow, rain, night and day… The character get’s tired or dies…!? Would that be too traumatic if your playing a moto sim and the rider dies..? Maybe thats why they don’t or haven’t done it to this point… Well there’s my .02¢ Thanks!

Nathan Ruhl says:

Tourist Trophy is still better in my opinion.

Meel says:

I’m a biker in real life and this game is like…. nah… I mean for evening relexation maybe but.

christianbangs says:

The game is more awesome if run it on 4K. Its been 2 weeks now since I started playing this game. Honestly, I’m addicted.

Pedro Martins says:

this game is not a simulation guys. nor motogp games, nor f1 games, nor project cars, nor gran turismo. this game is a gran turismo of bikes! and its very good and enjoyable! you cant tell this is a simulation if you play with a controller. where is the simulation on it? gimme a break!!! you wanna simulation??? go outside with your bike and go for it!!!

Jay Racer says:

I have been dying to race Nürburgring on a bike. It’d be nice if somebody added the Full course.

Fuse911 says:

No offense, but your intro is way too long.

H0M3MX1O says:

how is this not realistic? just look at the way the bike handles. i ve played tourist trophy and i can say it s pretty similar to ride. on nurburgring you can feel every bump just like on tourist trophy

darthkay says:

Hey man! Just wanted to point out theres no EBR motorcycles i the game.

Simon Petkov says:


1misanthropist says:

Is that you, Sargon ?

Larry Medina says:

Info is toooooo fu king long. Get over yourself.

staggabob says:

A Nuremberg Track? Is that only for Time TRIALS? Heh!

Dian Rahmad says:

i played this game , and handling a bit delayed for a second when took a turn. #myenglishs*ck

Alexander Neumann says:

Is there a career mode of some sort? Or is it only Online/AI based?

Mohawkology says:

Asthetically pleasing? For a later 2016 game it looks like garbage honestly. Unless that’s your machine . . .

tigerli1986 says:

I know I’m just being another smartass here, but you mean the Nuerburg Ring (aka “The Ring” / “The Green Hell”), which has nothing to do with the city of Nuremberg, which is where I happen to live (it’s called Nuernberg in German). The two locations are about 400km away from each other. As passionate racer and fan, I had to get that off my chest. I don’t care about “Phillip’s Island”, but please do try to get “The Ring” right! 😉
Apart from that, thanks for a great review! Ride 2 does have some rather curious flaws at its core (you can’t keep a constant radius on corners so you have to adjust with gas and brakes while leaning, any contact with the AI means trouble for the player but not for the AI, the player physics don’t apply for the AI, rain does hardly effect grip levels etc.), but online races turn out to be really fun and exciting!
If you care for a race or two, let’s get in touch and I’ll add you on Steam!

Anonymous says:

I stopped watching it on intro.

Thomas Mehiar says:


gunna beesee says:

cool game

Dude On Tarmac - D.O.T says:

0:46 is where the video begins from. You’re welcome.

Long intro 😀 😀

TheMichaelCampbellGuitarShow says:

Ride 2 Can be alot better such as Graphics The houses on north west 200 look like they were just made out of cardboard and when you approach them they fade its just awfull

Anthony Southwood says:

I know people who have been riding since the 80’s that love this game and I, who ride myself adores it. It a huge step in the right direction and with lots of DLC I’l keep coming back. It would be better with a little more simulation especially with the wet weather, but in the end it is also designed with the accessibility of games like forza in mind so it can pull in the fans but I look forward to future tittles.

For simulation though I’ll look forward to the TT game.

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