Motorcycle Review: Zero FX 6.5 *CDSR*

For over two months, we were given the opportunity to ride the $H!t outta this bike and we were extremely surprised at what we experienced. For a simple rundown, see the categories below and feel free to ask whatever questions pop up.


Design: Above average and draws a ton of attention!
Street Performance: Way above average with a unique sound and incredible power delivery/acceleration!

Dirt Performance: Better than many, but just shy of the plated dirt bikes such as the lightweights produced by KTM & Husky. The lack of clutch, shifting, and low seat height really helped make some trails easier than expected.

Range: We took this bike through some gnarly trails with deep sand, loose rocks, big hillclimbs and we were still able to get 45 miles of off-road use in with 5% battery remaining when loading up.
Overall: The perfect option for an in-city commuter that wants to haul the FX to trails on the weekend.

Side Note: The electric motorcycles seem to open your eyes to a whole new experience of motorcycling. Their subtle futuristic sound combined with a very high performing package allows for a whole different level of excitement.


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eternitynaut says:

Hollywood electrics makes a liquid cooled mod for motors so they don’t overheat. Be weary of any air cooled electric motor, they will have temperature limitations.

Wandering Beast says:

love it, if I ever switched to motovan life, Id have one for sure

Twistygrip says:

That thing looks like a blast! Great review. I’m really impressed. It sounds like an rc car!

adamaj says:

Is that Navi at 4:02?

eveRide ADV says:

Awesome review! That may be a great bike for folks who live closer to trails and/or private property… You know, for the stealth and “totally legal” adventures!

minitstop says:

That was an excellent video! How far was your ride?

chybagus says:

I have a WR250R, and I usually do 40-50 miles.
Unfortunately, it seems this would be pushing it for range on this machine (especially if you run into a situation where you have to double back or something).
Sure would love an electric for the down low torque and silence. I have 3 electric skateboards, and I love them, but if I run out of battery on one of those I can just call an Uber…

Craig Daye says:

what kind of range did you get average? I know there’s lots of different factors, but just looking for a ballpark idea..

eisitinker says:

Cooler Film….leider (noch) bei der Fahrweise, Kette, und MT 21 nur ca 30 miles möglich.

Dr. Dual Sport says:

Awesome review! I would love to try one especially for the stealth sound!

Hehanni says:

AHHH when you didn’t click it into 1st before taking off at :51 seconds it really hurt my brain

MotoChron says:

Cool. Thanks for this, I’ve been wanting to see this bike in action. Great vid.

RapsS4R says:

Awesome reviews on alot of different things Off ride. But I was was curious now that you are on the KTM what suspension changes you have made. Being a Ca. desert rider and Dual sporter I was very interested in what you have discovered.

Jonas Hill says:

Just curious how is the battery life on the bike. Please don’t tell me the actual rating but more so miles or time. Thanks

Guns Cars and Digits says:

That chain sounds kind of cool. I’m a real big fan of these bikes. I used to have a YFZ 450, but that thing was a police magnet. I got stopped every week. Half of the time, the noise gave me away. It sounded awesome, but most folks don’t get it. That said, this should be awesome because it’s stall-proof. I rode one on a rainy day. I laid it down in a skate park.

Elwood says:

Looks like a blast. What part of CA do you ride in?

Stimpy's Garage says:

As a Phoenix rider, that limitation is a deal killer. They should’ve fanned the heck out of the motor.

Jory Blake says:

Wow….I’ll need to buy one

John Barnes says:

Great job on the bike review, but I don’t think I want a Nissan Leaf dual sport bike. LOL. I’ll stick with a thumper.

gncc1race says:

Hey El Jefe! Great review! Very well done, a fun watch. The electric bikes have come a long way, but I’m still gonna Braaap!


how many hours of fun did you have riding before you had to go home for 8 hours of charging?

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