Ninja 400 Racebike Walkaround Review

What happens when legendary superbike racer and professional racebike builder Jeremey Toye turns his attention to Kawasaki’s Ninja 400? You get the racebike, available in three trim levels to suit different rider’s budgets and intentions.

We got to ride the top-spec “MotoAmerica” version, which also happens to be Ashton Yates personal race machine.

This vid breaks out a few of the many mods that Toye uses to create a bike that can lap a track faster than any other machine in the Junion Cup class. For more info on the builds, check out

Parts included in the MA-spec bike (though not necessarily what was on Ashton’s bike since it’s being used for development):

2018 Kawasaki Ninjka 400 (Non ABS)
Akrapovic Homolgated Titanium Canister
Akrapovic Race Header
GP Fork Insert Kit
Suspension Fluid
Ohlines Rear Shock
Woolich ECU
HM shifter
Hotbodies Racing Windscreen
Hotbodies Racing Bodywork
DZUZ Fasteners
GB Stater Cover
GB Water pump Cover
GB Sharkfin
Vortex Bars
Vortex Front Lever Gaurd
Vortex Front Sprocket
Votrex Rear Sprocket
Vortex Swingarm Spools
Vortex Rearsets
Vortex Grips
EK chain
Galfer Wave Rotor
Braided Front Brake Line
Galfer Brake Pads
Brake Fluid
Barnett Clutch Spring
Cable Mod
1/4 Turn Kit throttle
Smog Plates
Steering Stops
Battery Tender Battery
WPS Brake Light & Switch
Tank foam
Motor Cam Timing, Compresion & Tune – MA Build


Steve 23464 says:

I hope you weren’t the one that low sided it!

Aravind Unni says:

where can i get the tshirt?

weldingblaster1 says:

Too bad it is sold in CA rather than a no-sales-tax state like Oregon… that would knock another thou or so off the buy-in price.

Broseph Joseph says:

What ever happened to that R3?

Norman Hughedicko says:

Hope it can at least match the legendary 4 cylinders ZXR400L7

Shane Dorange says:

Definitely upgrade the clutch. Suspension is great for street but would be nice to have damper adjustments.

Soren H says:

The “headlights” are fugly

Kevin says:

Fun Fact: The stock ninja400 sold in India produces 49PS of power

BritishBiker Philippines says:

Nice one Ari………..still hoping for a Versys X version with this engine in Philippines

Greg S says:

The swingarm on that thing is nasty, wonder if a zx6r part would fit?


I love how people don’t understand the point of building a smaller bike. They are like…just buy a H2 and race it!! I can build a 600 race bike that will smoke this. Yea..I’d hope so, but can you riding it? But, some people want to race in a different class..some want to save money and have it done right. Sure, you can buy a 600 and throw it on a track with only brakes and pipe perhaps…but these little bikes, you can do a lot more for the price of a new 600.

A T says:

Put that on a dyno.
I’d love to see the HP and TQ chart
And I want to see Ari do his best lap on it at Laguna Seca. Then do a comparison with Ashton Yates’ record setting time.

Orlando Biotechnology says:

$8895, $11520, $12799.75

Irvin Rodriguez says:

I’d love to get your opinion on how this compares to your track version of your RC 390.

Thomas Sylvestro says:

Could you please do a video on trail braking, how and why

Anthony Archer says:

Great video Ari

dig larry says:

Race sock class money fags

Zeak Anvex says:

Admit it Kawasaki couldn’t beat the KTM rc 390 so they released the Ninja 400!

Benjay1975 says:

There is nothing race about a parallel twin 400

TeeHeeSY says:

You should look at the zx150 kawasaki!

JJ G says:

I need a job like this, review bikes and ride em

blue03r6 says:

Its frustrating to see kawasaki making so many bikes in thailand. And their quality is falling off. (I work at a kawasaki dealership)
To me kawasaki has become hyosung

Evers says:

Could buy 3 real zxr400’s for that money. What a disgrace of a bike, whats the point of creating a bike with another 100ccs if you arent even gonna stick a screaming i4 in it.

Worse brakes than the 90’s 400
Worse suspension
Worse engine

Burn it.

Richard Clark says:

Fear the RC 390!

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