PowerDrift Specials : The Fastest Indian Racing Motorcycle

Speed: Some like it on fast straights, while some, on challenging curves. Bring in a National Lap record setting machine, and the man setting it, and that itself yells a “special” story to be told! Here’s Sarge reporting what it is to ride a 31bhp, 98kg, 2 x championship winning Group B TVS Racing Apache RTR.
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Anmol Acharya says:


Rajesh Golder says:

WTF…………31 bhp from a 165 cc……………power of engine mods i guess

anish gumpalli says:

what are those orange hose for i mean whats the purpose?

Vatsal Naik says:

Where to contact if one wants to modify stock RTR 160 into something which is shown here???

Vernon Tauro says:

I got a TVS ad before this! The hype is real

Live Pool says:

That exhaust tho. I could strap a piece of plastic to a bicycle and it would still sound better than this.

Prashanta Timsina says:

A 165 cc motor and 31 bhp are totally unparalleled things.

Parjanya Dey says:

Yamaha R125 India ma launch karaga kab?
Plz replay…

Rishav Raj says:

when are you going to make video on gsx r 150 I have lots of questions regarding that bike ..

Himanshu bhuriya says:

bhai ya engine modified kha hoga

fzrrider582 says:

This is so cute lol

Tom Thomas says:

when this engine gonna hit the road

Rahul Gupta says:

Is TVS launching a Road legal version of this 160CC variant?

ஜெயராமன் ஆம்ரவநேஸ்வரன் says:

Never look at the title, if it is #PowerDrift watch it to cherish 🙂 Love you #PDArmy

Ninad Naik says:

are you going to be there at India Superbike festival???

Rittick Biswas says:

Why won’t these races be broadcasted even on youtube :/

Christo Slowrider says:

What about the top speed? what about the torque? what about a proper on board lap? very little substance, just some cool shots with dramatic music.

rakshith Gowda says:

please upload details and specifications of tvs akhula 310

Raja Drug Centre says:

it looks like a piece of garbage in the name of sports bikes

Rishav Raj says:

no bro I’m talking about Suzuki’s upcoming segment of gsx r 150 , gsx s 150 , gsx s 125 with abs tech …

Sudhish Raghupatruni says:

aren’t superbike tires normally thicker than that?

Syed Thahir says:

Tvs are the best in Indian Motorsports

prajyot naik says:

okay nice video and awesome motorcycle….

anaghzaccount says:

+PowerDrift if you find the time, do review the MRF Masseter tires!

Akshay Jha says:

6th gear 31 bhp owsm i also wanna be rider

Aamir Khan says:

Trust #PowerDrift to always #SupportTheSport. The bike looks slick. I hope a big part of that knowledge and experience gets poured into the 310cc shark coming next year.

Vlogger Ayan says:

Please make a review on hyosung gt650

scRam Jet says:

what is it called

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