Motorcycle Race Suit Guide 2011 at

Motorcycle Race Suit Guide 2011
Our run of 2011 Warm Weather Gear Guides continues with our Motorcycle Race Suit Guide. Broken down into three categories that represent degree of technicality and overall performance, these race suits are what we think are the best in each price range. From mid-range to hardcore on up to suits that are essentially pro-level without the custom fit elements, these are our top 9 motorcycle race suit picks for 2011.


Teknic Violator

AGV Sport Monza

Alpinestars Trigger


Alpinestars GP Pro

REV’IT! Tarmac

Dainese Laguna Seca Pro


REV’IT! Victory

Alpinestars Tech 1-R

Dainese Avro


kd4ysi says:

whats the cheapest one piece suit yall offer i dont do traack days but would like to have one for everyday commuting to and from work and on my trips into the the mountains and the tail of the draggon i have a 2piece that zipps into a 1piece by frankthomas now tnx and love yalls reviews

eny7077 says:

Love your reviews…straight to the point…thanks

Carlos 500 says:

Dont know if you have BKS race suits on that side of the pond but I can vouch that the BKS Benicia Stingray is awesome and cheap for the quality.
Cool videos, many thanks

RevZilla says:

Thanks for the feedback!

Vitor Libano says:

Dainese used to be great. Now they’re using aluminuin instead of titanium;the interior has a poor finish. See the Aspide and you will notice that. In the past it did not happen:Laguna Seca(the first ones used titanium on sholders),Mission,Red Line…Now they are letting the name DAINESE speak louder than the quality. Nowadays if you compare Dainese with Revit you will see a big difference between then. Revit has a better material in the protectors;better interior finishing;camelbak reservoir …

Adam Skinner says:

I was lucky enough to purchase my Dainese Laguna Seca Pro back when they were using titanium. I cannot say enough good about this suit. The comfort, quality, durability are all spectacular. However, I will be exploring other brands in addition to Dainese after seeing this review. Great job!

RevZilla says:

@JazzFiveO We will have to look into it. Thanks for the heads up.

IIECOK90 says:

Tell me where is your shop? I live in CA, sacramento, Or tell me a store with a large selection of suits, and other motorcycle gear

RaphaelLee Peters says:

For fuck sake fire that cameraman!!

LookAtMe says:

I don’t even have a license or a motorcycle. I’m looking into it and gonna try getting both. I’m gonna go for leather suit most likely since it looks badass and they seem to be great quality and protect the rider. I know I won’t be rushing as a rider since speed isn’t really my thing, but I still would feel 10x more secure wearing one.

Joannes Pereira says:

Guys is it normal for a part of the internal liner on the suits to tear a bit while wearing the suit or is it just too tight, the suit i have is an Indian Brand MotoGear but it could be compared to your mid level suits like the Astar GP Pro.
My brother is about 5’9″ weighs about 175 Lbs, would Size 50 be right because he finds it a bit tight but after about 15 mins. felt comfortable, so would this suit stretch a bit after some use?

hermie pua says:

do you have stock of the tecknic violator, if yes how much is it?

dwd dedde says:

why does this guy keep blinking?

gary lyons says:

thanks for the shake down on the suites…

2cool0 says:

dainese look awesome i love their style

Thomas McNamara says:

can someone recommend a jacket with the speed ump I want extra protection for a mixture of track to street but I don’t need a full suit please help 

titanium1228 says:

who do you think makes the best suits in the world? in your opinion?

RevZilla says:

Practice, practice, practice!

philosophersphone says:

How does one “get used to” hitting the ground at speed?

RevZilla says:

Wow, tough to say. And each manufacturer makes entry level and pro level suits. If you’re looking for top quality for race or pro level, I’d stick to Dainese, Spidi, Alpinestars and REV’IT! ~Ali

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