Moto Transport Systems Review Fail Part 1 | Risk Racing Lock N Load | # 33 | WADZUP

Hi Guys, WADZ here WADZ UP! Today in Part 1 I’m going to test and review Risk Racing Lock N Load moto transport system.

In Part 2 Bike Binderz Review same gravel road conditions.

Even better watch me loading the bike using a much better system

Cycra Soft Strap Extra Wide


NoQDR Tundra says:

Did you share the product failure with Risk Racing? Also how long have you been using the lock n load system?

SANDS78 says:

Thanks man! Sorry to hear you got screwed, but thanks for helping others out. I was considering these, not anymore:(

Ed Morrow says:

I have run 4 of these for the last few years, never an issue with bending any part of the system.


I had the same issue. I sent pictures to risk racing. Their response was that they have never seen this issue before. Yeah, right.

Phil Ward says:

This thing doesn’t even pull the suspension down any? You just roll the bike into it and clamp down on the footpegs?

Brad Bowlin says:

We have this system and I’m very curious about how the upper jaw could release with the pin through it. I understand that the pin came out, but you said with the pin back in, and duct tape wrapped, the upper jaw still released. How is that possible? I’m starting to reconsider the use of this. So far so good though.

J Fratis says:

If you are the type to bolt something on and be done with it then you are going to have problems. Anyone who is familiar with securing loads would examine this on day one and see a need for improvements. If a load moves at all there will be consequences. They built a product as universal as they realistically could. If small alterations can be made to make a better fit then that should be done, not just leave it be and see what happens. There are a lot of people who feel a product should be perfect for every situation straight out of the box. These are the same people who complain when their “off-road” bumper arrives with imperfect paint. As outdoor people who entertain themselves in rugged activities in diverse situations critical examination and resulting alterations should be SOP. A good percentage of operator error had a hand in the failure.

crazybrother1963 says:

Bummer Christian… I use Moto-Cinch and it’s perfect… Been using if for almost 10 years.

Won'tRespond says:

Sorry man

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