Motorcycle Gear – Mega Glove Review

I take my motorcycle gear seriously, and of the most serious are gloves! In this review, I talk about the things I like and don’t like within my glove collection. If you’re interested in a set of nice gloves, have no idea what to look for or simply want to hear my opinion, watch this video! Check below for links to all the gloves in this video. It’s a tad long but I review 7 different gloves in total.

I also give my best impression of Anthony over at Revzilla TV since I’ve watched enough of his reviews!

Gloves discussed in this video:
Icon Pursuit Perforated Gloves:
AStar Apex Drystar Gloves:
Arlen Ness Race Gloves:
Dainese 4-stroke Evo Gloves:
Dainese Druid S-ST Gloves:
Dainese Full Metal-RS Gloves:
Heroic SP-R Pro V2:


Please watch: “Lets Talk About Nicky Hayden and Manchester – Flashwing Vlog #6”


Ciaina Indio says:

Hi Flashwing, I own the Druids and yesterday I sold the Full Metal RS on the bay after some riding, most road, 2 track tours. Same size, M, the full metal is a pain in the ass to me, or the hands if you prefer. Too hard. It doesn’t bend, nothing.
I prefer the Druids 10 times. I have also the old Full Metal Racer, they are better than the RS, softer and comfy.
The best to me are the A* GP Tech. A great challenge is between Druids and GP-Pro. Anyway, it’s my useless opinion.
— I found also on Dainese top jackets the same problem, the Super Speed is really too heavy and strong. I’m Italian so I get it for half tag price, but it’s on ebay now. GP Tech and Atem are way better to me at that price. I like your vlogs man. Ciao from Italy!

ayowser01 says:

If you’re really into gloves, like you mentioned, you should check out a pair from Held. You’ll thank me later ☺

Silvie Fox says:

roo leather is the strongest in the world…… theres a reason its used for whips

TerryBollea1 says:

did they fix the issue with the full meyal D1?? They are $100 off now and looking at getting for first set of gloves. Thanks.

AdjrianNickelodeon says:

Probably the most comprehensive private glove collection review ever created!! <3
This guy knows his stuff 😉

Dracati Ducati says:

Those Heroics are sweet !!!
Ever try wearing the Dianese wet, to help mold and stretch to Ur hand better ?
…I didn’t know you had that many, lol

Nightdare says:

Any piece of gear that diminishes your riding comfort (poking/chafing/pinching/hampering movement) is NOT a good piece
it may be good in GENERAL sense, but you are buying it for your PERSONAL use
The only thing you would want with something new, is that it is somewhat snug (bar boots, these things are often moulded and will not break in as much)

The only thing that’ll help is try
With my last gloves (Dainese Carbon cover 1st gen) the only issue I found was that they were pretty snug
I walked around the shop for 1 hour with my hand in a fist, to see how it would influence bloodflow and if any creases would start to rub, poke, or pinch
when I only ended up with a sweaty hand, I knew there was only a slim chance they could give me any trouble in the long run
Broke them in with everyday riding, then did a trial by fire on a 2x 3hr drive with 2 trackdays between them
they’re perfect and I’m disappointed I can’t keep wearing them when the rain and cold set in coming fall

chris s says:

Thumbs up for the intro alone
Absolutely hilarious

Fazer4Flight MotoVlogs says:

Great reviews man. I have a similar problem with the width of my hand being large that the rest of the sizing. I have been using Icon and AlpineStar, but I’ll have to check out Heroic and Dainese.

SammyOnAYammi says:

gloves saved my hands big time when I went down!! glad I had them on

sonicnofadz says:

If you like having maximum feel and feedback, try a pair of Held Titans, RS-Taichi GP-Evo’s (my personal favorite), or Knox Handroid’s, all of which use un-lined Kangaroo for the palms (which is very thin but very strong). I’ve personally have crashed the GP-Evo’s 6-7 times on track (a few times at triple digit speeds) and they did fantastic.

bigal66724 says:

Another good video. I really like the red gloves

Todd McNabney says:

I just watched the video. Man; shoot me an email. The issue with the mobility is the gauntlet is designed to be fastened loose. Loosen the gauntlet and they float on the end of your short sleeve. That is the other key; I bell the sleeve of the glove for a short sleeve on the suit. :O) Awesome review. Reach out to me on fb. Todd McNabney / HEROIC Racing Apparel.

Jack says:

I have been wearing Held phantoms for years, something like 50,000+ miles. And I have been looking at all the other top brands for my next pair and keep going back to Held.

Robert Ostman says:

despite all the research found in these sort of gloves I tend to fill like we could do such research in about 6 months… it fills to me like the gloves are over priced and lack more tech and design

This is Fuz says:

Love the intro! Nice overviews of the gloves. I just got myself a Duke 390 (to accompany my Intruder cruiser) so I’m considering getting some full gauntlet gloves. 

RK SBK says:

nice collection ! are any of the latest dainese gloves perforated

Daily Derps says:

dat intro doe xD

Gorga Naibaho says:

The 4 Stroke Evo also has the Rossi tickler, innit?

pyrosinugami says:

apex drystar are super thin and basically offer no protection I had them they sucked if you take out the padding it’s depressing how thin they are

dafobra says:

great selections.. I love my 4 strokes too.. best glove ever… thats why I bought the Clutch D-Drys…  I have never heard of Heroic before, but they are right near me

prjgrudge says:

Spidi Track Gloves….they offer the best fit, comfort and protection. I’ve tried them all too.

100SpokeRiderz says:

Good vid I’ve been threw a lot of different gloves myself over the last 10 years 

Samurai H says:

+dafobra you are forgiven lol
Very nice selection of gloves and wow you could use one per day 🙂
Very nice video

Thumbs up

JengaRenga says:

So I want to start riding motorcylcles. I am 16 so keep that in mind. I am curious what is a cheaper but just as safe option. I don’t need to go 120 mph but I do want to be street legal. I am curios if motorcylces are dangerous (Yes I know they can be if you suck at it) but with proper training and safety equipment. Thanks so much for your time and any response would be great.

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